Kirkland Lake Ghosts: ‘The lights started flickering’

Kirkland Lake true ghost story


Location: Kirkland Lake, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Tanya:

“A few years ago my son, 13 at the time, and his friend were in our kitchen. There was a cookie sheet on the stove top that got thrown halfway across the kitchen with no explanation. My son hangs out with his friends in the basement where he has his Xbox and TV. When he is down there, he gets the feeling of being watched by something.

That same night, he was down there with his friend playing the Xbox when our broom which was at the top of our stairs was thrown down. My son and his friend were horrified at the incident.

Fast forward to now, with nothing happening since that night, I was with my one-year-old son in his playroom. The lights in his ceiling fan randomly started flickering. I just brushed it off as being an old house.

A few hours later I noticed one of the bulbs was blown. I thought this was weird since we changed the bulbs a few days before.

A few hours later I was getting my sons bottle ready. I usually feed him on my bed so it’s easier for me to bring him to his crib since his crib is still in my room because he has some medical issues I need to keep an eye on.

Anyway, I put him on the floor to play in my room while I was getting the bottle ready then went to get him as my now 15-year-old son watched him, then went back to his room.

I put the bottle on my nightstand for a minute and put him in a comfortable position on me. I went to get the bottle off the nightstand, only to realize that it had vanished.

I looked all around the house to not find it anywhere.

I was told by the neighbours a little after I moved in that the previous owner, an elderly man, fell down the stairs, broke his neck, and died later in the hospital.

He apparently smoked, and the creepiest part is sometimes at night I can smell cigarette smoke in our kitchen or living room.”


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True Ghost Story: Grandpa Makes A Visit

Location: Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Erin on Apr 26, 2006:

“When I was about five years old we moved into a bigger apartment. I was so happy because I would finally have my own room, before that I was sharing with my two brothers.

I had alot of energy, and never wanted to take a nap, because only babies have to take naps. So, in the afternoon, my mom would send me to my room, and told me I had to be quite so I didn’t wake up my little brother. I usually feel asleep within five minutes.

I had a hope chest across the room from my bed and I could easily see it when I was laying down. I woke up from my nap one day to see a man sitting on my hope chest looking at me. All I really remember now was his blonde hair, the same colour mine was, and bright blue eyes. I wasn’t scared, some how I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. When he realized I was awake, he smiled, and I fell back asleep.

Later that day, I told my mom about seeing him, and she asked me what he looked like. I told her, and she went to her bedroom, and got a picture. She asked me if the man in the picture was the one I saw, and it was.

The man was my Grandfather, my Mom’s dad, who died in a car accident when she was four years old.”

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