Brooklyn Ghosts: Little Girl in a White Dress

Brooklyn ghosts nova scotia


Location: Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Cassie on March 14, 2016:

“I lived in a beautiful large bungalow with my mother and father. When I was born there was a rocking chair in my bedroom. My mother would rock me to sleep, nothing scaring or unusual there? Wrong.

Each time my mother would sit in the rocking chair she would hear kind of like snoring, almost as if someone is having an asthma attack, wheezy. It was scary for her at the time. She told my father about it and he searched the house trying to find the source of this sound. Nothing. My mother then said for him to sit in the chair and as soon as he sat down he heard the snoring. He stood up and it was gone, the sound could only be heard in that chair.

About 6 years later, I was an only child so I played by myself. I was playing at the end of my hallway until I saw this small girl wearing a white dress, white hat, high socks, parasol, very olden like. I ask her, “Hi, would you like to play with me?” The girl turned, looked at me then walked into my parents’ room and disappeared into thin air.

My mother then later asked me who I was talking to because she did not see the girl, but she did see a glow form around my small figure.

My father did some research with the man who sold us the property. My father told him all that was happening. The man said there was a lady who once lived on the property in a shack. She was dying of a very contagious virus which made it unbelievably hard to breath, almost like being suffocated. She was placed there to die away from others so they would not be infected. Once she passed they burnt the shack down.

When I was about 13 my father finally told me the story. Me and my neighbor used to explore my backyard a lot, we would always find old pots and pans, even a light bulb. It hit me that all of those things belonged to the woman. The snoring, having that virus caused wheezing or snoring-like sound.

When I turned 16, my asthma was very bad, I woke up one night gasping for air. I couldn’t breath, my parents had to call 911 because I was going to die. Before blacking out in the hospital I see the familiar figure of a girl walking towards my bedside, she whispered “don’t worry darling, god’s on your side”. She left after that and I fell into black nothingness. Once I recovered and came home, there wasn’t anymore snoring, nothing unusual, she was gone.

Later on the years we, actually me and my father, were digging for worms in my back yard, just for fishing. We actually dug up bones, human bones. We sent them away to be tested and the results were that it was in fact a woman. Was it the woman who long ago passed on our lot? We will never know.”

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