Maskwacis Ghosts: Grandparents’ Last Goodbye

Location: Maskwacis (First Nations Community), Alberta, Canada

Ghost report by John-Curtis on March 20, 2014:

“Hi, I’ve sent a story recently and have the urge to share another..

Recently I’ve lost my grandparents within a couple months of each other. Although sad, I knew they are at peace for this reason…they both came to me in my dreams and woke me..

First was my grandfather’s experience. He was sick in the hospital for some time. I finally got to go see him, which made me sad, but knew it was part of life. I thanked him for hanging on this long and went home, as it was late. Asleep in bed, in my dream he was standing there beside my bed, telling me he was o.k now and not to worry. I woke up out of breath and expecting to see him, but to no avail. Not too long after, I was lying there expecting something to happen, and the phone rang. I knew already that he was gone. They said I’m sorry. I never told anyone that I had known on fear of ridicule.

My experience with my grandma was similar, but only this time I knew what was to come. Because she whispered in my ear “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be here without him”. I responded by saying I’s ok.

A few nights had gone by and I had another dream, but this time I stood up from my bed and looked through the crack in the door to the other side of the house. There she was walking down the stairs slowly, in a red night gown. She looked happy, took one look at me, turned, and walked back up. The thing is she had a leg amputated because of diabetes, so I knew it was a dream. I awoke to a phone call..again I knew..she had gone.

These experiences did not frighten me, but gave me inner peace knowing that they were together again.”

Maskwacis is also spelled Mascwacis, and was previously called Hobbema.

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