Dartmouth Ghosts: Young Boy and Man Seen in Bungalow

Dartmouth Nova Scotia true ghost stories


Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Valerie on August 15, 2017:

“I first noticed strange things in my house when I moved in 17 years ago. It’s just a small, older bungalow not far from the harbour.

It all started with footsteps in our unfinished attic. Not long after, I would notice the light on the clock radio in my kitchen would turn on by itself. I’d switch it off using the manual switch that you had to click upwards twice before it turned on, and down twice before it could turn off… only to find it back on shortly thereafter and I was home alone.

Many times I would stand at my kitchen sink and while I was doing dishes I could hear someone call my name loudly. I would run to the next room to see who it was, yet my spouse would be sleeping or I would be home alone. Once I saw the reflection of a man in what appeared to be a farmer’s hat behind me through the reflection in the window above the sink.

Less than a year after I moved in, I witnessed one of the scariest things. The bottom drawer of our dresser came flying out across the room with such force that it broke in four pieces without explanation. To this day I still get chills thinking about it.

Our German shepherd would fiercely and endlessly bark at one corner of our living room at something only she could see.

Items often go missing for days or weeks on end. Sometimes I yell at the unseen being to bring it back and usually it reappears somewhere we’ve searched many times over before. Other times items have seemed to have been thrown across the room by nothing.

Once, my mother was visiting and she walked into the bathroom, the medicine cabinet opened and a glass bottle flew and narrowly missed her.

Another time my brother was over and he and I were speaking in the kitchen and a large old tin can that I kept on the refrigerator that was filled with change and batteries and whatnot flew at his head, he barely jumped out of the way before it could strike him.

Our cupboard doors have slammed open and shut on their own and even scared my brute of a husband.

My mother and brother who’d been sleeping at the opposite end of the house once rushed to my room because they both claimed they heard me screaming for help in the middle of the night. When in fact everyone in our home, myself included, were all sound asleep.

My brother, his girlfriend, and myself have all seen the apparition of a young boy in my house which we later discovered we would all describe the same way.

These are only a few of the tales I could tell. We’ve burned sage and said a prayer over the home but haven’t had the need to have it blessed. For the most part it is harmless, just unnerving.”

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