Pakistan Ghosts: 29 Spirits Haunt That House


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Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

The following report was sent into our website by Ivan on Nov 7, 2014:

“I’m interested in paranormal activities and like to investigate about it!. So I planned to go to some most haunted houses and investigate.

It was hard to get permission to enter a haunted house because people here in Pakistan take it very seriously if something is concerned with paranormal activity. But somehow I struggled and I finally got the permission. So I told my friends about what I was about to do. I was glad to investigate because my friends volunteered too. So we set off on 2nd Nov. 2014 which was Sunday.

Now this house is located 8 miles away from the city, so it was indeed in a very quite place. So we had arrived there and my seven friends Reynold, Sunny, Nathan, Asad, Vivek, Jennifer and Daisy were ready to go inside it. Unfortunately we had no equipment to catch the evidence there. All I had was a camera to take pictures. Even though all of us had torches it was still very hard to see where we were walking.

It was pitch black in there. The owner of the house told us that “There were about 29 spirits in that house and who ever came to investigate about it died inside and were never found”. This fact was giving me chills the whole time we were investigating!..This was the first time that I ever investigated, so it was a very weird feeling for me because I could clearly feel that there is something inside that is uncomfortable with our presence.

We could clearly hear voices of a female screaming and laughing, and these voices scared the hell out of me. Not only voices, but we were physically attacked too. One of my friends started nose bleeding, the others felt very heavy and spiritually disturbed.

I did not encounter any of those 29 spirits except for one whom I came face to face with was a female. It was said about her that she was abnormal and that she was murdered in that house, and since then she had been haunting it.

I clicked a picture too which I believe has something to say because in that picture I saw something right in front of me (see photo above). But it was faded, and without the camera flash and torches I could see her in front of my eyes like a dark shadow, even though it was complete black out. I was alone in the room.

My friends also could hear the same things and the same happenings inside the house which was terrifying for them because it was their first ever experience too.

By the end of the investigation at 5am there was one creepy moment which scared all of us, and which made us go out of the house when we were on the second floor. This was a double-story house, and on the top were bedrooms, at least 5 of them. We split up and started investigating, but there was nothing there so when we regrouped there was a bang on the ground floor — so loud that we remained silent for like 5 mins to see if that happens again, and indeed it did. But this time it sounded like heavy footsteps due to which the wooden floor was squeaking and we heard those footsteps clearly climbing the stairs and coming towards us which made my friends panic so much they didn’t wanted to stay in that house any more. So I, unwillingly, decided to end the investigation there. Although I felt that it was incomplete and yet there was so much to discover there. But I could not risk my friends.

This investigation was an event that I’ll remember forever, and I’ll soon make a documentary too!.. thank you”

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