True Ghost Story: I Could Not Come Out

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Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

The following report was sent into our website by Sureshkumar on May 21, 2014:

“Please excuse me, my English is not that much good.

In 1995, I stayed in hotel. In the night time I felt the room was very hot, I thought being summer season it’s very hot. But after some time it was becoming very hot, then I opened all the windows and doors. But still I was very hot. Then I went to toilet, put my towel in the water and rolled on my body, within 2 minutes the towel become dry.

Then I put the fan in the maximum speed, but suddenly it stopped without rolling and tube light colour changed red colour, then I started calling everybody. No one can hear my voice even though all windows and doors were opened. I tried to come out of the room but I could not come out. Somehow I tried and came to the reception and told them what has happened, and asked them to change my room but they told me nothing will happen like this and we don’t have any other rooms available to give you.

Then I stayed at reception whole night. Morning room-boy came, I told him all what has happened then the room-boy told me some time before one girl raped in that room and she ablaze herself so only it happened. But hotel owner is not trying to send that ghost out and want to earn money with that room. Then I came out and went to some other lodge.”

NOTE: Sureshkumar please let us know the name of the hotel so that we can add it to your story. Thank you!

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