True Ghost Story: The Ghost That Imitates Voices

Location: Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Samantha on Jan 12, 2012:

“Me and my family experienced many things. We believed this ghost was one that would imitate voices of friends/loved ones. My brother was in the shower, home alone. Now, he has a best friend that would always be over, they were best friends. Anyways, he was in the shower and heard his friend call his name. So he got out and checked, no one home.

Another one, my mom saw my brother’s best friend wearing her jacket walking downstairs. She looked down, seen her coat on the banister and no one home. This all happened in the middle of the day.

Me and my brother would always end up in the hallway around midnight, when we thought we heard someone running up the stairs to our rooms, we were side by side. We would go out, again no one there.

Now, this is hard to explain, but you know how if you have stairs, there is some medal bars so you can see the landing where the stairs turn? Anyways, I was home alone. My parents were at work and my brother was at a friend’s. We had a mirror in the living room, and at the right angle you can see the landing of the stairs. At that time we had a dog. Now, I was watching tv with my dog on the floor. All of a sudden she starts growling, and her hair stands up. She started barking like crazy at the mirror, and I was freaked. She finally stopped after 5 minutes of me calming her down, so I ran around and turned on all the lights.

One night, I was in bed. I just turned my tv off and turned on my fan. I laid down. Now, every now and then my brother would come into my room and take my fan. So, I seen something by my fan, about the height of my brother. So I told him to leave it. It started to pace my room and then left. I went to my brother’s room, he was playing a game, oblivious to the world. I was freaked. I went back to bed, and about 20 minutes later my light fixture fell off my lighting.

ANOTHER time, my step-dad went down a flight of stairs to our downstairs washroom. We had a big stereo where you would push the door to open, and push the door to close. Well, he seen someone crouched down clicking it open and closed. He ran upstairs.

And one last thing, I had a Gameboy and I put it down to go use the washroom. When I came back out, the volume was turned down.

And my step-dad heard me ask him to take me to the store. He replied, but I did not speak back. Turns out I was already gone for school. Creepy!”

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