Calgary Ghosts: Haunted Victorian Antique

Calgary Ghosts Haunted Victorian Antique

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Bonnie on February 24, 2016:

“In 1992 my daughter, who was 20, purchased an 1890 armoire from an antique dealer in Calgary. I did not feel comfortable with it from the day they brought it into the house.

About 2 months after the purchase I was home alone and thought maybe if I cleaned it up a bit and waxed it I might feel differently towards it. When I was finished I went to the basement and threw the clothes into the washer.

I then proceeded to clean the mirror in the bathroom in the basement. As I was wiping the foam off of the mirror I saw a woman walk behind me. She was looking straight ahead, not looking at me. She had on a white dress with a mandarin-type collar with lace. She had long, dark hair, tied back at the nape of her neck. I turned around quickly but there was no one there. I ran up the stairs and the rest of the day was on edge.

That night I tried to tell my husband what I saw. He has never believed in ghosts so was barely listening. A few minutes later the room we were in turned freezing cold. As it was not cold outside it was very strange.

The next evening I came home from work and the radio was playing in the kitchen. Very strange because that radio was seldom turned on. While I was cooking, the light burned out in the kitchen followed later in the evening by the light at the back entrance. The next night our TV turned off while we were watching it.

I told some of the people from work what was happening and they started calling her “Victoria” because she appeared to come from the Victorian Era.

During the next week or so we had several things happen:

1. I went out for supper with my daughter and her boyfriend. When we were seated, the waiter ask what happened to the lady that was with us. He swore another lady was with us when we came in.

2. I was out for lunch with a coworker and she ask about Victoria. When I proceed to tell her, a cream container in a bowl on the table popped it’s lid and sprayed us both with milk.

Whatever or whoever it was seemed to be getting more aggressive with things falling, hot spots, cold spots and noises.

The final happening was in the evening. I was home alone trying to watch TV and knit. I was getting uncomfortable and it was getting dark so I took my dog upstairs and got ready for bed. I shut the bedroom door but had not locked it. I was reading a book in bed when my little dog got up and went to the end of the bed. His ears were standing up and he was growling. I started to get up to lock the door when the door banged, as if hit, and flew open. The room was immediately cold. Neither the dog nor I got much sleep that night.

The next morning when I got up, the house seemed at peace. I told my husband that whatever it was is gone.

Later that morning a friend of my son’s came over. His parents’ house was across the alley from our house. He said he was coming home the night before and he was late. He pulled up to their garage, the garage door opened and he had not pushed the button. He thought one of his parents must be waiting for him and was in the garage, so he pulled in. The door immediately shut. He said he was scared because there were no lights on and he couldn’t see anyone in the garage. He finally got up the nerve to run from the car into the house. His parents were in bed.

I think it was at that point that Victoria left our house and she was looking for another place to go.

My daughter still has the armoire. Her husband offered for me to take it last year when they moved out of Canada. I told him, “Not for a million dollars would it come back to my house.”

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Pineside Place NE — Haunted Calgary Database

Calgary ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Pauline on March 30, 2015:

“We used to live on Pineside Place NE from Fall 2006 – Jan 2008 and this place is definitely haunted.

Shortly after moving in, we started experiencing some pretty strange things. For example, at night, as I’d lay in bed about to sleep, I would hear footsteps, creaking, a door close, a cupboard open or close. I’d check up on my kids, but they’d be fast asleep. My husband and I would see small flashes of light, as if it was running across the floor. One time my father in law was visiting and he saw the same thing.

The house was a four level split. My husband was fixing a sink one day on the 3rd level bathroom and no one else was home. He was on his hands and knees looking under the vanity and heard some very loud footsteps coming up from the 4th level. He said the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up. It felt as if something was right behind him. He picked up a wrench thinking that someone had broken into the house, searched the entire house, but found nothing.

We never talked about it around the kids because we didn’t want to frighten them. One night after I put the kids to bed, my 7 year old son said he was lying on his back in bed looking up at the ceiling when he saw a man’s face come out of the side of the wall. He was so scared he put the covers over his face and was terrified to call out for help.

Another time, we saw what appeared to be a mini blue “tornado” that swirled down the hallway and disappeared. This blue object was maybe a foot high and was swirling very fast about 4 feet off the ground. It was just bizarre.

On yet another occasion, the kids and I were sitting at the dining room table next to the bay window during dinner when a man’s face suddenly appeared in the window and vanished. I was like “oh my god, did you see that??”

My husband ended up getting a transfer to another province, so we sold and moved out.

Sometime after we moved, we were telling our friends and family about our crazy experiences in that house. We googled the address on Google Maps and when we zoomed in to the house. We could see the man’s face that appeared in the dining room window, now looking out of what used to be our son’s bedroom window. It was just the freakiest thing and still gives me the creeps. I saved the Google Maps page to my favorites, but the link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I wish I would of printed that page when I had the chance!”

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True Ghost Story: Old Woman Walking In The Hallway

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jen on Nov 13, 2012:

“One night I was in the family room watching tv. From where I was sitting i could see down the hall to a couple of bedrooms. I saw my 10 year old daughter’s door open and she came out and started walking down the hall. She suddenly stopped and ran back to her room and closed the door. I thought nothing of it.

15 minutes later she came out and said “did you see that?”. I said that I hadn’t seen anything. She said that when she came out of her room, she saw and old woman in an old fashion sleeping gown and very long hair walking in the hallway towards her room. Through the woman she could see me watching tv. That’s why she suddenly went back to her room.

On another occasion my cousin was living with us and didn’t allow the younger children to go into her room. One day she was getting ready in the bathroom and suddenly yelled “I said, don’t go in my room”. She had seen a shadow run past the bathroom and go into her room. I went to check to tell my child to get out of there, but there was no one in the room. She was really freaked out by the incident since she swore that someone went in there. Nothing weird ever happened after that.”

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True Ghost Story: Shadow Of Someone Standing By The Door

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sylvia on Jan 20, 2012:

“After my parents got divorced my mom met a different man after a few years of courting, they decided to get married. Which meant I would be moving from our house into a large one they were buying. It was a fancy neighborhood, modern and new homes. It had a big two-door entrance, right inside was the lobby type of area. It had big winding stairs that led up to a hallway which had me and my new stepsister’s rooms. Then further down at the end of the hall was the master bedroom. We had an unfinished basement and a small open kitchen. The garage was just off the lobby type area.

When we had finally moved in, our first week went smoothly. But the house always gave me a weird vibe. I never cared to say anything to my parents at the time. Me and my sister shared a room in which one night I woke up and turned around to see a shadow of someone standing by the door. In fear I woke my sister just within enough time for her to see it before it vanished.

The next weird occurrence was when I overheard my mom talking to my brother, who had recently moved into the basement where he’d awake to coughing. And one night an old man sitting on the edge of his bed watching him. But the man never did do anything foul.

My second experience was when I came home alone after school and as a bad kid instead of doing home work I went up stairs to the little sitting area that over looked the lobby type thing. About an hour into watching TV I heard the garage door open so I assumed my parents gotten home, so I yelled down hello and waited. No answer. So I tried again after a few minutes, still, nothing. So I thought that was weird. I thought they would definitely hear me the second time. So out of curiosity I went downstairs first to the kitchen, nothing! So I went into the garage to see if the car was there, nope! The door was indeed open but no one was home. So I closed and went back upstairs. Only a minute later after sitting down, the garage door opened. So I went back down and there it was open. This happened a few more times. Then it progressed to someone with man foot steps walking back and forth. I looked over the balcony to see no one was there at this point. I was starting to get very scared as the footsteps continued. It seemed as if it would walk half way up the stairs, then away again. I ended up hiding behind the big chair upstairs till my parents returned. But that wasn’t the end of the ghostly occurrences.

My mom was telling me the man who walks around is harmless. And that she told him to stop bugging her one day when she was home alone and he did. However her second time around wasn’t as pleasant. In her room something much more sinister waited. I remember my step-dad telling me how he woke up to find a black masked thing strangling her and there was not a thing he could do.

Safe to say we did leave that house. My mom’s a psychic and does readings. Later she told me that there was well over 13 spirits inhabiting that house. I always wondered if the street name, Christie Knoll, was named after one of them.”

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True Ghost Story: Little Girl With Blonde Pigtails

Location: Innisfail and Calgary, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Vana on Jan 9, 2012:

“It started in Innisfail when I was 14. I was cleaning the kitchen and I looked out the window and I saw something that looked like grim reaper. It told me that there was more where that came from, and since then I have seen many many more ghosts.

The next one I saw was in Calgary. I was in the basement and I saw a black figure run behind the furnace. And then suddenly a lamp cover that was on the back of the table fell to the floor and smashed. I didn’t see anymore in that house till we were moving out.

We had just finished moving the last bit out and me and my two sisters were going out. I turned around to lock the door and I saw a dark figure run past. I turned to my sister and asked if she saw that and she did.

I saw the next ones when we moved to our new place. I saw a little girl with blonde pigtails and an old too big brown sweater. She was just sitting on the floor, leaning on a chair in the kitchen. I was actually really scared.

The last one was a man with black hair but I never saw his face. He had a black-haired son with jean coveralls and a white and orange cat. They would just walk passed the door and sit outside by the sand box. What was weird is I felt like they were supposed to be there. They were the only ones I wasn’t scared of, and I haven’t seen them in a while.

I haven’t seen any other ghosts for about 3 months.”

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True Ghost Story: The Floor Fan Turned on at Full Speed

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Clarissa on October 28, 2008:

“When I was in JR High (age 14, I am now 24), I lived in a bungalow with my mother in an area called Elmwood. I remember one night when I was home alone, I sat at the dinner table studying when all of a sudden the floor fan in the next room turned on at full speed. I remember sitting there, freaked out of my mind. Eventually, after a few minutes, I got up and turned off the fan. What was scary was the fact that my dog had only started barking crazily right before the fan went on.

We have since moved from that house, but I still have dreams about it to this day I have dreams that the basement is haunted and that as long as the lights are on – the ghosts won’t get you. That basement had no windows and whenever I slept down there, I insisted on having a friend sleep over or that my mom would sleep down there too. I remember one night I had a nightmare that someone was tickling my neck, but apparently I screamed out loud that I was being strangled. I don’t know, but I still feel creaped out by that house.”

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