Hamilton Ghosts: The Baby Monitor Was Flashing

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Lorena on Sept 5, 2014:

“My family moved into what we thought would be our dream home I never thought to search into the history of the house first.

Two weeks after we moved in, strange things started happening. It started with the sounds of a little girl crying. At first it did not bother me too much as I was born hypersensitive to certain things.

One evening, I was the only one up, and the baby monitor was flashing. I turned it up and heard someone singing and my daughter giggling. I thought it was one of her older sisters or even her big brother by chance, as my husband was at work. I crept up the stairs to catch them in the act. To my shock and fear all of my children, baby included, were all still fast asleep. I told my husband about it when he got home and he brushed it off as I was over-tired.

We went the next three days without incident. On the fourth day, my husband was in the kitchen feeding the baby while the other children were at school. All the taps turned on full and all the cupboards flew open and cans fell out. I heard the noise and my husband yell in fear. I had been up the stairs in the attic sorting through boxes, I left the attic and headed for the stairs when I was faced with a transparent image of a woman not much older than myself in a brown skirt and white blouse, hair in a bun with the most sad eyes I have ever seen. The cold air made the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand on end. I was frozen unable to speak or move, she appeared to be wailing and disappeared.

We moved out that same day never returning, the house that shook us to the core. Once we were in our new home we started moving back in the furniture. There on the side of my infant’s dresser were five distinct scratch marks down the side as if something tried to claw its way up. We immediately removed the dresser and had a priestess come and bless the home.

We have had no more problems, but we all remember the day death became real.

Thank you for listening.”

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