Winnipeg Ghosts: ‘It Crawled Into Bed With Him’

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Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

Ghost report from Sandy:

“Me, my boyfriend, and 3 kids moved into this house about 11 years now. It was built in 1913. The first year we moved in was ok, we didn’t really notice anything. Then we started to hear sounds like something other than us were here.

One morning I was getting my kids up for school and daycare, and my daughter asked me to go into the basement to get a black binder for her French class at school. So I went downstairs to look around for one and told her to sit at the couch with her little brothers.

I went downstairs and shut the door behind me. I was looking around and then all of a sudden I heard a voice right behind me saying, “Can I help you?”

It sounded like a kid’s voice so I looked to see if the kids came down but the door was closed. I looked to see if the radio was on or the computer was on, but they weren’t.

It totally creeped me out. I asked my daughter if she was down there with me. She said no she was sitting at the couch with her brothers.

I wasn’t the only one hearing stuff here. My daughter sat on the couch one morning up by herself and heard the utensil drawer open in the kitchen and then close again.

Also, when she was about 11, she was in her room listening to music while sitting on her bed. She says she got up to turn it up a bit and when she turned around it looked like something sat on the bed. Her dad, myself, and her 2 brothers were watching TV in the living room and we could hear her yelling and crying, running downstairs.

We asked her what happened and she told me, so I went upstairs to check it out but didn’t see anything.

Another night we put the kids to bed, and me and their dad were lying in bed just about to fall asleep when we heard our chair moving around in the dining room for about a minute, then it stopped.

We were spooked but didn’t say anything to the kids. We did come down to see if there was a break-in or something, but there was nothing.

My brother stayed here for a few nights one time alone and when we got back he told me that he saw something sitting in the living room but didn’t know what it was.

Another time, my brother, his girlfriend, and baby daughter slept over for 2 nights and everyone was downstairs. She went upstairs to get something and came running downstairs and said, “Did you hear a little girl laughing just now upstairs?” None of us heard anything from downstairs.

We never told anyone we ever thought this house had a ghost until someone else noticed that maybe this house was haunted.

Another time, me and the kids were out of town and their dad stayed home for a couple nights. He told me that one night he was falling asleep and he felt something or someone crawl into bed with him. So he turned around and thought it was me home. He was alone and would have heard us coming up the stairs.

My kids are a bit older now and it seems like the last couple of months it’s been happening again.

My son told me he was in his room about to sleep and shut his eyes when he heard a soft voice say to him “wake up”. It scared him, he came and asked me if we were talking to him and we said no. He didn’t want to sleep in his room that night.

I know this sounds crazy or not believable but it is, it’s all true. I didn’t want to tell anyone so I thought maybe I’d tell it here.”

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Winnipeg Ghosts: It Calls Us By Name

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Laura on December 31, 2014:

“Back in 2003, my husband and I moved into a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in another building in our complex, as our son had just turned a year old, and we needed more space. It is a great older complex, only three stories high, with a secluded courtyard in the middle for residents. This new apartment offered everything we needed; it was two stories, with the bedrooms and larger bath being on the second floor, and we loved it from the day we moved in.

Within the first few weeks, we noticed an odd feeling at night upstairs, especially when laying in bed trying to fall asleep. It felt like someone was “watching” you at all times; there was just that uneasy, uncomfortable feeling that you were not alone. Though neither of us talked about it at that time, we later came to find out we were both experiencing the same feelings.

Then, odd things started to happen – when sitting downstairs in the living room, you would hear footsteps right above you (in what is the master bedroom). We chalked this up to it being an old apartment building; with creaky floors, and other tenants beside us, it could be just the floor settling or something like that. But then we started to hear deliberate steps upstairs – the exact same sound as when an actual person crosses the rooms. This was harder to explain away.

Next came the issues with the shower; it is an old building, and with that comes I am sure lots of plumbing issues. But we started hearing the shower upstairs turn on – when everyone was on the lower floor. When we would walk up the stairs, and get to the bathroom door – it would shut off. We figured it must be the plumbing – maybe pressure in the pipes, etc – so we called the building manager to come take a look. To this day, they cannot find anything wrong with that shower, and have replaced all parts repeatedly; but it continues to turn on and off, and only when nobody is upstairs; but as soon as you walk up the staircase, it shuts off.

There is also an ongoing feeling of not being alone in the bathroom when showering – you hear shuffling noises outside the curtain, or see shadows, but as soon as you open the curtain to look – it stops.

Many times, we see things move in the corner of your vision; always in your peripheral – it looks like something darts quickly away. This happens a lot when sitting in the living room – you will catch movement at the top of the stairs, almost as if someone/something was at the top step, and quickly went back up.

After about a year living here, we would be falling asleep and just about to drift off, when you feel like someone yells “HEY!” really loud in your ear. This happens to both my husband and myself, but never at the same time. We will be laying right beside each other, but the other person will not hear it too – but it happens to both of us, on a regular basis. There have been rarer occasions where both of us have heard someone whisper our first names in our ear (again, never loud enough for the other person to hear), but each of us have experienced it, and the voice is very clear and easy to understand.

Other times, when laying in bed, you will get woken up – immediately from deep sleep – to absolutely wide awake – like when a person is awoken by a loud noise. You will lay there, heart pounding, frantically listening for whatever woke you – but there is nothing.

Both my husband and I have also had our legs and feet touched when laying in bed – either when falling asleep, or just as you are drifting off – it feels like someone smacks your leg, from near the foot of the bed – not hard enough to hurt you, but enough to get your attention.

From the time my son turned two years old, he started having trouble sleeping through the night. He would wake up in a panic, and scream for us – we would run to his room (only a few feet from our own), and he would be hysterically crying. After calming him down, he would refuse to tell us what was wrong – but would instead want to come sleep with us. This went on for a few months, before he finally told us what was scaring him at night – he said “I don’t like the scary man that stands in the hallway”.

After talking at length with him, he shared with us that he sees an “old man”, who “stands outside his bedroom door looking at him”.

Being an early childhood educator, I did not want to dismiss his fears, but I also wanted to look at the whole situation, to see if there was any other reasons for what my son was feeling (bad dreams, overactive imagination, stress or anxiety, etc). But nothing else, no other explanation, ever emerged; and to this day (he is now 12 years old), he is adamant that not only did he see this man, but he saw him on a regular basis in the years since.

When he first shared his experience with us, my husband and I had not talked about our experiences around our son, nor had we talked about ghosts in general with him. So when all three of us had experienced separate unusual events, we started to think our home may have spirits.

So that night, while my husband took my son out, I stood in his bedroom, and said “I don’t know who you are, or if you are here – but my name is Laura, and this is OUR home. You are NOT allowed to bother my son – this is HIS home, and you are not allowed to scare him, show yourself to him, enter his bedroom, stand in that hallway, or make him uncomfortable in any way. Whether or not you were trying to scare him – you are – and it stops NOW.”.

When my family returned home, we performed a smudge of our whole home (my husband is Sioux), and of ourselves. One night when my husband’s cousin was over visiting, we started telling him about what had been happening, and our experiences. He is deeply involved in their Sioux culture, and had a lot of knowledge about situations like this. After listening to everything we shared, he believed we were dealing with a “Trickster” spirit, who was basically playing games with us, with the intent of causing pranks/drama. He also pointed out that in a complex of this size, and this old, there were bound to be many people who had passed away in this building; and some of their spirits may still be here. Which could also explain why the activity comes and goes on a regular basis – they could be wandering throughout the complex. He recommended that we continue what we were doing – claim our home verbally, with intent and forcefulness, and continue to smudge on a regular basis.

I have spoken with a few neighbours over the years about it, and they too have had unexplained experiences in their apartments, on a consistent yet not every day basis.

Over the years, we find the activity kicks up every few months, and when it becomes a regular occurrence, we smudge again, and verbally claim our home. This seems to help, and makes the activity lesson. We still get the voice/breathing in our ears at night, hear footsteps, have the shower turn on and off, see shadows dart in the corner of your vision, and feel like you are being “watched”; but it has never escalated beyond that, and we do not feel like something here means us any harm. We are still here after 11 years, and have no plans of leaving based on the paranormal experiences we encounter.

And as our son has grown older, we have kept open lines of communication about it all; making sure he knows he can share any feelings or experiences with us, and that we will tackle them as a family.”

NOTE FROM MICHELLE MCKAY: Everything that this family is doing to keep the activity relatively calm is right on target, bravo to this family!! For those having difficulty with troublesome spirits please see my article here.

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Winnipeg Ghosts: Lizzie Loves Her Victorian Kitchen

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Tim on Aug 14, 2014:

“I moved into an old Folk Victorian home in Osborne Village on June 15th, 2003 with my cat Mila. It was a home which needed considerable renovations done to it but the location and price was ideal. Little did I know that I was not the only resident in the home.

The very next morning I cooked myself breakfast, turned on the old, yellow stove and watched my omelette. All of a sudden, the fridge door swung open and hit me in the back. I turned, closed it and thought to myself that the floor must be uneven. I suddenly realized that my omelette stopped cooking. The element had been turned off! I turned it back on and as I did, the freezer door of the fridge swung open. Oh, oh! I suddenly realized I was not alone. I went off to work and came home to find the microwave door was wide open.

The next morning, as I made my breakfast, all of a sudden my cat Mila hissed and hissed while staring above my fridge for five minutes! She had never done this before in her 20 years with me! For a split second, I thought I saw a hand pet down her back while she was hissing continually staring upwards above the fridge.

The following 3 years were constant phenomenon in my home although mostly all circled around the kitchen. I would wake in the morning frequently to find all the lights turned on despite the regular check before bed which included turning off all lights, checking the locks of the entry doors and setting the security system.

Every time I would vacuum, regardless of whether it was the shop vac, the central vac or the Electrolux vacuum, as I passed through the kitchen, the vacuums would be turned off. Obviously ‘she’ did not like the noise one bit.

One evening, I was busy putsying around the kitchen area putting this away, emptying some boxes and generally trying to make the house more liveable, I found myself thinking of various derivatives of the name ‘Elizabeth’. I became conscious of this and wondered why on earth would I be thinking of all those abbreviations. The following day, I received in the mail from Land Titles the names of the past owners and their mortgage copies. One name popped out like a neon sign! It was the name “Elizabeth Hill”, one of the longest owners of the home along with her husband Edgar. I later found out that she preferred the name “Lizzie” and both her and her husband had died in the home. He died in the 30’s and she died in the mid 50’s. She was a house ‘frau’ – kind of woman who loved her baking, cooking and canning and would spend much of her time around the kitchen which explained the constant phenomenon there.

in 2005, I went on a Ghost Tour of Winnipeg and the tour guide and I spoke at the end of the tour. I told him my home was haunted and he was all too keen to come over and check out the premises. He brought his wife along with an amplitude of equipment and wandered around the home with his electromagnetic meters and other paraphernalia. His wife and I chatted while he wandered all three floors, then came back and said “I can’t seem to find anything here”. He then showed me how the electromagnetic meter moved from 0 to 5 when held close to the plug outlets. I told him that I can’t possibly be crazy, I had had constant activity daily from her. He wandered around again only to shortly proclaim “I’ve got a live AND strong one!!!” I stood behind him and the electromagnetic meter wasn’t going 0 – 5, it was jumping from 180 – 220 back and forth. He followed her up to the stairway and then she disappeared. She reappeared a second time and then vanished for good.

Several people who saw her said she was a little, old lady with curly white hair who also had dementia so she had no clue that she had passed on. Lizzie’s phenomenon continued for about a year after that and then subsided. I kept encouraging her to ‘go to the light’ so she must have finally listened.”

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Steinbach Ghosts: Red Hideous Demon

Location: Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Joel on July 12, 2014:

“I have witnessed many gruesome things, the one that stuck with me throughout the years would be the time I saw a demon.

My story starts out as a family get together/house party, I would have been somewhere around 6 years old. First I’d like to say that I am 30 years old now and I have lived through 3 serious car crashes, one suicide attempt that consisted of having taken over 300 pills and a 40 oz of whiskey.

Back to my story. I really only remember bits and pieces, but the stuff that I do remember, would scare the drawers off any believer of the supernatural world.

The night started off like any other, there were beers being had by my mother, brother, aunt and my brother’s wife. At some point in the evening I remember walking up the stairs to use the washroom, normally the door is locked when in use. I had opened the door and saw what no person, yet alone a child, should have to see. My brother and his wife were fighting. From an alcohol/drug fuelled rage, there was blood all over the walls, his hands, and her face. I ran, screaming and scared as any child would, I ran straight for the basement.

Alone in the basement sat this little, scared boy. Not at all understanding what he had just witnessed. Out of nowhere this red, hideous creature popped up through the basement drain. I can’t remember if anything was said by this creature, but I know I screamed so loud that my aunt and mother came running down to see what it was all about.

I have 0 memories of my life as a child, all I can remember is that after that time, I would have death come to me in my dreams nightly. These days I rarely dream, but when I do it seems like déjà vu.

I cannot explain what actually took place that day, but my brother mentioned above has since then been shot in the head with a hand gun ( he survived), another brother was hit by a appending truck (he barely survived, was said he would never walk again. Today he walks just fine). My sister was in fatal car crash in British Columbia (she also was said to never walk again as she broke her back). She had nuts and bolts holding her together, the new parts were supposed to be in her back for life with no chance of ever being removed. One year after the accident, she was walking and had all nuts and bolts removed. She went on to have 2 kids. And myself I survived 3 fatal crashes with hardly a scratch to show.

It seems to me, that that one night had a huge impact on my family.

I went on to become a hardcore drug addict in attempt to hide my pain. Today I am clean and sober for 7 years. It’s great, but I ask myself if it really happened. I believe it did.

I also forgot to mention that as a young child aged 3-4 I had fallen and pretty well had stopped breathing. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I was bent at such an angle my mom says that it’s amazing that I’m alive, as I should have a broken neck.

Did I perhaps make a deal with the reaper? I guess I may never know. But I do know that I have had an extremely hard life. And I’m still alive to tell my stories.
I have many stories that are just out of this world.

I plan to write a book, I’m just searching for motivation because this is very hard for me to share. And it’s only the beginning.

I should also mention that my brother’s son, is also in prison for murder.

Seems like that day has changed my family’s life big time. I feel it’s up to me to make it right. Thanks for taking the time to read about my story.”

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The Pas Ghosts: We Summoned Grandpa

Location: The Pas (First Nation Community), Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Annika on July 9, 2014:

“One night, I was only 5 yrs old, and I was with my cousins. There were four of us, and we were telling scary stories. My grandpa died three weeks before.

I got really scared, and one of my cousins’ had to cover my ears. Later on we summoned my grandpa and we wanted to take a picture, so we took one.

After we got to see it, I noticed something by my leg. It looked like a clear circle (orb). Later after I tried to go to sleep I felt some thing staring at me.

In the morning, I told my grandma what happened and she told me that it might be my grandpa watching over me.

Till then every time I take a picture I see the same orb (circle).”

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St. Eustache Ghosts: Cursed Road and Cemetery

Location: St. Eustache, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shane on July 3, 2014:

“I grew up near the town of St. Eustache, north of Elie. There was a stretch of road between St. Eustache and the Baie St. Paul bridge that always gave me a weird feeling. There were rumors of a road ghost there or of some sort of curse. I could never get a clear answer as to the reason for the discomfort I felt along that stretch of highway as a child. I would write this off if it were not for two things which happened in the last few years.

When I returned home from college I found myself driving down the road at about two in the morning, and I felt the hair on my neck stand on end. I did not see anything – but I was more afraid than I had been in years. Again, I admit, it could have been my imagination. However, I found it odd that a year or so later I was driving through the area with a friend who was visiting the province. We had been driving around all day and were chatting as we came up to the turn-off to St. Eustache, the spot where the atmosphere had changed before. She stopped speaking mid-sentence and pulled out her rosary – she is a devout catholic – and would not let me speak till we passed the bridge into Baie St. Paul.

She knew nothing of my discomfort in that place, but said it felt darker there. This was the sense I had when I had been there a year before.

Lastly – back when I was in high school, a friend and I were biking by St. Paul’s cemetery around midnight during harvest time, and we saw multiple small lights moving about the graves. We were planning to camp nearby, but we kept moving till the church was out of sight.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced anything like these two incidences while in the area.”

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