Ghost Child Seen at Regional Hospital in Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat true ghost story


Location: Medicine Hat, AlbertaCanada

Ghost report from Mike:

“As my memories of the best job I have ever had fade away with time, Hospital Security Agent, I feel it necessary to share one of my creepy experiences at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.

Please keep in mind that I am not an author nor have I ever wanted to be one. Only a select few have ever been told of this story.

All of my notebooks have long been destroyed, and I do not recall the exact time and date. This is written based on a memory of an incident that took place over two decades ago. Hope you enjoy!

Location Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, Level Five, Rehab Support Service Building West end. It was imperative, for the security of property and the safety of people, that this floor was checked thoroughly to prevent theft and from keeping transients from settling in one of the dark corners of the many empty rooms.

In this era, level Five RSS, as it was called, was basically a semi-abandoned floor used for secure storage and it had one room dedicated to Diabetes Education service. It was a poorly lit long stretch of hallway that was formerly nursing units 5 East and 5 West.

Prior to its abandonment, and after 5E and 5W had moved to their new location, Paediatrics had moved onto level 5W awaiting their turn to move to 4 North in the new addition. This floor was eventually totally demolished and rebuilt to its modern state.

Between the hours of, 00:00 and 06:00, in or around fall of the early to mid-1990’s, I was performing a routine patrol of level five of the Rehab Support Services section of the MHRH. I entered the floor from the far east entrance, a stairwell separating the old and new hospital.

The hall was dimly lit as I proceeded from east to west, checking every locked door and every nook and cranny. I reached the west side of the floor and I was checking each open room and entering the next through the connecting bathrooms.

I entered the last empty room, the northwest corner, via the bathroom door, and was shocked when, within my peripheral vision, I saw someone standing in the hallway just beyond the threshold.

I instantly felt all the effects of adrenaline as I realized a child was standing there looking at me!

It happened so fast! The child was there and then just… gone! I stood there dazed, my heart pounding, my hair standing on end and trying to rationalize what I had just seen.

I was convinced it was just fatigue that had caused a hallucination, however, at the time and for years after, I recalled details of this child as if I had seen them in a photograph.

I composed myself and re-checked the whole floor. I was almost positive the child was just a figment of my imagination, but the event seemed so real I had to be sure there was not a child running around the RSS building, however doubtful I was. I am positive I would have heard the child leave the floor through the stairwells or the elevator.

Of course, the search turned up nothing and I remember laughing at myself for being so foolish.

I continued my patrols as usual, but I could not get the sighting out of my mind. I even took a chance with my reputation and told the on-duty paediatric staff of my encounter. I asked if any children had passed away on the 5th floor prior to moving to 4N.

All staff that night assured me that no child had passed on that unit, they also had a good chuckle over it and I think they had a little joy mocking me. I was convinced at this point that it was, in fact, a full-blown hallucination.

This did not last too long, on a subsequent visit to 4N, a staff member was razzing me on the fact that I thought I saw a ghost and I was once again asked to tell my story to a more senior nurse.

This time I did not get the chuckles I was expecting, instead, she confirmed that one child had indeed passed away on 5W RSS. She had known this because she was on duty the same day the child passed.

I was sceptical so I convinced her to show me the room the child was assigned. I honestly did not believe her as she had been a bit of a jokester in the past, but I never revealed to anyone the actual room this happened in, so I was confident she would be exposed if not telling me the truth.

I escorted her to the old RSS level 5, while she told me a heartbreaking story leading up to the child’s passing. To my amazement, she lead me right to the room at the NW corner of level 5 RSS. The description she gave me matched the child I saw standing in the hallway outside of this same room.

I had only seen the child once, but I still have a strong memory of this incident. Of course, this is only one of the many strange things that happened within the walls and halls of the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Dartmouth Ghosts: Young Boy and Man Seen in Bungalow

Dartmouth Nova Scotia true ghost stories


Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Valerie on August 15, 2017:

“I first noticed strange things in my house when I moved in 17 years ago. It’s just a small, older bungalow not far from the harbour.

It all started with footsteps in our unfinished attic. Not long after, I would notice the light on the clock radio in my kitchen would turn on by itself. I’d switch it off using the manual switch that you had to click upwards twice before it turned on, and down twice before it could turn off… only to find it back on shortly thereafter and I was home alone.

Many times I would stand at my kitchen sink and while I was doing dishes I could hear someone call my name loudly. I would run to the next room to see who it was, yet my spouse would be sleeping or I would be home alone. Once I saw the reflection of a man in what appeared to be a farmer’s hat behind me through the reflection in the window above the sink.

Less than a year after I moved in, I witnessed one of the scariest things. The bottom drawer of our dresser came flying out across the room with such force that it broke in four pieces without explanation. To this day I still get chills thinking about it.

Our German shepherd would fiercely and endlessly bark at one corner of our living room at something only she could see.

Items often go missing for days or weeks on end. Sometimes I yell at the unseen being to bring it back and usually it reappears somewhere we’ve searched many times over before. Other times items have seemed to have been thrown across the room by nothing.

Once, my mother was visiting and she walked into the bathroom, the medicine cabinet opened and a glass bottle flew and narrowly missed her.

Another time my brother was over and he and I were speaking in the kitchen and a large old tin can that I kept on the refrigerator that was filled with change and batteries and whatnot flew at his head, he barely jumped out of the way before it could strike him.

Our cupboard doors have slammed open and shut on their own and even scared my brute of a husband.

My mother and brother who’d been sleeping at the opposite end of the house once rushed to my room because they both claimed they heard me screaming for help in the middle of the night. When in fact everyone in our home, myself included, were all sound asleep.

My brother, his girlfriend, and myself have all seen the apparition of a young boy in my house which we later discovered we would all describe the same way.

These are only a few of the tales I could tell. We’ve burned sage and said a prayer over the home but haven’t had the need to have it blessed. For the most part it is harmless, just unnerving.”

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Port Carling Ghosts: Little Girl With Long Hair

Port Carling true ghost stories


Location: Port Carling, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Doreen on March 3, 2017:

“I had just moved into a rental cottage with my husband and two small children temporarily while we looked for a house to purchase in the area. The furnished cottage was set on the side of a hill. It was small and somewhat run down but we didn’t mind since we didn’t anticipate being there long.

I always got a strange feeling in the lower level but the children didn’t seem to mind. Their bedroom was where they could play and make as much noise as they wanted.

The unexplained happenings started as soon as we moved into the cottage, with a particular picture in the bedroom falling off the wall on a regular basis. I tried to knock it off the wall by slamming the door, banging on the wall, etc. but to no avail.

One warm summer evening I heard footsteps, hurried and heavy, ascend the stairs leading up to the deck making the house shake. Thinking that my husband was home early with his visiting brother, I uncapped a couple of cold beverages and went to greet them and found nothing. No one was there and there was nowhere for anyone to go if they were. Weird. It kind of freaked me out a little but I shrugged it off.

Only when it happened again, around the same time that I realized I wasn’t alone in the house.

The kitchen seemed to be a favorite spot for activity. With taps turning on spontaneously, cupboards opening by themselves, and the timer on the stove going off — sometimes in the middle of the night. My husband put a stop to that, somewhat forcefully, I didn’t mind.

One afternoon I was cleaning the stove when I felt as if I wasn’t alone. I turned to see a young girl around six years old. She had long, tussled hair. Her face was a little grubby and the yellow sun dress was obviously a worn favorite.

I said hello, thinking she was one of the neighbor’s children whom I haven’t met yet. She didn’t say anything, just turned and vanished. I never found out who she was and she wasn’t the first ghost in the house.

One evening, after I had put the boys to bed for the night, I had made myself a coffee and was looking forward to some alone time when I heard a scream, then another. Two little boys ran up the stairs faster than the speed of light. Once I got them calmed enough to tell me what was wrong, I found out that they had seen a man with a tall hat, dark clothes and no face come into their room and stand at the foot of their bed.

I ran downstairs expecting anything, but found nothing except a cold spot where the boys had seen the figure. They still talk about it eighteen years later.

The last incident happened when I had lay down for nap one afternoon, still recovering from a cold. I had just pulled the blanket up to my chest, hands folded over the hem of the blanket, and closed my eyes when a pair of long fingered hands, sharp nailed and heavily ringed, clasped my mine, squeezed then let go. I cried out, sat up in bed and expected to see someone standing by the bed. No one was there, but I did detect a faint scent of a flower of sort. I later recognized it as rose.

Shortly after that we bought a house in a nearby town and I was very happy to move. I never felt in danger but I was never a fan of that house.”

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Cape Breton Ghosts: Little Girl On The Banister

Cape Breton Aspy Bay Nova Scotia true ghost stories

Location: (Aspy BayCape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Sarah on December 19, 2016:

“When I was 7, my parents split up. My mother, two brothers, “bruncle” (an uncle that was like a brother) and myself all moved into an old farm house that family friends used as a summer home. The house was like one you’d read about in a book, well over 200 years old and it was beautiful. It was on its own private beach, an orchard and a fish pond. Sounds like it’s a dream, right? Wrong, it was a nightmare.

My mom has always been a part of the paranormal world. She’s communicated with ghosts and had “visions” but this house we all saw stuff.

It started in my room. The first few weeks I heard something by the bed in my room. I slept on the day bed across from the queen sized bed, the big bed was the scariest thing in the world to me. Every morning my mom would come in my room to wake me up and every toy I owned would be lined around the edge of the big bed. Then I would wake up to the bed torn apart then the bed would be packed up like it was freshly washed, every morning.

After that I moved into my brother Adam’s room so I wouldn’t have to sleep in a room alone. The first night I slept in there I heard whispering, so I told Adam to shut up. He was down stairs asleep on the couch with my mom. She was reading. I went to sleep ignoring the whispers.

That morning I saw scorched hand prints on the chimney pipe in the corner. I ended up in my mom’s room after that.

But strange things continued, like the cellar door open and shutting, lights flickering, and waking up to furniture and household items in different places. We started ignoring it.

Until that December the house had a wood stove with a glass door. I’d sit by it before bed to warm up but that night I saw a man in a big coat walking in the kitchen. I turned around and there was nobody there. When I woke up that morning there was a footprint on the inside of the glass, too big to be my mom’s or mine and too small to be my brother’s.

Recently my mother told me that she used to see a little girl sitting on the banister. My mom would blink or look away for a second then find one of my shirts and a pair of my pants in the same spot.

We asked the owners of the house. They got the house for less than 5 thousand dollars because the family who lived there all died in the house. The father killed his wife and himself, and one of the two daughters killed herself. The other is still suffering at 95 years old in a rest home in Dingwall, sweet woman.

But the footprint is still in the house almost 13 years later.”

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Brooklyn Ghosts: Little Girl in a White Dress

Brooklyn ghosts nova scotia


Location: Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Cassie on March 14, 2016:

“I lived in a beautiful large bungalow with my mother and father. When I was born there was a rocking chair in my bedroom. My mother would rock me to sleep, nothing scaring or unusual there? Wrong.

Each time my mother would sit in the rocking chair she would hear kind of like snoring, almost as if someone is having an asthma attack, wheezy. It was scary for her at the time. She told my father about it and he searched the house trying to find the source of this sound. Nothing. My mother then said for him to sit in the chair and as soon as he sat down he heard the snoring. He stood up and it was gone, the sound could only be heard in that chair.

About 6 years later, I was an only child so I played by myself. I was playing at the end of my hallway until I saw this small girl wearing a white dress, white hat, high socks, parasol, very olden like. I ask her, “Hi, would you like to play with me?” The girl turned, looked at me then walked into my parents’ room and disappeared into thin air.

My mother then later asked me who I was talking to because she did not see the girl, but she did see a glow form around my small figure.

My father did some research with the man who sold us the property. My father told him all that was happening. The man said there was a lady who once lived on the property in a shack. She was dying of a very contagious virus which made it unbelievably hard to breath, almost like being suffocated. She was placed there to die away from others so they would not be infected. Once she passed they burnt the shack down.

When I was about 13 my father finally told me the story. Me and my neighbor used to explore my backyard a lot, we would always find old pots and pans, even a light bulb. It hit me that all of those things belonged to the woman. The snoring, having that virus caused wheezing or snoring-like sound.

When I turned 16, my asthma was very bad, I woke up one night gasping for air. I couldn’t breath, my parents had to call 911 because I was going to die. Before blacking out in the hospital I see the familiar figure of a girl walking towards my bedside, she whispered “don’t worry darling, god’s on your side”. She left after that and I fell into black nothingness. Once I recovered and came home, there wasn’t anymore snoring, nothing unusual, she was gone.

Later on the years we, actually me and my father, were digging for worms in my back yard, just for fishing. We actually dug up bones, human bones. We sent them away to be tested and the results were that it was in fact a woman. Was it the woman who long ago passed on our lot? We will never know.”

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Surrey Ghosts: Little Girl Standing Over Him

ghost children video Michelle McKay


*The story below has also been featured in the above video*


Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Ghost report from Danialle on February 24, 2016:

“My husband, myself, and my 3 kids moved about 8 years ago. We rented a house in Surrey BC and the house was over 50 years old on an acre lot.

Within a few weeks we had issues of a picture being moved and flipped over almost every night.

I had a candle holder that held 5 round candles, that also got moved and the candles were rolled onto the floor.

After a few months we started hearing noises thru the house and a little girl giggling. A friend of my daughter said she heard giggling and saw a little girl running down the hall.

A family friend move in and he said he woke up to a little girl standing over him, and when he sat up she was gone. He described her as being young, approximately 6 years old with long blonde hair.

No one else ever said they saw her, only heard her giggle.

We also had an old garage in the yard that no girls would go into. As I explained to my husband, it’s the feeling of a grouchy old man that does not want any women in his garage. Very bad vibes.

5 years ago everyone in the house was sleeping but me. Every time I started falling asleep I heard noises. Like banging or doors closing. I must have got up about 4 times to check the kids.

I tried going to sleep and the TV in our bedroom turned on and off several times, and then the light in our room turned on. This time, my husband woke up. He asked me if I was burning something. No I wasn’t.

We walked around the house and found nothing, yet we could smell smoke. Our bedroom window was opened and it seemed like the smoke was coming inside from outside. I opened the front door, stepped outside and could smell smoke bad. It was the house … It was on fire.

Everyone got out of the house, except the family dog. The next morning the fire department released the house. And above the door way at the main entrance it looked like “boooo” was written above the door where the paint come off. It spooked me out. We did get a picture of the door way.

The weirdest part is that the next house we got, a little hand print done in glitter showed up in 3 rooms of the house. And someone has been seeing a shadow at the windows and we hear our names being called.

Not sure if it is possible but it seems like she moved with us and has stayed with us since.”

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