The Pas Ghosts: The Little People

Location: The Pas (First Nation Reserve), ManitobaCanada

Ghost report by Andrew on April 10, 2012:

“This is but one of many, various, personal experiences living on this reservation some 500 miles North of Winnipeg. I am 19 and I have experienced my fair share of the paranormal, though it could be attributed to my Near Death Experience as a child. I attracted this sort of thing, occasionally still do.

This particular event happened in October, 2008. Earlier during the day, it was raining out but when evening came, the wind and rain stopped. So I decided to take a walk to the store, taking the one and only route on foot; through the bush, past a long dark road than another bush. Passed all that, you would come to a school field. In the field there was a thick mist, or fog. I quickly passed through, but on the way back from the store as I was about to enter the field, not really thinking of anything, just drinking my soft drink when all of a sudden! Not 30 feet away from me, I notice a small figure walking out from the dense mist! Followed by another, than another. Three of these ‘things’, the second and third followed the first. From what I could tell, they looked like very small humans. But they wore tattered clothing and somewhat pointed headwear.

But they were crawling. The best I could describe is they walked with long arms, pulling themselves along. At this point I was afraid, being only 15 during the time. I froze in fear that they would notice me. And that’s what they did! They stopped, turned and stood upright! Here I was alone, 11:30 at night, in the middle of this field confronting three things I have never seen in my entire life.

Anyhow, standing there, I thought “What should I do, what are these things. Are they going to attack me? Will I live to see tomorrow?” Thoughts like that ran through my young mind. But they just stood there, looking at me. Then they just knelt back down and continued walking into this very thick bush filled with trees and other things. Odd thing was, about 200 feet on the other side were houses, a street full of them.

Anyways, standing there watching them waddle into it. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Was it real? Did I really just witness this. I did. I was too afraid, in fact I think I was in shock. I turned around dropping my drink and standing in the safety of the school’s bright lights. Gaining the courage after what felt like forever, I decided to run across the field and into the light of the shed and onto the main street with the street lights. Running home.

I burst through the door of my home and explained to my father and brother what just happened. Of course they didn’t believe me. But after telling them what I saw, they believed me completely. After my father heard me out, he told me of old Native American stories surrounding the area, about ‘little people’. The locals saw them as bad spirits long ago. And best to avoid them. But only on very rare occasions would they be seen. And explained, the last time he heard about them was from his cousin who saw a group of them one night, clearly because of the moonlight. Raiding a local garbage bin. But that was nearly 22 years ago. I’m not exactly sure what I saw. But it must have been these ‘little people’.”

NOTE: “I find this story fascinating. My family is mostly of Scottish Heritage, however, my grandmother was Irish. Growing up she often told me about the fairies in the old Irish and Scottish stories. She called them “the little people”. Amazing how many cultures talk about these beings. Love this story, Andrew! Thanks for sharing!”Michelle McKay, founder of Cold Spot Paranormal Research

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