Saddle Lake Ghosts: Britney Come Find Me

Location: Saddle Lake (First Nation Reserve), Alberta, Canada

Ghost report by Britney on March 2, 2006:

 “About a year ago my older brother use to work at a store as a night watchman. He told us that the workers there seen black shadows and a little girl wearing a white long dress and they heard people talking and things falling on the floor. Anyways me and my sister really wanted to go with him to work to see if we could see or hear anything. So one night our parents let us go. While I was upstairs in the store by myself I was just sitting on a chair surfing the web when I had a weird feeling someone was watching me and I felt a cold breeze. I got really scared so I decided to go see my brother and sister downstairs. As I was about to walk down the stairs a little girl called my name so I turned around but nobody was there. I thought it was my sister playing a joke on me so I decided to play along. She called me again saying “Britney come find me” so I said “Quit playing around this is creepy”. But nobody answered me.

Than I was gonna start walking again then the same voice said “Britney let’s play”. I got really creeped out so I ran downstairs really fast. When I got to the bottom of the stairs the lights flickered then I ran to my brother and told him what had happened. And I told him I wanted to go home so he called our parents to come pick us up. Ever since that night I believe in ghosts and I never wonna go to a haunted place again. And yeah the people still hear and see things there. One worker even quit because something pushed her down those same stairs I ran down that night…. yeah its pretty creepy.”

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