True Ghost Story: TV Problems And Footsteps

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Miranda on March 26, 2005:

“My family consists of 5 people, my husband, my three children (10,7 & 3), and me. We moved here in August of last year and thought we were moving into a nice, safe neighbourhood (we may have been wrong).

My 7yr old son had the first paranormal experience, in which he had a dream that a small girl(around his age) was talking to him beside his bed. Thinking this was just a childhood dream or an imaginary friend, my husband and I just ignored this. At Christmas time, my grandparents were here, and my grandfather slept in my son’s room, he too dreamt about a small girl (same description) talking to him beside the bed. Now it seemed a little strange.

Around the beginning of March, my son started to say there were weird things going on in his room — the t.v.flicking on and off and channels changing. Again, just thinking he’s 7 and imaginative, I ignored it.

For the first time since we moved here I was alone in the house (everyone else had gone for family visits-I had school). I went into my room (mid-afternoon), and as I was about to fall asleep, I heard what can only be described as children’s footsteps running down the hall upstairs and into the living room.(I was half-asleep, so I choose to chalk it up to a half-dream).

Not thinking anymore about it, later that same day, I went into my son’s room to feed his hamster, and as I got about half way across, the t.v.flickered on, waited for a few minutes and flickered back off.(Ok-now I’m getting a little spooked). I left his room and called a friend.(Who instantly questioned my sanity-Can you blame her?). Anyways-she came over, to see if anything weird was really happening or if I was losing my mind. Well, Thankfully, I have not lost my mind-as soon as she got here, we went downstairs, and the same thing happened, t.v. on, t.v. off, and this time it happened for about 2 minutes consecutively.(Whew-it’s not just me whose spooked now). As soon as the t.v. seemed off for good, she also heard the footsteps upstairs. (She was convinced that we were both crazy). This happened all day, t.v. and footsteps she called her husband to come and experience this as well (also a non-believer), who left just as shaken as we were. (All of the above happened while he was here as well.)

As I sit here, I can hear the footsteps and the t.v. flickering on and off, and am still wondering about my own sanity in staying in this house.(I should be in a hotel or somewhere else by now.) I honestly believe there is a little girl ghost in this house, and if anyone knows how to contact her(or find out about her) I’d appreciate a response in finding out how to get her to leave us alone. My son isn’t allowed to watch t.v.past bedtime, and she won’t listen to my pleas to leave the (my husband also thinks I’m losing it by talking to her as though she is real).

That’s it, that’s my story, and really, I’m a healthy, normal woman, who just experienced something quite amazing and almost unexplainable.”

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