Edmonton Ghosts: Icy Fingers Running Over My Hands

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Amanda on Aug 24, 2014:

“I was renting a basement suite in the Bonny Doon area that I am absolutely sure is haunted.

Often at night, I would hear footsteps upstairs – rather loud ones at that – and had always assumed it was the upstairs neighbour’s daughter, who was young and a bit nocturnal. However, after a bout of near stomping one night in the wee hours of the morning, I went upstairs to ask them to “keep it down” only to find no one up or at home.

Other times, I would feel an overwhelming sense of sadness or heaviness out of the blue. So much so, I felt like crying for no particular reason, which is really odd, since I’m not prone to emotional outbursts as such. Then, the feeling would vanish again as rapidly as it had appeared.

The strangest thing that ever happened, though, was the feeling of icy fingers running over my hands and resting there as I was typing on my computer one night. I rose my hands a bit to feel if there were a draft from a vent or something, but found the rest of the space around me, and my hands, to be warm; the coldness was limited to that one spot where I’d had my hands. The cold lingered for a few minutes and then was gone.

After I had moved out, new owners who lived upstairs once called me, not long after I’d moved out, to ask if I’d returned and was downstairs. I found this to be odd, since I’d given them my keys the week before and had no access to the house. The lady said they kept hearing noises downstairs, like someone banging kitchen cabinet doors, etc.

After this, I knew that my imagination wasn’t playing tricks on me, and that there really was a ghost in the house. I never felt that the ghost was threatening at all, just perhaps very sad. Almost as though it were lonely. Hopefully it has found it’s now able to rest easy.”

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