Fort McMurray Ghosts: It Crawled Very Fast Across My Bed

Fort McMurray ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Emilee on June 4, 2015:

“I lived in a house in July, in thick wood. It was upstairs in a house apartment. We were living there for maybe a month. I was home alone watching TV, and I could see the hallway perfectly the way I was sitting. I heard walking down the hallway and then saw a black figure walk around the corner. I jumped up and it went back around the corner after a second. I walked over there thinking someone was in the house, but there wasn’t anything there. I checked the bedrooms and closet, and nothing.

A few days later I had a nightmare that seemed so real. I was laying in my bed the same way in my dream as I was actually laying. I heard my room door open and then loud foot steps walk to the end of my bed. Then all of a sudden someone was crawling very fast across my bed until they got to my head and started choking me. I was trying to yell for help but then I woke my self up by grasping for air and then yelling “No”. My room door was open, and it was shut when I went to sleep.

I always felt like someone was watching me, and in the corner of my eyes I would see the black figure creeping towards me.

In November another day I was home alone. I was in the shower and heard loud footsteps again. Then all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my hair and run its hand through my hair. I step away and turn around and the shower curtain was pulled back and swinging.

Another time I was in the shower and home alone I was listening to music. It was a song I knew very well. And then I heard a deep man voice say “I’m angry”.
I jump out of the shower and played that part of the song again and it definitely wasn’t the music.

I no longer live in that house, and just found out that the women that lived in the basement apartment of the house saw the same black figure and it did the walking out from the corner thing it did to me. She has video evidence of the creepy black figure and that it actually exists. I have been trying to get a hold of her for the video, but I can’t get a hold of her or find her.”

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