Hamilton Ghosts: War of 1812 Soldier

War of 1812 Soldier - Stoney Creek Ghosts

Location: Hamilton (Stoney Creek), Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Roxy on February 9, 2016:

“It was about 4:30-5:00AM in early June. I got up to let the dogs out for a pee; our back yard is fenced in. Our sunroom has two doors. I opened the door and they went out through the back aluminum door in the back yard.

For some reason I went to the side aluminum door that leads out onto our drive way. I turned to the door way to the back yard (the one the dogs used) when I see a soldier standing in front of me.

In my mind I am thinking, “how did you get in the door?” As it was only propped open about 6″ so the dogs can let themselves in and out. My mind also thought, I can’t see the door frame behind him.

He was no older than 18 years, he blinked as he was looking back at me. He had a soldiers coat and flat-top hat on, greenish in colour and the brim of the hat was black. He had a gun behind his right side with a black strap that went over his right shoulder and down to his left side.

We stood staring at each other for about 1 to 2 minutes. I never spoke to him, I just had questions running through my mind. He disappeared and the dogs came back into the sunroom.

I let the dogs into the house, they went back to bed. I went to the bathroom where I was stunned with thoughts going through my mind as to what I saw. I went back to bed and my partner asked me what was wrong as he could see the puzzled look on my face. I told him the story.

We live very close to the Battle Field Grounds in Stoney Creek where the war of 1812 took place (June)….I can still see this young man in my head.

I have not seen him since, but he did goose me once when I had my hands full while in the sunroom.”

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Hamilton Ghosts: This House Is Haunted

True ghost story in Hamilton, Ontario. Depiction of Christmas lights.


Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Jordan on February 1, 2016:

“We took possession of a rental house and weird things started happening pretty much from the day we moved in.

We had been given the ok to start moving in earlier than our lease date, so I started by bringing small items over with the van. Entering the house, I heard a loud bang at the back of the house, like it had come from the back bedroom. I called out thinking someone had managed to break in. No one answered so carefully I made my way into the house. The bedroom door was closed. Again I called out, but no answer came so I quickly opened the door expecting to find someone there, but the room was vacant. I did what most people do and blamed it on ‘new house noises’.

I left the door open and moved items in the house. I went back for more stuff at the other house. When I came back the bedroom door was closed and locked. This time I had my eldest son with me. I told him to stay at the front door for a minute. The door only had a basic lock on it; a quarter could turn it open. I opened it and again nothing there. I figured it had been my own error last time and some how figured I locked it last time.

So fast forward a little bit, Christmas season fast approaching. We’ve settled in now. We’ve heard noises that we can’t explain, we hear footsteps in the middle of the night. We assume it’s just our imaginations. We have a Christmas party. A good friend of ours comes up to my wife and says, “this house is haunted”. “Why do you say that?” my wife asks. “Well I just watched as that door slammed shut!” He was speaking of the same door that caused me so much paranoia when we first moved in. Prior to this we’ve told no one of our dealings with this situation. He would not be the last to tell us how creepy our home was.

A few days later after the party it’s around nine o’clock at night. Our kids are in bed. My wife and I are sitting in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden the room goes dark. The tv turned off, the Christmas tree lights go off and the window Christmas lights go off. We automatically think power outage but soon realize it’s just the living room. So I try to turn the TV back on, it doesn’t work. It is then that I discover it is unplugged, as is every other item in the living room. All the Christmas lights are individually unplugged. I felt this really horrible chill run down my neck as I realized there is absolutely no logical explanation of what had just occurred and as I’m considering this the back bedroom door closed. We heard it click. It was once again locked.

We moved out the following spring. We never said it was because of the paranormal issues. However it was why we moved. The eerie feeling of that house became too much.”

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Hamilton Ghosts: The Baby Monitor Was Flashing

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Lorena on Sept 5, 2014:

“My family moved into what we thought would be our dream home I never thought to search into the history of the house first.

Two weeks after we moved in, strange things started happening. It started with the sounds of a little girl crying. At first it did not bother me too much as I was born hypersensitive to certain things.

One evening, I was the only one up, and the baby monitor was flashing. I turned it up and heard someone singing and my daughter giggling. I thought it was one of her older sisters or even her big brother by chance, as my husband was at work. I crept up the stairs to catch them in the act. To my shock and fear all of my children, baby included, were all still fast asleep. I told my husband about it when he got home and he brushed it off as I was over-tired.

We went the next three days without incident. On the fourth day, my husband was in the kitchen feeding the baby while the other children were at school. All the taps turned on full and all the cupboards flew open and cans fell out. I heard the noise and my husband yell in fear. I had been up the stairs in the attic sorting through boxes, I left the attic and headed for the stairs when I was faced with a transparent image of a woman not much older than myself in a brown skirt and white blouse, hair in a bun with the most sad eyes I have ever seen. The cold air made the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand on end. I was frozen unable to speak or move, she appeared to be wailing and disappeared.

We moved out that same day never returning, the house that shook us to the core. Once we were in our new home we started moving back in the furniture. There on the side of my infant’s dresser were five distinct scratch marks down the side as if something tried to claw its way up. We immediately removed the dresser and had a priestess come and bless the home.

We have had no more problems, but we all remember the day death became real.

Thank you for listening.”

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True Ghost Story: Man With No Face in Our Driveway

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Renee on Jan 15, 2014:

“One night I was hanging out in my brother’s room. He was playing video games and I was just walking around where his bed was. Right above his bed’s headboard was his window. So I decided to sit on his bed and stare out his window. As I was sitting there I was petting my dog who was laying right beside me. When you look out the window you can see my house’s driveway and the Canada flag hanging from my backyard’s fence.

I was looking at the driveway and that’s when I saw him, at least I thought it was a man. He was just standing there right in the middle of my driveway staring. So as the flag was moving with the wind I could still see him standing there. He was wearing a nice button-up coat and a scarf with a nice hat, like a top hat/ fedora hat something I would say an older man would wear. I couldn’t see his face, he was like a black shadow but you could clearly see what he was wearing.

So I kept watching. Then I got this weird feeling so I kept staring. But at this point I said to my brother “Umm can you come over here, there is a man standing in our driveway.” He then said “What are you talking about?” I then looked at him and said “come over here”. He never came over to the window because he thought I was nuts. So I looked out the window again to find that he was gone.

To this day I still think about that night and have since moved from there.”

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True Ghost Story: Pick Me Up

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on June 16, 2011:

“I am the type of person who doesn’t give a whole lot of thought about spirits visiting us and am really not sure even to this day if I really believe in them anyway, but this is my story.

After my wife and I had my son some strange things happened. Sometimes his toys, which were battery powered, would play sound by themselves. Not all the time but only some times and it would be more than just one toy. I didn’t let this get to me and shrugged it off as the batteries must be getting low but knowing full well that they were new and it was not always the same toy like I said earlier.

The thing that really changed my opinion was when one day early in the year my wife and I, along with my son, were in the living room and we were talking as my son rode his big wheel around in circles on the floor. At one point he stopped by the doorway into the living room and looked up for a few seconds, got off his big wheel and walked a foot over to the doorway and stopped, looked up like something was there and put his arms out as if to say pick me up. My wife and I looked at each other and she looked scared and I said to her did you see that? She replied yes and we were a little freaked out. He was only 2 and a half years old at the time and had a name for the whatever he saw but I cant recall what it was as this time. But it has made me think a little more seriously about spirits and the after life.”

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True Ghost Story: Johnny Visits

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dan on Dec 12, 2010:

“When I was young, my nextdoor neighbour and I went with his mother to visit his grandma. His grandpa had passed away in the home some years before. The house was massive. It was three floors, basement and an attic. My friend was telling me about the house and when he pointed to the basement, he told me how he never goes down there. He was too afraid. His grandma said, “you’re not afraid of Johnny”. I asked “who’s Johnny?” His grandma replied, “John’s my late husband”. I felt they were just trying to pull something on me and just shrugged it off.

Later that evening, my friend’s grandma asked his mom if she wanted to stay the night. His mom asked my friend and I about staying and of course we were excited. My friend’s grandmother and mother said they would be sleeping on the second floor and we could sleep on the third. Before bed, she told me that it was no problem leaving the seat up in the washroom if we used it during the night because it was just us two boys and each level had its own bathroom. Though my friend and I were talking, telling jokes and giggling, we eventually nodded off. Later in the night, I was woken by the sound of the toilet flushing on our floor. It was then I realized that my friend was still laying beside me and he had also woken up. We refused to get out of bed and check, though we rationalized that someone must have been using the washroom on our floor for some reason. After awhile, we both dozed off again.

Come morning, while sitting at the table for breakfast, my friend asked, “Who used the washroom on the third floor last night?” With a blank stare on their faces, his mother and grandma looked at each other, then his mom said, “I never used the washroom at all during the night” and his grandma likewise said, “I slept straight through the night”.

To this day we’re not sure who used the third floor washroom. But do you know what was really strange? Both the toilet seat and lid were down before bed when his grandma told us we could leave the seat up. By morning, the seat and lid were up, yet no one in the house used any of the washrooms during the night.”

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