Swift Current Ghosts: Haunted House on 8th Avenue

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Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Kyle:

“Me and my ex lived in a house on 8th Avenue. We started experiencing strange things. Cups in the cupboard would be full of water, stuff put away in the closet, an Xmas wreath one day was stuck hanging on the shower head in the bathroom with the tub full of water and the cat litter box floating.

We left, came back a half hour later and my CDs were scattered all over the living room exactly the same spread and distance from each other.. Furniture would be moved around… We would explore the house with cameras and batteries would drain instantly… We would get photos and they would delete themselves from the camera as soon as we left the property…

I constantly had dreams and experienced being stuck in a psychosis sleep state of a man trying to stab me…

Me and a friend did a bunch of research on the house and learned that on Halloween night in 1969 a woman stabbed a man to death in this house. I felt sick learning this as it all made sense. This house is still there and occupied.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Fort McMurray Ghosts: It Crawled Very Fast Across My Bed

Fort McMurray ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Emilee on June 4, 2015:

“I lived in a house in July, in thick wood. It was upstairs in a house apartment. We were living there for maybe a month. I was home alone watching TV, and I could see the hallway perfectly the way I was sitting. I heard walking down the hallway and then saw a black figure walk around the corner. I jumped up and it went back around the corner after a second. I walked over there thinking someone was in the house, but there wasn’t anything there. I checked the bedrooms and closet, and nothing.

A few days later I had a nightmare that seemed so real. I was laying in my bed the same way in my dream as I was actually laying. I heard my room door open and then loud foot steps walk to the end of my bed. Then all of a sudden someone was crawling very fast across my bed until they got to my head and started choking me. I was trying to yell for help but then I woke my self up by grasping for air and then yelling “No”. My room door was open, and it was shut when I went to sleep.

I always felt like someone was watching me, and in the corner of my eyes I would see the black figure creeping towards me.

In November another day I was home alone. I was in the shower and heard loud footsteps again. Then all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my hair and run its hand through my hair. I step away and turn around and the shower curtain was pulled back and swinging.

Another time I was in the shower and home alone I was listening to music. It was a song I knew very well. And then I heard a deep man voice say “I’m angry”.
I jump out of the shower and played that part of the song again and it definitely wasn’t the music.

I no longer live in that house, and just found out that the women that lived in the basement apartment of the house saw the same black figure and it did the walking out from the corner thing it did to me. She has video evidence of the creepy black figure and that it actually exists. I have been trying to get a hold of her for the video, but I can’t get a hold of her or find her.”

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Bakersfield Ghosts: Heavy Breathing in My Ear

Location: Bakersfield, California, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Tyler on February 15, 2015:

“This happened about 7 yrs ago. I was staying over at a girlfriend’s house one night and it was somewhere around 3 or 4 am. I was half-conscious laying on my right side on the right side of the bed. She was on the left side facing the wall. The bedroom door was about 10 feet away. Well, as I was laying there, from the door footsteps across the wooden floor began to pick up pace to a full run and stop directly on me. I felt pressure along my right side push me down into the mattress and a heavy breathing which I felt directly in my ear. I literally could not move, couldn’t speak. I was wide awake in my mind but could not control my body, I was paralyzed it felt like. I kept telling myself with this heavy breathing in my ear, “don’t open your eyes, don’t open your eyes, you don’t want to see this”.

It probably lasted over a minute, but felt like forever. The breathing stopped. I could feel the pressure release and myself raise in the mattress. I was able to snap up to my elbow and I just yelled in the direction of the door,“enough! Leave me alone!” Needless to say I didn’t go back to sleep after that.

Now, I knew the house had something going on there because they told me a few nights prior. They showed me a video they shot themselves of a dark hooded figure standing against the wall. and this capture was on complete accident. It was the most amazing footage I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure that was what came at me…it definitely didn’t feel friendly. Like it was upset I was there. I still remember that night like it was yesterday.”

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Port Elgin Ghosts: Held Down In My Bed

Location: Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Adam on July 25, 2014:

“In 2004 my mom and I moved to an apartment above a department store. It is an older building that was once a mechanic shop, where I had heard a young man died. For the first year I did not notice anything, but slowly we both noticed things moving on their own, disappearing and reappearing again. Some lights would come off and on. This was nothing compared to the traumatic experiences my mom myself and my friends and skeptics would soon endure.

In ’05, one night brushing my teeth I saw someone in the mirror walk behind me in the kitchen. Startled, I walked in expecting to see someone. No one was there. I yelled down stairs to my mom who was still in, bed but she told me odd things were happening in her room.

Periodically watching our tv we would see someone in the kitchen from the reflection in family pictures and whatnot. Of course being the only male, I investigated every odd thing we encountered to no avail for a reasonable explanation. Then the assaults started.

In 2006, I was 18 and got my wisdom teeth out, at home one morning recovering. I was violently held down in my bed by a silvery blue force of light…. I know sleep paralysis blah blah blah. But I was awake and could hear menacing laughter. I ran from my room and my mom was equally horrified to see various table tops on her dresser moving to their own accord.

That night her night-gown disappeared, and reappeared nine months later folded in a locked security cabinet we had not entered.

My friends saw a lot of spooky things too. Someone would always walk out of my mom’s room and head for the door to the bottom staircase, but there is no way they could get in or out because we had a double-sided dead bolt.

I have too many tales. I lived there for five long tormenting years. I went on ‘Ghostly Encounters‘ (TV show) in 2009 and told some of my stories, in the episode titled “Dead on the Job”.

I’ll tell you one other ominous encounter. My entire group of friends, especially when we were a bunch of testosterone filled 18 year olds, were hardcore into metal, we loved the most violent music with repulsive lyrics which touched such topics as murder, Satanism, anti-religion and war. I am still an avid death metal fan. While in my room blasting some Kreator, the exact song called, “One of Us”, my friend Scott saw something that changed his mind on the spirit world forever. It was 3:12 in the afternoon, and I was born at 3:12 a.m. Every time I see 3:12 my brain makes a note that it’s another twelve hours I’ve lived haha.

Anyways it was 3:12 and we were rocking out hard, the energy in the room was at a peak. I felt someone grab my left shoulder and looked at Scott, I said ” man someone just grabbed me” and his face was white, he said “I just saw someone behind you”. He described a silver blueish formation of smoke that took to a face of an old man which was looking at me. We talked about it for a couple minutes and felt our clothing being touched and pulled. I went to leave the room and the door would not move, the knob turned but the door didn’t budge. When we left we were in some sort of shock.

That night I was in bed, had forgot the ordeal we had, and the song “One of Us” came on my stereo. I heard three knocks on my wall and looked at the clock, it was 3:12 a.m.

I have had many encounters, too many to list. When I left that house and moved to London, my 3 room mates were terribly haunted. Things happened to them that were so terrifying they won’t even tell me.

I’ve been haunted a long time, and turned down by mediums and amateur ghost investigators alike. One thing I learned from all of this, is I know how to suffer.”

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True Ghost Story: I Couldn’t Move!

Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kelsey on February 20, 2014:

“When I was thirteen I used to get this reoccurring nightmare. It starts out with me waking up in my bed and I would look over at my clock and it would always say 3:00am.

The first few nights it repeated the same way: me waking up and checking my clock. After this repeated itself several times I started to see a figure reflected in the face of the clock. Each night the figure started to move closer and closer until one night I was waking up from my dream, but I couldn’t move! My eyes started to flutter with the strain of trying to open. I tried to scream for my mom but nothing but gurgles came out of my mouth. I thought she couldn’t have possibly have heard me but she shortly ran into my room and shook me till I noticed that I could move.

I was so scared I started bawling my eyes when my mom asked who was in my room. I had no idea what she meant since I was pretty sure I just had a nightmare. But she swore that when she was in the hallway she saw a figure sitting on my chest. And that when she got into the room the figure had disappeared. When I really thought about it, it had felt as if someone was sitting on my chest.

From that night on I started sleeping with my mom, and I didn’t start sleeping on my own again until we moved from that house. The nightmares have stopped but I still freak out anytime I’m awake at 3.”

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True Ghost Story: Old Hag Strikes Again

Location: St.Catharines, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Danielle on August 2, 2011:

 “It was late at night, and I had just went up to my room. I felt a little weird that night, but I didn’t think much of it. I quickly fell asleep, but was woken up shortly after by the sound of someone whimpering. I was the only one in the house at the time, and I had no pets at the time being. I was frightened, but made myself fall back asleep. I do believe it was a couple hours later when I was woken up again. But this time, no one was whimpering. It felt like someone or something was face to face with me. Breathing on me, staring at me. I couldn’t move, nor could I see what this thing was. This lasted for about two minutes, then I could move and the feeling of someone being close to my face was gone. I do not know what this means, and since then I can’t really sleep. I’m afraid this could be something more than just a ghost.”

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