Surrey Ghosts: Little Girl Standing Over Him

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Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Ghost report from Danialle on February 24, 2016:

“My husband, myself, and my 3 kids moved about 8 years ago. We rented a house in Surrey BC and the house was over 50 years old on an acre lot.

Within a few weeks we had issues of a picture being moved and flipped over almost every night.

I had a candle holder that held 5 round candles, that also got moved and the candles were rolled onto the floor.

After a few months we started hearing noises thru the house and a little girl giggling. A friend of my daughter said she heard giggling and saw a little girl running down the hall.

A family friend move in and he said he woke up to a little girl standing over him, and when he sat up she was gone. He described her as being young, approximately 6 years old with long blonde hair.

No one else ever said they saw her, only heard her giggle.

We also had an old garage in the yard that no girls would go into. As I explained to my husband, it’s the feeling of a grouchy old man that does not want any women in his garage. Very bad vibes.

5 years ago everyone in the house was sleeping but me. Every time I started falling asleep I heard noises. Like banging or doors closing. I must have got up about 4 times to check the kids.

I tried going to sleep and the TV in our bedroom turned on and off several times, and then the light in our room turned on. This time, my husband woke up. He asked me if I was burning something. No I wasn’t.

We walked around the house and found nothing, yet we could smell smoke. Our bedroom window was opened and it seemed like the smoke was coming inside from outside. I opened the front door, stepped outside and could smell smoke bad. It was the house … It was on fire.

Everyone got out of the house, except the family dog. The next morning the fire department released the house. And above the door way at the main entrance it looked like “boooo” was written above the door where the paint come off. It spooked me out. We did get a picture of the door way.

The weirdest part is that the next house we got, a little hand print done in glitter showed up in 3 rooms of the house. And someone has been seeing a shadow at the windows and we hear our names being called.

Not sure if it is possible but it seems like she moved with us and has stayed with us since.”

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