Burlington Ghosts: ‘It pulled her hair’

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Location: Burlington, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Taylor:

“My family and I moved into a large older home that is now considered a Burlington landmark. The house was at the top of a small hill off a main road. We had two very close neighbours. Now that you have some background, I can get into some of the creepy things that happened in that home. All of which is 100% true, believer or not.

My mom had always sent us to the stairs for a time-out as children. One time she had sent me to the stairs as she sat and waited for my dad to get home. The sun was setting and coming in from the back window behind her.

In front of her, she saw a shadow of a person walking and she yelled out to me, “Taylor are you still on the stairs? I didn’t say you could get up!” Of course, I didn’t get up. I was still on the stairs.

Creeped out, we eventually went outside and waited for my dad to get home. Once he got home we went over to the neighbours and my mom had described the person’s shadow that she saw, “A short elderly woman with perfect curls in her hair, very slouched.”

Our neighbours said, “Yep, that’s her”, and then proceeded to tell my parents about Carona, the woman who had passed away in that house.

In fact, she passed away in the same room my parents use and in her own bed which was in the same spot my parents’ had theirs in. This was the first sighting of her, but things only got worse from there on.

My mother was downstairs doing laundry a few days later when someone punched her in the back and pulled her hair so hard she swore some came out of her head. She ran outside and waited outside for my dad to get home again.

At this point, I don’t believe my dad was buying any of this. That was until the next morning when he woke up with a scratch on his body so long that it started beside his left ear and went all the way down his body into his pj pants. The next night the bed shook and lifted off the ground.

My older brother brought his girlfriend to the house for Christmas vacation and they stayed up all night together watching TV. Beside the couch we had our Christmas tree set up. Around midnight the Christmas balls started all flying off of the tree towards them. They were so freaked out they left the house and called us in the morning to tell us what happened.

I believe this was a few of the last things that happened until we were about to move.

My mom, my sister and I were packing in the living room and we heard a loud smash as if a glass bowl had been knocked off the kitchen counter. My mom asked me to go check if our cat was on the counter. So I did. As I walked into the kitchen I saw our cat, Tom, sitting outside on the window sill and nothing in the kitchen had broken. My mom finally yelled, “WE ARE LEAVING SO LEAVE US ALONE” and that was the end of the activity.

A few years later the house was up for sale and my father and sister went to go see the renovations and to re live some memories there. As he walked up to the door and met the realtor he said to her, “You know this place is haunted right?” Her eyes widened and she nodded.

Clearly, Carona is still up to her games even to this day.”

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True Ghost Story: Right Next To My Right Ear

Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Anne on Feb 9, 2012:

“I work in a building that was built in the mid 1800’s. It is a gorgeous old place but very creepy when the lights are out. One night I was working late and waiting for my husband to come and pick me up. To give you an idea of how large the space is, it is really two houses that were joined together to become one large one and it has many rooms, hallways and stairwells.

My boss was in his office on the second floor and my husband called me to let him in the back door. I went downstairs to the very back of the building. As I walked past the darkened area that was once a formal dining room I very distinctly heard a man clear his throat right next to my right ear. The air felt like it was filled with electricity and the little hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end. Without thinking I broke into a run and ran to the back door to let my husband in.

There was no way that even if my boss had cleared his throat that I could have heard it. He was at the very opposite end of the building on the floor above and no one else was inside. The sound was so clear and so close to my ear that it really un-nerved me. When my husband came in I didn’t feel scared anymore and we both walked back upstairs to the office. Other people working in this building have had their own experiences that I have since asked them about.”

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