Toronto Ghosts: ‘Under The Bed’

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Hildegardt on Feb 12, 2006:

“The first room I rented after immigrating to Canada from Germany. I forgot the address, but it was in the vicinity of St.Clair and Keele and a bit east from there.

After living for a very short time in this room, I came home one night really tired. Just as I went to bed, the moment I turned off the light, I heard all the books and magazines (that were on top of a small bookshelf) falling over and sliding down onto the floor. The sound could not have been mistaken for anything else. Lying in bed in the darkness, the following thoughts went through my mind; “should I get up to pick up everything and straighten out the bookshelf now, or should I do it in the morning before going to work.” As tired as I was, I decided to do it now, because in the mornings I was always in a hurry to get out, to be at work on time. As I turned on the light and looked at the bookshelf, I could hardly believe my eyes. There was not one book or magazine out of place. I pondered what I could have heard. Finally I put it down to any strange noise that I misinterpreted.

Wanting to go to sleep, I turned off the light again. All of a sudden there was a noise as if someone jumped from the window down right in front of my bed. My heart almost stopped. I knew the window was locked. I jumped—pulled the chain on the light which was mounted on the wall above the headboard. Again, everything appeared normal. My heart was still racing. I lied there for a while, before I turned the light off again.

Then I heard the scariest sound of all. It sounded as if someone shuffled under my bed from one side to the other. I was laying there frozen. Afraid to move and afraid to breathe my, heart almost jumping out of my throat. I realized that I had to take a breath, as I did I jumped, pulled the chain on the light. Again— no more noise. Now I wondered if there was really somebody under my bed. It took awhile to built up my courage to get out of my bed and check underneath. There was nothing. I decided to check every corner of my room, the closet, the shelves etc. after establishing the fact that there were absolutely no physical signs of any kind which I could connect with the sounds, I became very curious . I went to bed that night with the lights left ON. Now I started experimenting. I was determined to find out what all this was about. I found out that whenever the light was off and the room was in darkness, the sound would appear. With the lights on, there was silence.

I felt that I wanted to talk with someone about these occurrences, but being afraid that they might think I had gone mad, I kept quiet. I hung in for two more weeks, when I notices a very uneasy feeling. Finally I talked with one of my co-workers (Maria) about it. Asking her, please don’t laugh or tell me that I am crazy, for what I am about to tell you. She promised and kept her promise, but she was extremely shocked as she listened. She said that something very bad must have happened in that room, and that some of those spirits could be very dangerous. I didn’t really want to believe it, but she made me promise that I would do what she suggested to find out if they were dangerous spirits or not.

She went to her church in her lunch hour to get a small bottle of Holy Water. Instructing me to sprinkle the Holy Water into the three areas where the noises came from—turn the lights off —and go to bed. She said I there would be silence in the dark, the spirits would be evil and were fleeing from the Holy Water, and I should be moving out of that room as fast as possible. Which I did.”

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