Bible Hill Ghosts: ‘Someone Grabbed My Wrist’

Bible Hill true ghost stories


Location: Bible Hill, Nova ScotiaCanada

Ghost report from Tracy:

“When I was around 5 years old, our family moved into an old farmhouse up on Bible Hill. The back yard backed onto the Industrial college.

In our previous house, I had happily played in our basement all the time, never thought anything about it. When we moved into the Bible Hill farmhouse, it was a whole different story.

I wouldn’t go down in that basement for anything! My Mom would ask me to run down and fetch her some potatoes, there was no way I would go down there. The basement felt so thick, heavy and awful! My mom eventually stopped asking me, as I would just cry and run away.

From the first night, I heard sounds, voices, music, and a baby crying. I remember coming down to the kitchen the next morning and asking my parents who was making that music and why was there a baby crying?

My parents said I must have been dreaming, there was no one but us and they hadn’t heard anything. I would hear the noises every night, but I stopped telling my parents about it, as they didn’t believe me.

Months later, my grandparents came to visit us from Alberta. The very first morning my grandmother asked where the music was coming from and why was there a baby crying all night.

I remember feeling such a wave of relief and catching my mom’s eye, she looked at me so shocked.

The worst experience I had in that house was not hearing music and a baby’s cry, I got used to that. The worst would yet to happen.

I was quite a night owl as a child. I would often hear my parents come up the large oak staircase in the evening and get ready for bed. I would hear the water in the washroom, and them talking then finally the sound of their bedroom door at the end of the hall close.

I would lay awake and think happy thoughts and adventures, not feeling nervous at all.

Except one night it started to happen, I would hear someone coming up distant stairs, walk through the kitchen then the hall, and then slowly start climbing the oak staircase that led to our bedrooms.

I remember the feeling of terror as I heard each distinctive step, then a pause on the landing…a long pause, and then slowly they would walk down the stairs again, back down the hall and through the kitchen. Then, very faintly, I would hear footsteps leading down the basement stairs.

When this first started happening I told my dad what I was hearing. He laughed and said I had a big imagination and that it was just the furnace coming on making funny noises. I remember laughing too at first and was so happy that’s all it was.

The next time I was awake late and heard my parents head off to bed, I wasn’t even thinking about the noises. I remember I was playing with one of my dolls.

Then I heard it, the faint sound of someone walking in the hall downstairs, and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I kept telling myself “it’s just the furnace” over and over.

Up until this night, the sound of the footsteps would stop on the landing then head downstairs again, but not this night.

My heart started beating like a drum when I heard the footsteps coming up the last few steps after the landing, I was so terrified.

Being only a little girl, I believed if I can’t see them then they can’t see me. So I covered my head with my covers.

I can’t describe to you in words how terrified I was when I heard the floorboard in the hallway outside my room creak.

My heart was racing and I couldn’t catch my breath! Then I heard someone come into my room, I could “feel” someone in the room. I didn’t realize it, but my arm that was holding my covers over my head was sticking out!

Then it happened, one of the most terrifying things that has ever happened to me. Someone grabbed my wrist and said in a deep, growly voice the dreaded words, “I Got You!”

I tried to scream but nothing came out, I thought I was going to die! Then slowly the grip on my arm lessened and they let go of my arm.

I don’t know how long I lay there frozen with my heart beating out of my chest. I just lay there listening….waiting…frozen.

Finally, I got the courage to peak out of my covers and didn’t see anything or anyone.

Being just a young child, I thought all monsters lived under the bed. So I stood up on my bed and took a flying leap off the bed and into the hallway and ran to my parents’ bedroom door. I started pounding and sobbing for them to let me in!

They consoled me and told me it was only a nightmare, but I KNEW it wasn’t a dream, I was wide awake the whole time.

Up until about the age of 14, even when we moved across Canada to Vancouver Island, I was still haunted by this horrible being that would visit me sporadically in a similar manner.

It wasn’t until I was 14 that I was finally able to get rid of it. I think I finally got strong enough not to be afraid anymore and I was able to NOT react to it. I think it got bored and went back to Nova Scotia. LOL …who knows.

To this day, I wonder what the history of that house was and what caused such a mean grumpy spirit to terrorize a little girl. What was the purpose?

My parents maintained their belief that I was having nightmares, but I know I wasn’t asleep. I know what happened to me.

It was very isolating, not having anyone believe me. Luckily, I have a very happy and buoyant nature, so I was able to cope with this and had mostly a wonderful and joyful childhood.

Thanks for allowing me to share this true, personal experience with you.”

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Ghost Nun Floats Down Sidewalk in Saskatoon

Saskatoon true ghost story


Location: Saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada

Ghost report from Deidra:

“It was summer 1976. My sister, age 9, and me, age 10, used to go to this park in Westmount, a section of Saskatoon. We would walk home from the park down Avenue P and Faulkner Crescent.

We only went to the park twice, as both times we were walking home we encountered a nun. She was an older lady, maybe 55 yrs old. She had black rimmed glasses and wore the full traditional habit from the old days.

She walked with her hands clasped and there was wind blowing the skirt and headdress of her habit. She had a perturbed look on her face.

What made us notice her was that there was no wind on either day. It was a typical hot sunny, windless prairie day.

When we spoke to her (we went to St.Edwards Catholic School and were being respectful) she did not even acknowledge us.

We both looked at her as she walked past us and we noticed she had no feet and was floating 6 inches off the ground.

My sister and I just looked at each other then back at the nun who seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. It made our hair stand on end.

We saw her twice in the same month. I heard from other kids in the neighbourhood that they too saw the same nun. But, being kids, we never got answers.”

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Winnipeg Ghosts: ‘It Crawled Into Bed With Him’

winnipeg manitoba true ghost story


Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

Ghost report from Sandy:

“Me, my boyfriend, and 3 kids moved into this house about 11 years now. It was built in 1913. The first year we moved in was ok, we didn’t really notice anything. Then we started to hear sounds like something other than us were here.

One morning I was getting my kids up for school and daycare, and my daughter asked me to go into the basement to get a black binder for her French class at school. So I went downstairs to look around for one and told her to sit at the couch with her little brothers.

I went downstairs and shut the door behind me. I was looking around and then all of a sudden I heard a voice right behind me saying, “Can I help you?”

It sounded like a kid’s voice so I looked to see if the kids came down but the door was closed. I looked to see if the radio was on or the computer was on, but they weren’t.

It totally creeped me out. I asked my daughter if she was down there with me. She said no she was sitting at the couch with her brothers.

I wasn’t the only one hearing stuff here. My daughter sat on the couch one morning up by herself and heard the utensil drawer open in the kitchen and then close again.

Also, when she was about 11, she was in her room listening to music while sitting on her bed. She says she got up to turn it up a bit and when she turned around it looked like something sat on the bed. Her dad, myself, and her 2 brothers were watching TV in the living room and we could hear her yelling and crying, running downstairs.

We asked her what happened and she told me, so I went upstairs to check it out but didn’t see anything.

Another night we put the kids to bed, and me and their dad were lying in bed just about to fall asleep when we heard our chair moving around in the dining room for about a minute, then it stopped.

We were spooked but didn’t say anything to the kids. We did come down to see if there was a break-in or something, but there was nothing.

My brother stayed here for a few nights one time alone and when we got back he told me that he saw something sitting in the living room but didn’t know what it was.

Another time, my brother, his girlfriend, and baby daughter slept over for 2 nights and everyone was downstairs. She went upstairs to get something and came running downstairs and said, “Did you hear a little girl laughing just now upstairs?” None of us heard anything from downstairs.

We never told anyone we ever thought this house had a ghost until someone else noticed that maybe this house was haunted.

Another time, me and the kids were out of town and their dad stayed home for a couple nights. He told me that one night he was falling asleep and he felt something or someone crawl into bed with him. So he turned around and thought it was me home. He was alone and would have heard us coming up the stairs.

My kids are a bit older now and it seems like the last couple of months it’s been happening again.

My son told me he was in his room about to sleep and shut his eyes when he heard a soft voice say to him “wake up”. It scared him, he came and asked me if we were talking to him and we said no. He didn’t want to sleep in his room that night.

I know this sounds crazy or not believable but it is, it’s all true. I didn’t want to tell anyone so I thought maybe I’d tell it here.”

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Burlington Ghosts: ‘It pulled her hair’

burlington ghost story


Location: Burlington, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Taylor:

“My family and I moved into a large older home that is now considered a Burlington landmark. The house was at the top of a small hill off a main road. We had two very close neighbours. Now that you have some background, I can get into some of the creepy things that happened in that home. All of which is 100% true, believer or not.

My mom had always sent us to the stairs for a time-out as children. One time she had sent me to the stairs as she sat and waited for my dad to get home. The sun was setting and coming in from the back window behind her.

In front of her, she saw a shadow of a person walking and she yelled out to me, “Taylor are you still on the stairs? I didn’t say you could get up!” Of course, I didn’t get up. I was still on the stairs.

Creeped out, we eventually went outside and waited for my dad to get home. Once he got home we went over to the neighbours and my mom had described the person’s shadow that she saw, “A short elderly woman with perfect curls in her hair, very slouched.”

Our neighbours said, “Yep, that’s her”, and then proceeded to tell my parents about Carona, the woman who had passed away in that house.

In fact, she passed away in the same room my parents use and in her own bed which was in the same spot my parents’ had theirs in. This was the first sighting of her, but things only got worse from there on.

My mother was downstairs doing laundry a few days later when someone punched her in the back and pulled her hair so hard she swore some came out of her head. She ran outside and waited outside for my dad to get home again.

At this point, I don’t believe my dad was buying any of this. That was until the next morning when he woke up with a scratch on his body so long that it started beside his left ear and went all the way down his body into his pj pants. The next night the bed shook and lifted off the ground.

My older brother brought his girlfriend to the house for Christmas vacation and they stayed up all night together watching TV. Beside the couch we had our Christmas tree set up. Around midnight the Christmas balls started all flying off of the tree towards them. They were so freaked out they left the house and called us in the morning to tell us what happened.

I believe this was a few of the last things that happened until we were about to move.

My mom, my sister and I were packing in the living room and we heard a loud smash as if a glass bowl had been knocked off the kitchen counter. My mom asked me to go check if our cat was on the counter. So I did. As I walked into the kitchen I saw our cat, Tom, sitting outside on the window sill and nothing in the kitchen had broken. My mom finally yelled, “WE ARE LEAVING SO LEAVE US ALONE” and that was the end of the activity.

A few years later the house was up for sale and my father and sister went to go see the renovations and to re live some memories there. As he walked up to the door and met the realtor he said to her, “You know this place is haunted right?” Her eyes widened and she nodded.

Clearly, Carona is still up to her games even to this day.”

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Toronto Ghosts: ‘She Was Sitting on the Bed’

Toronto true ghost story


Location: Toronto, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Nathalie:

“The story starts with our great-grandma coming to live with us. She did not like French people, don’t know why. When my mom, who is French, married my dad she (my great-grandma) was not happy at all.

She made my mom’s life hard. My mom would have to feed her and she would throw food at us and my mom would help her to the washroom and much more because she made us all think she could not walk.

My bedroom was under hers. At night I would hear creaks on the ceiling and I would look up the stairs and see a shadow go by the hall to the bathroom. I would tell my mom and she did not believe me until she also saw her. That was when we realized she could walk on her own after all.

When we were kids she would yell at us all the time for nothing, she even pinched me once on the arm and laughed. We were scared of her, she would yell so loud.

After a year she died of old age and my sister and I moved into her old room. Every night I would see her shadow in the hall and it would stop in front of our bedroom. I would pull the blanket over my head and fall asleep like that. I even once felt my blanket being pulled a little.

Sometimes I slept under my bed because I was so scared. At one point I saw a shadow of feet right in front of my bed. I would pray and cover my head with my blanket. I told my mom and she said it’s not real and to sleep on my bed, so I did.

One night I woke up and at the end of my sister’s bed was my great-grandma sitting and looking down at us, so I got scared and screamed. My mom came in and said ‘you’re just dreaming’ then I never saw her again.

Ten years pass by and we were talking in the living room about a movie we saw about ghosts and I asked my sister if she believed in ghosts. She said yes when she was young she saw great-grandma sitting at the end of her bed. That’s when I knew it was true because she saw the same thing I did and I never told her why I would sleep under my bed, my mom told me not to say anything to her because she was younger and she would get scared.

Maybe my great-grandma came back to scare us or to say sorry, I will never know.”

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Kirkland Lake Ghosts: ‘The lights started flickering’

Kirkland Lake true ghost story


Location: Kirkland Lake, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Tanya:

“A few years ago my son, 13 at the time, and his friend were in our kitchen. There was a cookie sheet on the stove top that got thrown halfway across the kitchen with no explanation. My son hangs out with his friends in the basement where he has his Xbox and TV. When he is down there, he gets the feeling of being watched by something.

That same night, he was down there with his friend playing the Xbox when our broom which was at the top of our stairs was thrown down. My son and his friend were horrified at the incident.

Fast forward to now, with nothing happening since that night, I was with my one-year-old son in his playroom. The lights in his ceiling fan randomly started flickering. I just brushed it off as being an old house.

A few hours later I noticed one of the bulbs was blown. I thought this was weird since we changed the bulbs a few days before.

A few hours later I was getting my sons bottle ready. I usually feed him on my bed so it’s easier for me to bring him to his crib since his crib is still in my room because he has some medical issues I need to keep an eye on.

Anyway, I put him on the floor to play in my room while I was getting the bottle ready then went to get him as my now 15-year-old son watched him, then went back to his room.

I put the bottle on my nightstand for a minute and put him in a comfortable position on me. I went to get the bottle off the nightstand, only to realize that it had vanished.

I looked all around the house to not find it anywhere.

I was told by the neighbours a little after I moved in that the previous owner, an elderly man, fell down the stairs, broke his neck, and died later in the hospital.

He apparently smoked, and the creepiest part is sometimes at night I can smell cigarette smoke in our kitchen or living room.”


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