True Ghost Story: Get Out Of My House

Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Emmalee on Feb 4, 2012:

“Ok, my sister and I were just sitting on the couch watching TV when this occurred. I was watching the TV as if I were glued to it, and my younger sister, Jesse, was playing on her phone. We were home alone at this point and we heard a loud BANG in the kitchen. We figured that it was just the cat in there so we ignored it. The kitchen is at the other side of the house on the bottom floor. Not a very big house but big enough. About ten minutes later, we hear the same BANG in the hallway just outside of the livingroom, where we were. This time we knew it wasn’t the cat because the cat was now laying beside Jesse. I went out to go check it out, but before I even left the room, I felt a huge, long, extremely cold chill which caused me to turn around. As soon as I sat back down, Jesse was looking straight behind me with her phone turned off. She looked extremely scared. I didn’t want to turn around and see what was behind me… but she kept stuttering words that I couldn’t understand. She finally got the nerve to whisper, “Don’t turn around, Emmalee…” I didn’t. I just slowly started to walk to the couch.

I sat down and turned the corner of my eye to the doorway. There, I saw a tall man with gleaming red eyes. His hands were scratched along with his pants, head and arms.He screamed, “SCARED TO FACE ME? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” Then ran to my ear and whispered “See you later.” And he was gone. Just like that. Jesse was still staring in the doorway. I thought in shock. I was scared. Jesse was scared.

We told Mom and Dad about the man as soon as they got home from their dinner. It was their anniversary. They immediately told us about a man who was murdered in this house by an intruder. We moved out within the next two months. We don’t see any other things like that anymore, and I’m just happy that we’re out of that house.”

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