True Ghost Story: Great-grandma’s Sewing Machine Started On Its Own

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Mikayla on June 22, 2013:

“I was 12 years old when I had decided to move into my basement. One year earlier my cat had died in her sleep in a room in the basement. In the first few months everything was totally normal. But everything had started to change once I had started to notice the frame at the bottom of my basement steps showing the wedding pictures of my mother’s ancestors. There is maybe about 5-6 pictures inside of the frame, but one in particular stands out to me. It’s the wedding picture of my grandmother’s biological parents. Her mother died when she was very young and her mother had left her with a doll. This doll is now in my basement with me. Great right?? Umm no. I see it smiling at me and it’s almost like its smile changes depending on the weather or even my mood!!

A while back we got a sewing machine that I had found out had earlier also belonged to my grandmother’s early deceased mother. My parents had decided it would look good under the picture of the old pictures, and that’s when things started happening. I still feel all of these things are still living in the basement. The tv will flicker and I will ask them or it to stop and sure enough it will. If I look toward the corner by the stairs, I feel someone peering by the corner staring at me right in my eyes. And sometimes I feel a little girl staring at me when I sleep. I know it is a little girl because my grandmother’s biological mother had a daughter and a son as twins. The son lived but the daughter had passed long before my grandmother had been born.

But the scariest experience was when my best friend was over for the night.. She had said she felt uneasy in the basement and that she wanted us to sleep on the recliners. I said yes reluctantly because that’s where the doll, sewing machine, and pictures are out in the open. We were just dosing off when there was a murmur and we both stared at the sewing machine. It started!!!!! It wasn’t even opened and it got faster and faster and I had stared at the doll and it seemed to have almost a devious grin. And as I looked back, it had stopped like nothing happened. I felt like the image I see by the machine is the mother, and the little sister had been trapped into the doll somehow and now it’s just coming out to play with me and my friend.

Since then I still feel like I’m being watched and I am still doing research on my grandmother’s side of the family, and have found some very interesting facts on where she lived and that similar things had happened on that farm in Edmonton County.. I am hoping that these poltergeists don’t get us all into trouble because from what I’ve read, there has been a lot of good, but A LOT of bad as well on that side of my family history.”

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True Ghost Story: Ouija Board

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Chelsea on Jan 14, 2013:

“I lived in my old house for 10 years with little things happening here and there, nothing seriously scary. Books would fall off the shelf at 3 am every night, or you would hear footsteps from the upper level when you were in the basement. But still nothing too creepy.

One day we were cleaning when my mother informed me that we had a Ouija board in our closet that I had never knew about. Things were fine until my friends started playing with it. It started with things moving across the room. The worst experience I can recall was being woken one morning from a dead sleep by a man screaming in my face. I ended up performing my own little “ritual” telling it to leave me alone and that it wasn’t welcome. After that it left me alone but my friends became targets.

I’ve since moved but I have a feeling it followed me. The last thing that’s happened was me hearing someone in my empty bathtub moving around. I finally got the courage to look behind the curtain but of course nothing was there. Things still happen all the time, but none as scary as the screaming man or the bathtub.”

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True Ghost Story: Best Friend Looking After Me

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Fallon on Jan 9, 2012:

“Well first off, for as long as I can remember I’ve believed in the paranormal. So many things have happened its hard to choose one story. My best friend of over 9 years passed away, and the loss was at times unbearable.

The day after the accident, I had just got up and was getting ready for the day when I felt a warming feeling come over me. As I looked up I watched my hair move away from my face and be pushed back behind my ear by an unknown force. I then felt happy and calm, and spoke out loud “Stop it Adam”. He used to love playing with my hair. And it is the one thing I hate the most. Once I had said that, I heard a very faint laugh that sounded just like him. I knew that he was ok and looking after me.”

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True Ghost Story: It Came From Inside the Walls

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kiersten on Jan 25, 2007:

 “One night, I was woken up by a series of knocking. I went upstairs (I slept downstairs) to see what was going on and to see who was at the door. My two sisters and my mom were up there too. The knocking was still going and I was getting a little freaked out (I was 8) then the knocking stopped, then started again. This time it came from the inside of the walls! We were all terrified.

After the knocking stopped my mom called my brother-in-law to go around the house,just in case it was just a bunch of stupid kids trying to freak us out. He went around and there was no one there, not even a footprint in the fresh snow! After he went home, we all went back to bed. After about an hour the knocking started again,it was so loud it shook walls. I thought it would wake up my little brother, who was at that time 3 years old, but it didn’t. The knocking sounded like someone was trying to get out of the walls. The knocking lasted the rest of the night. It got louder then quieter,then it just stopped like it was tired.

The next morning my sister was taking a shower, (and had glass doors for the shower),as she was showering a hand print just showed up on the inside of the glass door, that means the ghost was in the shower with her. After that day the knocking never came again. We still live in that house to this day. Once in a while weird stuff happens but nothing really bad.”

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True Ghost Story: TV Problems And Footsteps

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Miranda on March 26, 2005:

“My family consists of 5 people, my husband, my three children (10,7 & 3), and me. We moved here in August of last year and thought we were moving into a nice, safe neighbourhood (we may have been wrong).

My 7yr old son had the first paranormal experience, in which he had a dream that a small girl(around his age) was talking to him beside his bed. Thinking this was just a childhood dream or an imaginary friend, my husband and I just ignored this. At Christmas time, my grandparents were here, and my grandfather slept in my son’s room, he too dreamt about a small girl (same description) talking to him beside the bed. Now it seemed a little strange.

Around the beginning of March, my son started to say there were weird things going on in his room — the t.v.flicking on and off and channels changing. Again, just thinking he’s 7 and imaginative, I ignored it.

For the first time since we moved here I was alone in the house (everyone else had gone for family visits-I had school). I went into my room (mid-afternoon), and as I was about to fall asleep, I heard what can only be described as children’s footsteps running down the hall upstairs and into the living room.(I was half-asleep, so I choose to chalk it up to a half-dream).

Not thinking anymore about it, later that same day, I went into my son’s room to feed his hamster, and as I got about half way across, the t.v.flickered on, waited for a few minutes and flickered back off.(Ok-now I’m getting a little spooked). I left his room and called a friend.(Who instantly questioned my sanity-Can you blame her?). Anyways-she came over, to see if anything weird was really happening or if I was losing my mind. Well, Thankfully, I have not lost my mind-as soon as she got here, we went downstairs, and the same thing happened, t.v. on, t.v. off, and this time it happened for about 2 minutes consecutively.(Whew-it’s not just me whose spooked now). As soon as the t.v. seemed off for good, she also heard the footsteps upstairs. (She was convinced that we were both crazy). This happened all day, t.v. and footsteps she called her husband to come and experience this as well (also a non-believer), who left just as shaken as we were. (All of the above happened while he was here as well.)

As I sit here, I can hear the footsteps and the t.v. flickering on and off, and am still wondering about my own sanity in staying in this house.(I should be in a hotel or somewhere else by now.) I honestly believe there is a little girl ghost in this house, and if anyone knows how to contact her(or find out about her) I’d appreciate a response in finding out how to get her to leave us alone. My son isn’t allowed to watch t.v.past bedtime, and she won’t listen to my pleas to leave the (my husband also thinks I’m losing it by talking to her as though she is real).

That’s it, that’s my story, and really, I’m a healthy, normal woman, who just experienced something quite amazing and almost unexplainable.”

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