Norwood Ghosts: Woman In Victorian Dress

Location: Norwood, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Skylar on Jan 11, 2012:

 “Kayy well this was pretty freaking creepy. Maybe not as creepy as the rest of the stories that you read on here, but it’s creepy. Well today I didn’t want to go to work because my kidney was acting up again. My boyfriend was at work and no one was in the house but me. I was hungry so I decided to make myself something to eat. When I was finished I walked into the living room to check my Facebook. Anyways, I was enjoying my food when I hear the tap running, and I thought “Well maybe I left it on.” But when I walked out to turn it off there was a woman dressed in a Victorian dress, standing there at my sink with an apron on doing my dishes. This wasn’t my first ghostly encounter and I hope it won’t be my last.”

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