True Ghost Story: The Floor Fan Turned on at Full Speed

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Clarissa on October 28, 2008:

“When I was in JR High (age 14, I am now 24), I lived in a bungalow with my mother in an area called Elmwood. I remember one night when I was home alone, I sat at the dinner table studying when all of a sudden the floor fan in the next room turned on at full speed. I remember sitting there, freaked out of my mind. Eventually, after a few minutes, I got up and turned off the fan. What was scary was the fact that my dog had only started barking crazily right before the fan went on.

We have since moved from that house, but I still have dreams about it to this day I have dreams that the basement is haunted and that as long as the lights are on – the ghosts won’t get you. That basement had no windows and whenever I slept down there, I insisted on having a friend sleep over or that my mom would sleep down there too. I remember one night I had a nightmare that someone was tickling my neck, but apparently I screamed out loud that I was being strangled. I don’t know, but I still feel creaped out by that house.”

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