True Ghost Story: It Came From Inside the Walls

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kiersten on Jan 25, 2007:

 “One night, I was woken up by a series of knocking. I went upstairs (I slept downstairs) to see what was going on and to see who was at the door. My two sisters and my mom were up there too. The knocking was still going and I was getting a little freaked out (I was 8) then the knocking stopped, then started again. This time it came from the inside of the walls! We were all terrified.

After the knocking stopped my mom called my brother-in-law to go around the house,just in case it was just a bunch of stupid kids trying to freak us out. He went around and there was no one there, not even a footprint in the fresh snow! After he went home, we all went back to bed. After about an hour the knocking started again,it was so loud it shook walls. I thought it would wake up my little brother, who was at that time 3 years old, but it didn’t. The knocking sounded like someone was trying to get out of the walls. The knocking lasted the rest of the night. It got louder then quieter,then it just stopped like it was tired.

The next morning my sister was taking a shower, (and had glass doors for the shower),as she was showering a hand print just showed up on the inside of the glass door, that means the ghost was in the shower with her. After that day the knocking never came again. We still live in that house to this day. Once in a while weird stuff happens but nothing really bad.”

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