True Ghost Story: Shadow Of Someone Standing By The Door

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sylvia on Jan 20, 2012:

“After my parents got divorced my mom met a different man after a few years of courting, they decided to get married. Which meant I would be moving from our house into a large one they were buying. It was a fancy neighborhood, modern and new homes. It had a big two-door entrance, right inside was the lobby type of area. It had big winding stairs that led up to a hallway which had me and my new stepsister’s rooms. Then further down at the end of the hall was the master bedroom. We had an unfinished basement and a small open kitchen. The garage was just off the lobby type area.

When we had finally moved in, our first week went smoothly. But the house always gave me a weird vibe. I never cared to say anything to my parents at the time. Me and my sister shared a room in which one night I woke up and turned around to see a shadow of someone standing by the door. In fear I woke my sister just within enough time for her to see it before it vanished.

The next weird occurrence was when I overheard my mom talking to my brother, who had recently moved into the basement where he’d awake to coughing. And one night an old man sitting on the edge of his bed watching him. But the man never did do anything foul.

My second experience was when I came home alone after school and as a bad kid instead of doing home work I went up stairs to the little sitting area that over looked the lobby type thing. About an hour into watching TV I heard the garage door open so I assumed my parents gotten home, so I yelled down hello and waited. No answer. So I tried again after a few minutes, still, nothing. So I thought that was weird. I thought they would definitely hear me the second time. So out of curiosity I went downstairs first to the kitchen, nothing! So I went into the garage to see if the car was there, nope! The door was indeed open but no one was home. So I closed and went back upstairs. Only a minute later after sitting down, the garage door opened. So I went back down and there it was open. This happened a few more times. Then it progressed to someone with man foot steps walking back and forth. I looked over the balcony to see no one was there at this point. I was starting to get very scared as the footsteps continued. It seemed as if it would walk half way up the stairs, then away again. I ended up hiding behind the big chair upstairs till my parents returned. But that wasn’t the end of the ghostly occurrences.

My mom was telling me the man who walks around is harmless. And that she told him to stop bugging her one day when she was home alone and he did. However her second time around wasn’t as pleasant. In her room something much more sinister waited. I remember my step-dad telling me how he woke up to find a black masked thing strangling her and there was not a thing he could do.

Safe to say we did leave that house. My mom’s a psychic and does readings. Later she told me that there was well over 13 spirits inhabiting that house. I always wondered if the street name, Christie Knoll, was named after one of them.”

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