Toronto Ghosts: ‘She Was Sitting on the Bed’

Toronto true ghost story


Location: Toronto, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Nathalie:

“The story starts with our great-grandma coming to live with us. She did not like French people, don’t know why. When my mom, who is French, married my dad she (my great-grandma) was not happy at all.

She made my mom’s life hard. My mom would have to feed her and she would throw food at us and my mom would help her to the washroom and much more because she made us all think she could not walk.

My bedroom was under hers. At night I would hear creaks on the ceiling and I would look up the stairs and see a shadow go by the hall to the bathroom. I would tell my mom and she did not believe me until she also saw her. That was when we realized she could walk on her own after all.

When we were kids she would yell at us all the time for nothing, she even pinched me once on the arm and laughed. We were scared of her, she would yell so loud.

After a year she died of old age and my sister and I moved into her old room. Every night I would see her shadow in the hall and it would stop in front of our bedroom. I would pull the blanket over my head and fall asleep like that. I even once felt my blanket being pulled a little.

Sometimes I slept under my bed because I was so scared. At one point I saw a shadow of feet right in front of my bed. I would pray and cover my head with my blanket. I told my mom and she said it’s not real and to sleep on my bed, so I did.

One night I woke up and at the end of my sister’s bed was my great-grandma sitting and looking down at us, so I got scared and screamed. My mom came in and said ‘you’re just dreaming’ then I never saw her again.

Ten years pass by and we were talking in the living room about a movie we saw about ghosts and I asked my sister if she believed in ghosts. She said yes when she was young she saw great-grandma sitting at the end of her bed. That’s when I knew it was true because she saw the same thing I did and I never told her why I would sleep under my bed, my mom told me not to say anything to her because she was younger and she would get scared.

Maybe my great-grandma came back to scare us or to say sorry, I will never know.”

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