Etobicoke Ghosts: ‘Something Punched Me’

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Location: Etobicoke, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Lorraine:

“Well gawd where do I begin. OK, I convinced my husband to buy a townhouse across the street from my mother so I could keep an eye on her. It was on Resurrection Rd, good name for the street. We bought the house on paper in 1999 when it was being built and moved in during 2001.

Our house was still being built when my mother suddenly passed away. Now I had to live in a house that faced where she died. We were locked into a mortgage and it was out of the question for us to sell, sooo in we go 2001 we took possession.

Let me tell you that house I believe ruined my marriage.

From the very instant I moved in I felt I was never alone and simply chalked it up to “my mother’s watching over me”. Not so.

Now for some reason I was always scared to be alone in the house when my husband went to work. I would often find myself looking up at the staircase that led to the bedrooms on the second and third floor.

The feeling kept growing stronger, so when my husband went to work I’d stay down in the living room and stare constantly at the staircase, terrified to go upstairs until he came home.

Ok sooo one night my husband and I were getting ready for bed in the 3rd-floor master bedroom suite. He laid down and I went into our bathroom to have a relaxing jacuzzi.

After this I put on my pjs and laid down on our bed, husband in tow beside me, when all of a sudden I closed my eyes and felt something punch me in the head about 50 times from side to side.

Literally I was getting boxed up both sides of my head full force. I couldn’t scream, just had to lay there and hope it would stop.

Finally when it stopped I confronted my husband and of course, he was fast asleep and felt nothing.

Now I wasn’t dreaming because I just had a bath and had just laid down. My goodness, my eyes literally just closed and this happened. After that I was even more guarded about upstairs.

Anyhow moving forward, a few weeks later I was in our 3rd-floor bedroom again and no sooner did I jump into bed but felt my two feet being pulled up straight and something spun my whole body around so that my feet were now where my head was supposed to be on the pillow.

My husband who thought I was crazy told me to go back to sleep and that I must have been dreaming.

The final straw was a few months after that my husband was asleep and again we were upstairs in the bedroom and my lord didn’t I see a ghost of an elderly lady peaking out of my bathroom into our bedroom, not one word of a lie.

She was wearing what looked to be a hospital gown, the type that is open at the back. This woman had shoulder length grey salt and pepper hair, stood to be at least 6ft tall and had bare feet.

Omg, she stood halfway out of our master bathroom into our master bedroom.

Needless to say, I moved out of our master bedroom and stayed on the second floor in one of the bedrooms there. Still constantly having to leave my bedroom door open so I could monitor that stupid staircase I was so scared of.

Needless to say, my marriage was in trouble after that.

You know what guys? After that I saw a man sitting on the end of our couch, knees held up in his arms rocking back and forth. Then I heard some deep voice say to me “heey now”.

Also on a separate occasion while loading the dishwasher I heard the same deep voice telling me to “stop it”.

Bottom line our marriage is no longer. I moved out of the house and my husband stayed.

Since I left Resurrection Rd, me and my boyfriend now live in Mimico. And for some reason both my cats stare up at the ceiling crying or their eyes go right wide and they stare at the plain wall for hours following something.

Now I haven’t seen anything, but I did film my cat lying on the couch and I think I captured an orb on camera.

Mind you, I don’t feel threatened like I did when I lived in my matrimonial home on Resurrection Rd. Yet I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something followed me. Maybe it’s my dead mother, who knows.”

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Montreal Ghosts: ‘I could feel the hot breath over me’

Montreal ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Montreal, QuebecCanada

Ghost report from Stefanie:

“The huntings took place in the span of ten years. From the time I was 12 to 22, I was haunted every day of my life. All of these events truly took place, and hunt in my dream ever since.

It all began the summer of 1993 when my family and I moved in our duplex. From the moment we set foot inside I felt watched but other than that nothing else happened.

After six months, this all changed. The first thing paranormal that I can remember was hearing disembodied voices coming from the basement. It always seemed like a conversation was going on, however as time went on the voices became more aggressive and it seemed that a male voice was yelling. Even our cat refuses to go downstairs.

Then the cupboards of the kitchen would open at night. My bedroom was near the kitchen, and I would hear it open and close the whole night. I would get up to check on the kitchen thinking it might be one of my brothers, but it always would be empty. I would close the cupboards again, but they would be open in the morning. My brothers would complain that they would hear rattling glass coming again from the kitchen.

Then things escalated quickly, as the presence was becoming physical. One day, my father was at his office when he heard banging and voices coming from the playroom next-door. He assumed it was one of us kids, got off his chair and went outside. As he peered his head out, a metal hanger was thrown at him. It was thrown with such force that it actually dented the wall. At this point, my father was livid and ready to scold but saw that he was by himself in the basement. In fact, nobody was home.

The violence progressed to the point that we woke up with bruises and scratches almost on a daily basis. My parents thought it might have been our cat but the scratches continued after he was given away.

It felt as if the presence was becoming bolder. We would see shadow people moving around our home from room to room. One day my mom thought she saw my brother going into their closet. She said she saw the door shut and she approach the door and said: “I see you “. When she opened the door it was empty. It got really intense after that.

Then I would hear walking around my bed coming closer and closer and heavy breathing. I was petrified of the night because I knew that it would happen. The worse happened one night when my sister was in my room. She slept in the bed next to me when I heard the footsteps. I put the covers over my head to avoid seeing whatever it was. Then as the steps grew closer I head rattling, like keys, and again heaving breathing but this time I could feel the hot breath over me and my covers were thrown off. I lost it and began to scream. My mother came in furious. I explained what happened but she didn’t believe me. My sister, however, told me years later that she had heard it too. I had asked her why she didn’t say anything to my mother, but she was afraid to say anything in case that spirit would get mad.

After this, I started to pray every day for help and as I did the haunting became less intense around me. I got involved in the Church and after talking to our local priest he agreed to do a blessing. But when the day came his car broke mysteriously. Then he got sick and he left the church. Sometimes I wonder if it was related to whatever was in my home had anything to do with it.

As time went on, the haunting seemed to disappear when my sister got sick. She developed anorexia and would walk for hours. One day, my mom felt a sudden urgency to take her to the hospital. But when she searched for her hospital cards and ID they were missing. My mother didn’t care about having to pay out of pocket for the visit. Once she was at the hospital, the doctors soon found that my sister’s heart was super slow and she was taken in for intensive care. The doctor said had my mom waiting just a couple of hours more, she would have gone into cardiac arrest and probably die at home. When my mom called, the cards reappeared on the table. I was crying because I knew something wanted to prevent my sister from getting help. My sister had a long stay and was in and out of the hospital for years.

The hauntings resumed until I got married. I moved to Laval and I finally found peace until I realized that something followed me but that’s a whole different story for another time. My brothers said that the hauntings continued after I left until my parents had enough and moved away.

We still talk about it from time to time and wonder if the people who bought the place are ok.”

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Lethbridge Ghosts: Long Scratch Marks Across My Back

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Juno on July 30, 2014:

“Hi, my name is Juno I’m currently living in Texas, but this happened in Lethbridge Alberta when I was about the age of 10 or so.

Anyways. I’m going to tell you about myself. Otherwise you won’t get the story.

Ok I’m the freaky girl in class. Often the one to be the one in detention everyday. I have weird abilities… I can see ghosts. And so many other weird things.. I can’t tell you how freaky people think I am. Ok here’s the story love,

When I was in like, grade 4/5 I think it was mid fall.. It was cloudy. I’m talking thunderstorm cloudy. So I was sitting down drawing, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a bloody boy with a bloody knife. I could only help but think about that boy. I felt some strong connection, drawing me towards him. I threw down my binder and ran to where I saw him. I felt pretty damn foolish to put myself where evil was . But hey, what’s life without a risk?

I sprinted to where he was. “What’s your name?” I asked him. Now this was really stupid to do. I didn’t realize what danger I just put myself in. I can only remember falling over from something.. And I remember one of my friends running over to me and carrying me to the, oh umm office.

I woke up in the hospital with a broken leg and deep, long scratch marks across my back. I had a couple cuts on my arms. Nothing serious on my arms.. But I ached when I stood up, my back. I felt like my back will be the death of me. The next day I got my crutches and went to school. As you would imagine I was really mad. I mean really, I have to go to school right after?! I often see the ghost, I call him “Daryll” anyways I did some research and I took a long time to find this out but, “Daryll” was my age when he died. He died from a stabbing in that very school yard and was buried somewhere. Either way, R.I.P Daryll.

Thanks for reading this love. I hope you enjoyed.”

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Syncrude Twin Towers Apartment Building – Haunted Alberta Database

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Type: apartment building
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by Caroleann on May 30, 2014:

“This story is about what happened to me roughly 8 months during the year 2007 in the Syncrude Twin Towers low rise on the 4th floor.

While I was sitting at my computer one night in my bedroom, lying on the table next to me was an empty Pepsi bottle. As I was looking into it I could see my reflection and then I could see two figures in the bottle standing on each side of me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! They were people-like figures with black cloaks with hoods, and they just stood there. So I just laid the bottle down and ignored it went to bed scared, thinking about what I saw.

The next day I started hearing papers rattling in my closet. I just ignored it but it wouldn’t stop. I thought it was a rat or something but I went through this box, nothing but a Soloman Bible that my roommate picked up from a guy at work. So I tried to read a few words but didn’t understand the language. I put it back into the box. The next night there was a fire broke out two doors down from me. We were woken at 2am by some man knocking on our door screaming “FIRE!” I opened the door and nothing but smoke so I panicked and started crawling towards the fire. I realized I was going the wrong way so I turned around and crawled till I could see the clear and got out safely.

The apartment that the fire started in burned like a match box inside and never burned through the walls or roof, it was totally black and seemed as though it was a controlled fire. The fire burnt itself out within the apartment. By the time the fire department arrived the fire should have burned more apartments but it contained itself within this one apartment. So then we were able to go back to our apartment hours later.

The next day I came home from work and was sitting on my bed when I heard someone unlocking my door. What I saw was a big man that walked across my living room. I said to myself “Thats strange it’s only 5pm and my roommate is home. Weird cause he didn’t come home from work till 7pm.” So, I sat there listening but not a sound. I walked up to the living room and no one was there. I went back down the hallway to my room to sit and watch to see my roommate, then the same man came out my living walking towards the door. When I ran up to the door there was no one there.

Every day at five this man would unlock my door, come in and dissappear. Then every day for months at 5 o’clock this man would walk in, come down the hallway and go into my bathroom off my bedroom and shut the door. I would open the door and no one in the bathroom, so I go back to my room and lay on my bed and be startled to what I was seeing.

So as days went on this “thing” started to torment me by kicking the tub. I could hear the noise throughout the apartment all night long. I go in the bathroom, there is nothing or no one there. I came home from work the next day not feeling well. I came in, locked my door, went for a nap when a shout woke me. A security guy was standing over me telling me how he just came around the corner and my door was wide open and he just seen this black shadow leave my apartment. I was shocked and kind of spooked and left for awhile that day.

When I came back that night, I went into the bathroom and was fixing my hair in the mirror when I seen a shadow on the wall moved at the corner of my eye. It was a terrifying moment for me. It scared me and I jumped. As I was looking at my shadow I realized it wasn’t me, my hair was pinned up and my shadow had its hair down. I went and got my room mate thinking I was losing my mind, so when he came in the shadow ran across the wall. My roommate who is a large man screamed and ran out of the apartment, I ran after him.

After we were brave enough we came back in. I went to bed scared to death. I slept with the Catholic bible the whole time all this was happening.

The next day same thing again, man coming to the bathroom and closing the door again. No one there. So as I go into the bathroom I was standing by the toilet when I noticed my shadow started moving. I ran and got the mananger, two security guards, my roommate and two others standing in my bathroom watching as I stood still my shadow would slid across the wall and slid down to the floor. We all stood there with our mouths dropped, no one saying anything while I’m there asking them “Do you see it? What is it?” and one of the security guards spoke up totally in shock and said “Yes, we see it, and we don’t know what it is.” So we left the bathroom and came back in 3 times and it did the same thing each time we entered.

The next day I walked into the bathroom. As I opened the door quickly, a shadow of a little child was on my shower wall and it jumped! I scared this thing it, actually got a fright. So again I ran out of the room.

Sitting on my bed talking to my room mate this one day after the bathroom incident, and this voice came over his head saying “Hello, hello.” in a loud,clear voice. We both looked at each other and I said “Did you just hear that?” he said “Yeahhh”, I said “What did it say?” he said “hello, hello.” We both ran outside of the building again. So again after we regained our courage, we came back to our apartment and went to my room and this smell hit me. It was horrible! I never ever smelled anything like this in my life, Nothing even close. It smelled like sulfur and something that was rotten, it wasn’t of this earth. I was gagging, while my room mate was sitting there and he couldn’t smell anything. I was so confused, I opened the bedroom door and took a deep breath and came back inside the room and it was gone. All of a sudden it felt like a million wasps stinging me all over my body. It was so painful and it was just torturing me day in and day out. When I would leave the apartment building the pain would stop, and when I go back it would start again. I spent hundreds of dollars at the drug stores on pesticides and nothing worked. So I figured it wasn’t physical wasps or any other insects in the apartment.

As time went on, in the mornings I would wake up gasping for air like something was choking me and would eventually let me go before I pass out. The bee stings would not stop either. When I tried to put my hands where the stings would hit, it felt like it would go deeper and bite harder. It was a nightmare in itself. I started praying to god to help me, as I was doing this the sun casts a figure of a cross on the wall. So I kept the Catholic bible in my lap knew he was there to help me so the long days of this torture kept going. All the trips to the emergency and nothing to be found.

I forgot to mention with the first experience my arm would freeze just like if it was frozen from the inside out until I leave the apartment.

This one night I was approaching my bedroom and when I opened the door my night-stand came flying at me and everything going everywhere. So I pick up the phone and called the church. I didn’t know what to do and why this thing was attacking me like this so the priest was afraid and wouldn’t show up. He told me to pray the Our Father and pray to St. Micheal and I did. So at this point I wasn’t afraid any more and I started to get mad at this thing in my apartment, and then this horrible unearthly shriek came through my window vibrating through the tv and then went through me. I was startled by the sound so I went to go grab a drink when something inside me told me to wait. I went to the bathroom instead and went back to my bedroom instead of going to the kitchen. When I went back to my room there was a can of pepsi lying on my pillow. I picked it up and it was cold as though it came from the freezer. Now I was getting freaked out, it was bringing things to my room.

There is much more that isn’t included in the story above, but I’ll be writing all night.

Anyways the day I was moving out I was cleaning the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. It was a girl to ask me to cut her hair. I said to her “I packed and have no towels so go home, get a towel and come back.” I locked my door, went back to the bathroom and there was a brand new purple towel sitting on my sink folded. I just ran out of there with my stuff as fast as I could go. And as I was leaving the building, at that very moment, four apartments went up in flames to no known reason. Security was running through the building alerting the tenants and trying to evacuate the building. I stopped one of them and asked what happened, he said “Four apartments are burning and there is devil faces burning in the doors. This place is evil im getting the hell out of here!” (He lived in the building and moved out the same day as me).

I got out of there and never had an encounter since. Out of the 7 people who witnessed what happened in my apartment with me, 2 people survived and the strangest thing the 3 of us moved out the same day. 3 out of seven was found dead sitting up in chairs in their apartments and one went into a coma and never came out of it to my knowledge.

Also another thing I forgot to mention, after we moved out, I had one of those security guards that survived help me put pictures from my camera onto my computer. These pictures were full of images of shadows and orbs or strange light. They were in my personal folder on my computer and they were taken due to infringement and I couldn’t understand why my pictures were taken away out of a personal folder. The security guard had copies of my pictures into his own computer and the pictures were taken from him too and he would agree to be a witness to that.

Thank you for your kind attention to my story and I hope if you have had something like this happen to you, that you will share it as well.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Toronto Ghosts: ‘I Woke Up With Scratch Marks and Cigarette Burns’

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Angelica on Jan 19, 2014:

“I recently moved into the Old East York part of Toronto, into a small building on Cosburn just west of Donlands, that was probably built in the mid 1930’s. It was all quiet for the first 5 months of me living there.

But then I noticed strange noises coming from various spots in the apartment. There were a couple of times where pots and pans were dropped from cupboards. The strange thing is, I was nowhere near where the pots and pans were. And they were set in a spot where they would not drop accidentally. No big deal right?

  Then there were screams of terror coming from the closets, but when I checked there was nothing there. About two weeks ago I woke up with scratch   marks and cigarette burns on my shoulders.

Ever since I moved into this building I would have extremely stressful weeks.”

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Harbour Grace Ghosts: He Lifted Me Up Off The Ground

Location: Harbour Grace, NewfoundlandCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Emilia on Sept 9, 2012:

“I remember when I was younger, when I still lived with my mother, I always used to see these things in my house. But the thing is, when it did happen I was always alone. I’ll tell you this much, they were not friendly what so ever, and I was always scared of being home alone.

I remember when I was about ten years old. And, of course, I was home alone at the time. I was in my living room watching TV. And all of a sudden I hear footsteps coming down the hall. At first I thought that maybe one of my brothers came in the house from the back door, but sadly I was wrong, very wrong. I called out both their names and I got no reply, I still heard only the footsteps. So I thought they were going to try to prank me, so I got up to look down the hall. No one was there. I shook my head and convinced myself I was just hearing things. So I went back and sat down on the couch.

Not even five minutes later I hear the footsteps again. This time I started getting scared. So, of course, I went back into the hall. This time I did see something. It was a man, like a grown man, standing in the middle of the hall. He was wearing a suit that was light brown, but he looked like he was from a different time. I just kept staring at him and when he finally looked at me I felt so much anger and hatred that I froze. And I guess the man liked that I was scared, cause he smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile either.

I looked away but when I look back there’s another man wearing the same suit as the first. I felt the same anger and hatred in him also. I was still frozen in place. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t run. I couldn’t move at all, I just stayed there and stared at these men.

They started walking towards me and of course I tried again to run, but they got to me first. They became aggressive towards me and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what I did wrong. One of them tilted their head and gave that smile again. He reached out and grabbed me. Like he felt rea. He had the neck of my shirt, but when I tried to push him away my hands went right through his body. I started to scream. The man lifted me up off the ground and threw me at least five feet away from him. I hit the ground hard but I didn’t even want to move. I was still too scared, but when I looked up they were gone.

This happened for quite a few months leading up to my fourteenth birthday. But the sad thing is, absolutely no one believed me. So I was alone to fight this hell, over and over. To this day I don’t know why they were aggressive, but once I left Newfoundland and came too Ontario those men stayed where they were and I haven’t had problems since.”

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