Calgary Ghosts: Haunted Victorian Antique

Calgary Ghosts Haunted Victorian Antique

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Bonnie on February 24, 2016:

“In 1992 my daughter, who was 20, purchased an 1890 armoire from an antique dealer in Calgary. I did not feel comfortable with it from the day they brought it into the house.

About 2 months after the purchase I was home alone and thought maybe if I cleaned it up a bit and waxed it I might feel differently towards it. When I was finished I went to the basement and threw the clothes into the washer.

I then proceeded to clean the mirror in the bathroom in the basement. As I was wiping the foam off of the mirror I saw a woman walk behind me. She was looking straight ahead, not looking at me. She had on a white dress with a mandarin-type collar with lace. She had long, dark hair, tied back at the nape of her neck. I turned around quickly but there was no one there. I ran up the stairs and the rest of the day was on edge.

That night I tried to tell my husband what I saw. He has never believed in ghosts so was barely listening. A few minutes later the room we were in turned freezing cold. As it was not cold outside it was very strange.

The next evening I came home from work and the radio was playing in the kitchen. Very strange because that radio was seldom turned on. While I was cooking, the light burned out in the kitchen followed later in the evening by the light at the back entrance. The next night our TV turned off while we were watching it.

I told some of the people from work what was happening and they started calling her “Victoria” because she appeared to come from the Victorian Era.

During the next week or so we had several things happen:

1. I went out for supper with my daughter and her boyfriend. When we were seated, the waiter ask what happened to the lady that was with us. He swore another lady was with us when we came in.

2. I was out for lunch with a coworker and she ask about Victoria. When I proceed to tell her, a cream container in a bowl on the table popped it’s lid and sprayed us both with milk.

Whatever or whoever it was seemed to be getting more aggressive with things falling, hot spots, cold spots and noises.

The final happening was in the evening. I was home alone trying to watch TV and knit. I was getting uncomfortable and it was getting dark so I took my dog upstairs and got ready for bed. I shut the bedroom door but had not locked it. I was reading a book in bed when my little dog got up and went to the end of the bed. His ears were standing up and he was growling. I started to get up to lock the door when the door banged, as if hit, and flew open. The room was immediately cold. Neither the dog nor I got much sleep that night.

The next morning when I got up, the house seemed at peace. I told my husband that whatever it was is gone.

Later that morning a friend of my son’s came over. His parents’ house was across the alley from our house. He said he was coming home the night before and he was late. He pulled up to their garage, the garage door opened and he had not pushed the button. He thought one of his parents must be waiting for him and was in the garage, so he pulled in. The door immediately shut. He said he was scared because there were no lights on and he couldn’t see anyone in the garage. He finally got up the nerve to run from the car into the house. His parents were in bed.

I think it was at that point that Victoria left our house and she was looking for another place to go.

My daughter still has the armoire. Her husband offered for me to take it last year when they moved out of Canada. I told him, “Not for a million dollars would it come back to my house.”

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