Cape Breton Ghosts: Little Girl On The Banister

Cape Breton Aspy Bay Nova Scotia true ghost stories

Location: (Aspy BayCape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Sarah on December 19, 2016:

“When I was 7, my parents split up. My mother, two brothers, “bruncle” (an uncle that was like a brother) and myself all moved into an old farm house that family friends used as a summer home. The house was like one you’d read about in a book, well over 200 years old and it was beautiful. It was on its own private beach, an orchard and a fish pond. Sounds like it’s a dream, right? Wrong, it was a nightmare.

My mom has always been a part of the paranormal world. She’s communicated with ghosts and had “visions” but this house we all saw stuff.

It started in my room. The first few weeks I heard something by the bed in my room. I slept on the day bed across from the queen sized bed, the big bed was the scariest thing in the world to me. Every morning my mom would come in my room to wake me up and every toy I owned would be lined around the edge of the big bed. Then I would wake up to the bed torn apart then the bed would be packed up like it was freshly washed, every morning.

After that I moved into my brother Adam’s room so I wouldn’t have to sleep in a room alone. The first night I slept in there I heard whispering, so I told Adam to shut up. He was down stairs asleep on the couch with my mom. She was reading. I went to sleep ignoring the whispers.

That morning I saw scorched hand prints on the chimney pipe in the corner. I ended up in my mom’s room after that.

But strange things continued, like the cellar door open and shutting, lights flickering, and waking up to furniture and household items in different places. We started ignoring it.

Until that December the house had a wood stove with a glass door. I’d sit by it before bed to warm up but that night I saw a man in a big coat walking in the kitchen. I turned around and there was nobody there. When I woke up that morning there was a footprint on the inside of the glass, too big to be my mom’s or mine and too small to be my brother’s.

Recently my mother told me that she used to see a little girl sitting on the banister. My mom would blink or look away for a second then find one of my shirts and a pair of my pants in the same spot.

We asked the owners of the house. They got the house for less than 5 thousand dollars because the family who lived there all died in the house. The father killed his wife and himself, and one of the two daughters killed herself. The other is still suffering at 95 years old in a rest home in Dingwall, sweet woman.

But the footprint is still in the house almost 13 years later.”

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