True Ghost Story: Great-grandma’s Sewing Machine Started On Its Own

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Mikayla on June 22, 2013:

“I was 12 years old when I had decided to move into my basement. One year earlier my cat had died in her sleep in a room in the basement. In the first few months everything was totally normal. But everything had started to change once I had started to notice the frame at the bottom of my basement steps showing the wedding pictures of my mother’s ancestors. There is maybe about 5-6 pictures inside of the frame, but one in particular stands out to me. It’s the wedding picture of my grandmother’s biological parents. Her mother died when she was very young and her mother had left her with a doll. This doll is now in my basement with me. Great right?? Umm no. I see it smiling at me and it’s almost like its smile changes depending on the weather or even my mood!!

A while back we got a sewing machine that I had found out had earlier also belonged to my grandmother’s early deceased mother. My parents had decided it would look good under the picture of the old pictures, and that’s when things started happening. I still feel all of these things are still living in the basement. The tv will flicker and I will ask them or it to stop and sure enough it will. If I look toward the corner by the stairs, I feel someone peering by the corner staring at me right in my eyes. And sometimes I feel a little girl staring at me when I sleep. I know it is a little girl because my grandmother’s biological mother had a daughter and a son as twins. The son lived but the daughter had passed long before my grandmother had been born.

But the scariest experience was when my best friend was over for the night.. She had said she felt uneasy in the basement and that she wanted us to sleep on the recliners. I said yes reluctantly because that’s where the doll, sewing machine, and pictures are out in the open. We were just dosing off when there was a murmur and we both stared at the sewing machine. It started!!!!! It wasn’t even opened and it got faster and faster and I had stared at the doll and it seemed to have almost a devious grin. And as I looked back, it had stopped like nothing happened. I felt like the image I see by the machine is the mother, and the little sister had been trapped into the doll somehow and now it’s just coming out to play with me and my friend.

Since then I still feel like I’m being watched and I am still doing research on my grandmother’s side of the family, and have found some very interesting facts on where she lived and that similar things had happened on that farm in Edmonton County.. I am hoping that these poltergeists don’t get us all into trouble because from what I’ve read, there has been a lot of good, but A LOT of bad as well on that side of my family history.”

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