Maskwacis Ghosts: Dad/Protector

Location: Maskwacis (First Nations Community), Alberta, Canada

Ghost report by John-Curtis on March 20, 2014:

“Sorry about the length..but it is worth the read..

These are three experiences of many that I have had while living with my grandparents. I have ten brothers and sisters, so I chose to live with my grandparents. As they have a 3 story house on a farm and my uncle as a neighbor.

So my first experience starts with me and my grandfather’s routine of him yelling downstairs to wake me up. He would say in Cree “wonska” !!! Which means ..get up ..and so I would and get ready for chores and then school. Well one morning I heard him calling as usual “WONSKA” !!! But this time he sounded like he was standing right outside my door, so I thought I had slept in and was in trouble. So I got up and hurried up stairs to find that he was still sleeping, he had slept in. So when he got up I asked him if he woke me, he told me no. I let him know how loud it was and it sounded just like him. He proceeded to tell me that it was probably my dad. He had passed away when I was young so I don’t remember how he sounded. He told me that the room I sleep in was his old room.

The second experience occurred while I was young and my dad was still alive. I’m not sure if it’s believable but I will tell it anyway, as my stepson is experiencing the same thing, he is 8. I was around 2 and I used to love to play in my grandparents’ laundry room. My mom told me that I was always laughing and talking with something, or someone. One time, I’m not sure who, mom or dad came to check on me and saw a shadow run away from me. Startled and confused, they asked who it was and I said “friends…little friends”. From what I’m told they’re little people but I really don’t know what “it” or “they” were. Believe it or not but I’ve heard stories of them from different families in our community. They’re supposedly little spirits.

My third experience happened in my room again ..I used to watch movies at my uncles late into the night night I fell asleep on his couch and woke to realize that it was 2:45 in the morning and had school in the I walked home and was gonna sneak in and no one would know…my dog was with me and standing guard….he started growling into my room as I opened the window..thinking he wanted to be fed I ignored him and slowly put my foot into my window.. As I did this I got a very weird feeling as if something was about to happened..and it did..I felt a hand grab my foot..right through my boot..and push me back out the dog whimpered away towards the front of the did I .. I sat with him until the sun started to come up and tried again..only this time I went head first and said to whoever it was ..that I just wanted to sleep..

I told my grandfather about it and he said that it was my dad again..he’s letting you know that he’s here and protecting the house…and also smarten up ..I laughed and said ok I’ll let him know I won’t do it again…sadly I asked him not to scare or bug me anymore..and he hasn’t..

Thank you for reading

Rest in paradise Dad”

NOTE: “I have spent time with many Aboriginals, listening to their stories. There are many stories of the ‘Little People’, which is often what they are called. Also, my Irish grandmother also spoke to me of ‘the little people’. So several cultures call them ‘little people’. They are also often called ‘fairies’. I hope this helps.”Michelle McKay, founder of Cold Spot Paranormal Research

Maskwacis is also spelled Mascwacis, and used to be called Hobbema. There is another similar story to this one from The Pas Reserve in Manitoba here

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