True Ghost Story: Haunted Abandoned House

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Francisco on March 11, 2011:

“Well, there’s this oldish abandoned house just off of Creditview Road about 15-20 min walk from where I live. Anyway, we heard from a friend that the house is haunted. Being the kids we were (we were around 17) we decided to go in there to check it out. During the day it was a little creepy. There were photos EVERYWHERE, like polaroid photos of people, places, and random stuff. But the creepiest place was the basement, it was FREEZING down there, and this was a hot august day.

About 2 weeks later my friends and I decide to go to the house at night. There were about six of us in total. As soon as I walked into that house I felt something push me back slightly. It scared me, but I kept walking. Shortly after, we were sitting on the couches when I heard a baby cry. I didn’t want to sound crazy so I didn’t say anything. Then my friend said “you guys hear that?” I instantly screamed out “yes! oh my god I heard it too”. Right after that we started seeing this black figure floating in front of all of us making this demonic sound. We all ran out of the house, swearing and screaming. Then suddenly one of the girls trips and was being pulled back to the house, she was just at the doorstep when she tripped. So me and a friend started pulling her out, this thing was pulling hard but eventually let go. We knew this thing didn’t want us in there, so we carried this girl to the nearest hospital. The bone was sticking out of her shin! That doesn’t just happen from a trip. One year has gone by and I never returned to that house EVER again. Whatever was in there can stay there.”

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