Pakistan Ghosts: 29 Spirits Haunt That House


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Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

The following report was sent into our website by Ivan on Nov 7, 2014:

“I’m interested in paranormal activities and like to investigate about it!. So I planned to go to some most haunted houses and investigate.

It was hard to get permission to enter a haunted house because people here in Pakistan take it very seriously if something is concerned with paranormal activity. But somehow I struggled and I finally got the permission. So I told my friends about what I was about to do. I was glad to investigate because my friends volunteered too. So we set off on 2nd Nov. 2014 which was Sunday.

Now this house is located 8 miles away from the city, so it was indeed in a very quite place. So we had arrived there and my seven friends Reynold, Sunny, Nathan, Asad, Vivek, Jennifer and Daisy were ready to go inside it. Unfortunately we had no equipment to catch the evidence there. All I had was a camera to take pictures. Even though all of us had torches it was still very hard to see where we were walking.

It was pitch black in there. The owner of the house told us that “There were about 29 spirits in that house and who ever came to investigate about it died inside and were never found”. This fact was giving me chills the whole time we were investigating!..This was the first time that I ever investigated, so it was a very weird feeling for me because I could clearly feel that there is something inside that is uncomfortable with our presence.

We could clearly hear voices of a female screaming and laughing, and these voices scared the hell out of me. Not only voices, but we were physically attacked too. One of my friends started nose bleeding, the others felt very heavy and spiritually disturbed.

I did not encounter any of those 29 spirits except for one whom I came face to face with was a female. It was said about her that she was abnormal and that she was murdered in that house, and since then she had been haunting it.

I clicked a picture too which I believe has something to say because in that picture I saw something right in front of me (see photo above). But it was faded, and without the camera flash and torches I could see her in front of my eyes like a dark shadow, even though it was complete black out. I was alone in the room.

My friends also could hear the same things and the same happenings inside the house which was terrifying for them because it was their first ever experience too.

By the end of the investigation at 5am there was one creepy moment which scared all of us, and which made us go out of the house when we were on the second floor. This was a double-story house, and on the top were bedrooms, at least 5 of them. We split up and started investigating, but there was nothing there so when we regrouped there was a bang on the ground floor — so loud that we remained silent for like 5 mins to see if that happens again, and indeed it did. But this time it sounded like heavy footsteps due to which the wooden floor was squeaking and we heard those footsteps clearly climbing the stairs and coming towards us which made my friends panic so much they didn’t wanted to stay in that house any more. So I, unwillingly, decided to end the investigation there. Although I felt that it was incomplete and yet there was so much to discover there. But I could not risk my friends.

This investigation was an event that I’ll remember forever, and I’ll soon make a documentary too!.. thank you”

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Edmonton Ghosts: Icy Fingers Running Over My Hands

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Amanda on Aug 24, 2014:

“I was renting a basement suite in the Bonny Doon area that I am absolutely sure is haunted.

Often at night, I would hear footsteps upstairs – rather loud ones at that – and had always assumed it was the upstairs neighbour’s daughter, who was young and a bit nocturnal. However, after a bout of near stomping one night in the wee hours of the morning, I went upstairs to ask them to “keep it down” only to find no one up or at home.

Other times, I would feel an overwhelming sense of sadness or heaviness out of the blue. So much so, I felt like crying for no particular reason, which is really odd, since I’m not prone to emotional outbursts as such. Then, the feeling would vanish again as rapidly as it had appeared.

The strangest thing that ever happened, though, was the feeling of icy fingers running over my hands and resting there as I was typing on my computer one night. I rose my hands a bit to feel if there were a draft from a vent or something, but found the rest of the space around me, and my hands, to be warm; the coldness was limited to that one spot where I’d had my hands. The cold lingered for a few minutes and then was gone.

After I had moved out, new owners who lived upstairs once called me, not long after I’d moved out, to ask if I’d returned and was downstairs. I found this to be odd, since I’d given them my keys the week before and had no access to the house. The lady said they kept hearing noises downstairs, like someone banging kitchen cabinet doors, etc.

After this, I knew that my imagination wasn’t playing tricks on me, and that there really was a ghost in the house. I never felt that the ghost was threatening at all, just perhaps very sad. Almost as though it were lonely. Hopefully it has found it’s now able to rest easy.”

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Scarborough Ghosts: Never Could I Return To That House

Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Aurora on Aug 9, 2014:

“It was Autumn 2004. I was 16. My parents, my sister (then 18), my brother (then 13) and I were visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving in Scarborough. We lived about 2.5 hours away in Welland. The house my grandparents owned was quite large, and had five bedrooms. It was the house my Dad and his three brothers grew up in. Since my grandparents were the only ones living there at this point, they devoted these spare rooms to hobbies ie sewing, sculpting, painting etc, but each had a bed for guests. Quite often when we visited for a holiday we would stay there for a few nights.

Not long after dinner I started getting tired (also a little moody because, well, it was that time of the month, enough said). So I was the first one to retire to my quarters. I think it was around 8:30pm. The room I stayed in was downstairs at the end of a long hall, and it had a window facing part of the yard and part of the driveway. I got in to my pjs, brushed my hair, then opened the window a few inches, and climbed under the covers. I drifted off shortly after… I awoke to the sound of a boy in his early teens exclaiming “Oww!” in a plaintive tone. My first thought was that my brother was coming off second best to my sister in a wrestling match or playful fight. She was one to playfully beat on us and sometimes it was actually kind of fun provided I was in the right mood. So I relaxed and looked over at the clock which to my surprise read 2 something am. I sat up in bed. Again I heard “Oww!”, though this time I could really hear genuine pain being conveyed in the exclamation. I got out of bed confused and a little scared as to what could be hurting my brother sometime after 2 am. I grabbed a flashlight and ventured down the hall to where his room was (past a bathroom, a sitting room, and a linen closet) I got to his door, which was shut, and so I opened it, and he lay sound asleep. His covers were pulled back and his portable video game was on his bed next to his hand so I gathered he fell asleep playing it. I took his game, placed it on the night table, and pulled his covers up to his shoulders. He still lay fast asleep. I gave him a kiss on the forehead, and then left his door ajar and returned to my room, still puzzled.

No sooner had I returned to my room…” Owww!” Now I was freaking out. I heard two more before I turned my light on. I had the chills. I gathered myself, and strode down the hall a second time, this time calling my brother’s name. I whipped open his door, and turned his light on. He slowly came to after I called his name again. He looked at me with confused, bothered eyes, then blurted out “What the hell, ‘rora?!…it’s like 3 in the morning” “I know!” I shot back. “But I keep hearing this boy yelling “ow!” and I’m sorry, but Dad and Granddad don’t sound like they’re 13!” He looked at me strangely, and then said “Well I don’t know what you’re on, because I’m asleep…or I was until you came in!” I looked at him sternly and asked “You aren’t messing with me are you?” “No” he replied, “now go away so I can sleep!” I turned off his light, apologized and again left his door ajar and returned to my room. Yet again “Owww!” then seconds later “Noo!” and “Sto-ho-hop!” “You’re hu-hu-hurting me!” followed by very hurt sounding sobbing. I felt tears form in my eyes and I called out to my brother. He yelled back from his room “What?!” I ran down the hall sobbing and opened his door. I turned on the light. He looked less annoyed and more concerned as to why I was crying. I explained what I had heard. He sat up in bed out of fright. We braced ourselves and I led him to my room. We heard it loud and clear. He looked frightened. We peered out the window upon his suggestion to see if it was coming from outdoors. We couldn’t see anyone. We threw on coats and shoes and went outside on to the lawn with flashlights.

We did a fairly thorough scan of the immediate area in 360 degrees with the flashlights, and could not see anyone. We heard it again and clung to each other in fear before bolting back indoors. We went to our parents’ room, woke them up and explained what had happened. They came down to my room and we all heard nothing. They did their best to calm us down, and we ended up sleeping on the floor in their room out of fear. My brother got to sleep soon after. It took a while for me to drop off, but eventually I did. I had a very disturbing dream of a man brutally pounding on a boy and the boy crying and begging him to stop. I awoke crying and absolutely beside myself, and tearfully explained my dream to my Dad who listened with an increasingly disturbed look on his face.

When breakfast time came, my grandparents wondered why I looked terrified and had tears staining my cheeks. My parents sat with me, and I explained. My grandparents looked at each other in horror and comforted me saying nothing was going to happen to me.

My parents drove us back to Welland that evening and I was shook up for days, as was my brother. A few years later, my grandparents told me they had spoken to a few of their friends in the area about the incident during Thanksgiving ’04, and one man they had known for years mentioned that there had apparently been a boy that was beaten to death by his father at around the age of 12 or 13. It supposedly happened in the 1920’s in the area where my grandparents’ house was. After finding that out, I got physically sick right then and there, and never could I return to that house.

Both of my grandparents have since passed away. One in 2010, one in 2011.They had sold the house in 2008 before they lived out the last stretch of their lives in a small lakeside cottage in Niagara. The memory bothered me for quite some time after they both passed on.”

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True Ghost Story: I Could Not Come Out

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Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

The following report was sent into our website by Sureshkumar on May 21, 2014:

“Please excuse me, my English is not that much good.

In 1995, I stayed in hotel. In the night time I felt the room was very hot, I thought being summer season it’s very hot. But after some time it was becoming very hot, then I opened all the windows and doors. But still I was very hot. Then I went to toilet, put my towel in the water and rolled on my body, within 2 minutes the towel become dry.

Then I put the fan in the maximum speed, but suddenly it stopped without rolling and tube light colour changed red colour, then I started calling everybody. No one can hear my voice even though all windows and doors were opened. I tried to come out of the room but I could not come out. Somehow I tried and came to the reception and told them what has happened, and asked them to change my room but they told me nothing will happen like this and we don’t have any other rooms available to give you.

Then I stayed at reception whole night. Morning room-boy came, I told him all what has happened then the room-boy told me some time before one girl raped in that room and she ablaze herself so only it happened. But hotel owner is not trying to send that ghost out and want to earn money with that room. Then I came out and went to some other lodge.”

NOTE: Sureshkumar please let us know the name of the hotel so that we can add it to your story. Thank you!

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True Ghost Story: Little Creatures Climbing My Walls


Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jay on April 24, 2014:

“I used to live near the new Brampton hospital before it was built. I was about to go to sleep one night when I could hear my doorknob turning. I was the only one home that night. I immediately called out “Mom?!” But I got no answer. The door slowly opened and I saw someone standing at my door. I immediately froze. I couldnt speak or move. The figure was very pale, and I couldn’t make out any features. The figure stared at me for what felt like a century to me, then slowly closed the door. I couldn’t sleep or move until the sun came up.

The next few days me and my friend stupidly started playing the Ouija board one night. I don’t believe in it but my friend did. I was sceptic she was moving the piece. It said it was her aunt and that there will be a birth of a baby coming up and blah blah blah.. It seems innocent but ever since that day I noticed more odd things happening. Our rocking chair downstairs always rocked at night when no one was around. I brought a kitten home and when I woke up she was dead with a look of terror and her mouth open. I was terrified.

A year later I was starting to question my own sanity. I changed. My outlook on life was getting darker and I stayed in my room all day. I finally tried commit suicide. I took sleeping pills and while going in and out of consciousness I saw little creatures climbing my walls. They looked like little gremlins but more sinister. I woke up in the hospital and was discharged a day later.

When I came home I felt like I needed to leave the house. We finally moved and I felt happy again. Something in that old house made me want to hurt myself. The house has been sold four times in the past 10 years. I’m not surprised.”

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True Ghost Story: She Was Sucking My Breath Away

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the Philippines

The following report was sent into our website by Jonahbel on March 12, 2014:

“My 1st real ghost story:

When I was in the Philippines, 3 days before my great-grandmother died, I saw this black lady standing near me while I was washing dishes. She had very long, black hair and was wearing a black long-sleeved dress. She was standing outside at the stairs of my grandmother’s house. She also looked like a human, but her skin tone showed that she was dead. It was a gray-white skin colour.

I saw her looking at me. I saw her eyes. When I finished washing dishes, I ran away to my grandmother and I was crying because that was my first time to see a ghost with my two eyes.

Then after 3 days, my 90-year-old grandmother passed away and I don’t know why, maybe because she was old. The only thing I’m sure is it has something to do with the black lady that I saw.


Back home in the Philippines, I was sleeping with my grandmother at 3 am, and I heard a loud crash sound. I thought there was a truck accident somewhere, and our water tank blew up. Everybody was scared because they thought there was an accident that had happened. We found out that it was just the tank and went back to sleep. We would fix the broken tank in the morning.

When I was sleeping I saw the black lady again in my dreams, but she had a makeover. She was wearing a black veil, sun glasses and red lipstick. She looked kind of happy and was laughing. I don’t know why.


December 23, 2010

At 3 am, my dad, elder sister and I were ready to attend the Misa de Gallo. My sister was eating in the dinning room and I was in the room, so I turned off the lights in both the rooms. Then suddenly, after a second, a creepy and scary sound whispered in both of my ears. It was very scary.I thought it was my sister, but that was impossible because she was in the dining room. The sound was like there was someone who’s telling a deepest secret and whisper in both of your ears. So I freaked out after I realized that it was a ghost.


When I was in my bed and listening to my mp3, I was alone in the room. The music stopped and then I heard the creepy sound in my ears again. I ran downstairs and told my dad and siblings what happened. They didn’t believe me, but my sister did because she had also encountered the ghost thingy. She was studying in our room, when the curtain beside her moved back and forth. It’s impossible that it was wind because we never open the windows.


At 5 am, I went down to get the charger of my phone when I felt something very different and felt like I needed to run as fast I could and go back to our room. So I ran fast and got my charger and went back to our room. It felt like I wasn’t safe, so I ran.

At 8 am, my aunt said she saw a white lady in the kitchen. Her husband said, maybe that was me. Our other family members agreed, and I said that was impossible because I was wearing a red t-shirt.


Everyone was asleep. At 12 am, I woke up and saw a smoke-shaped face of an old man with eyeglasses beside me. I didn’t freak out, but I grabbed my pillow and waved the pillow around until the smoke disappeared and went back to sleep.


When we got our visa going to Canada, I realized that they knew we we’re gonna leave soon and that’s the reason why everything just happened.



When my parents went to transfer to another apartment, they told us to all go with them and look at the apartment. They wanted our final opinion if we liked it.

We were 5 and 1 owner, so the 6 of us went to the apartment. Then, unexpectedly, I saw this brown big and tall man with us inside the apartment. I didn’t see his face, but he was brown. I thought there was someone with the 6 of us than he disappeared so fast. So I ignored it because maybe it was only my imagination.


We were in our new home. And at 6 pm I was alone in the house when I heard that there was someone in the kitchen making sounds like getting a plate. I ignored it, but after probably 30 seconds, the holder of the shampoos and soap inside the washroom dropped very loudly. I was very scared, and locked the door of my bedroom. Everyone else arrived at 9 pm.


It was my best friend’s birthday, it was Fall season at 7 pm. When I was outside the building of their apartment, something warm touched my left leg. The back of my neck felt hot or warm a different warm. And a small part of my left leg felt the same way, it felt like there was an iron on my leg.

When I got into my best friend’s apartment, I still felt the warmth on the back of my neck so I went to the terrace. I thought I saw something outside so I was kind of scared and went back inside. I felt better than before. After her birthday, I went home and felt the same way.

After a few days, she said there is something in their house, and she never felt it before. She also said that she can feel the spirit.

A month after that, I visited her, and a day after that, she said she can’t feel the same way anymore. So I’m glad. But I realized that the spirit was left by me.


In our apartment here in Canada, I was sleeping with my sister and mom in the same room because my brother and my dad were at work.

My mom and sister were asleep, while me, I was wide awake. My mom was sleeping near the window and it was wide open. Suddenly, she was screaming and sounded like she couldn’t breath. She was screaming very loud, so I woke her up. She said, someone was holding her neck very tight and was planning to kill her. So I closed the window and curtains, and I slept beside her because I was afraid to lose my mom.

Every night when my dad is not home because of his overnight shift, I am always sleeping with my mom because I don’t want that to happen again.


I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night, and I saw this black lady who was holding tight my jaw and cheeks and sucking my breath away. She looked kind of mad. I could see her eyes and everything. Her hair was short and black. Her dress was long black sleeve and her skin tone showed that she was dead. I was alone in the room of my parents and couldn’t move my body, even my fingers and toes. Just a suck of my last breath of her, I will be dead, but she didn’t suck it. So I pushed my hips and waist up and woke up in my nightmare. When I woke up, I was hugging my mom and it was 4 am.

I was so scared that time and prayed, then went back to sleep.


I saw this white lady standing on the corner and looking down, then unexpectedly a horrifying lady appeared in front of me. She was very scary. I’ve never seen anything like her before. She looked angry. She was looking at me. She had a dirty black and gray hair, like she was from the mud or ashes. Her face was very scary. The veins of her face was showing, her skin tone was rotten, gray, and veins were showing. Her eyes were dark green and the centre was yellow. Her mouth was like an angry dog that wants to bite, like a vampire too. Her gums were so black and her teeth was full of dirt. I was lucky because it was only a dream but one of the horrifying dream and I think, there’s a meaning of that dream but I don’t want to see that horrible and scariest lady again. I might die because of heart attack if I see her again.”

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