Hamilton Ghosts: This House Is Haunted

True ghost story in Hamilton, Ontario. Depiction of Christmas lights.


Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Jordan on February 1, 2016:

“We took possession of a rental house and weird things started happening pretty much from the day we moved in.

We had been given the ok to start moving in earlier than our lease date, so I started by bringing small items over with the van. Entering the house, I heard a loud bang at the back of the house, like it had come from the back bedroom. I called out thinking someone had managed to break in. No one answered so carefully I made my way into the house. The bedroom door was closed. Again I called out, but no answer came so I quickly opened the door expecting to find someone there, but the room was vacant. I did what most people do and blamed it on ‘new house noises’.

I left the door open and moved items in the house. I went back for more stuff at the other house. When I came back the bedroom door was closed and locked. This time I had my eldest son with me. I told him to stay at the front door for a minute. The door only had a basic lock on it; a quarter could turn it open. I opened it and again nothing there. I figured it had been my own error last time and some how figured I locked it last time.

So fast forward a little bit, Christmas season fast approaching. We’ve settled in now. We’ve heard noises that we can’t explain, we hear footsteps in the middle of the night. We assume it’s just our imaginations. We have a Christmas party. A good friend of ours comes up to my wife and says, “this house is haunted”. “Why do you say that?” my wife asks. “Well I just watched as that door slammed shut!” He was speaking of the same door that caused me so much paranoia when we first moved in. Prior to this we’ve told no one of our dealings with this situation. He would not be the last to tell us how creepy our home was.

A few days later after the party it’s around nine o’clock at night. Our kids are in bed. My wife and I are sitting in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden the room goes dark. The tv turned off, the Christmas tree lights go off and the window Christmas lights go off. We automatically think power outage but soon realize it’s just the living room. So I try to turn the TV back on, it doesn’t work. It is then that I discover it is unplugged, as is every other item in the living room. All the Christmas lights are individually unplugged. I felt this really horrible chill run down my neck as I realized there is absolutely no logical explanation of what had just occurred and as I’m considering this the back bedroom door closed. We heard it click. It was once again locked.

We moved out the following spring. We never said it was because of the paranormal issues. However it was why we moved. The eerie feeling of that house became too much.”

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8th Avenue – Haunted Swift Current Database

Swift Current ghosts haunted paranormal Saskatchewan Canada

Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Kyle on June 13, 2015:

“Me and my ex lived in a house on 8th Avenue. We started experiencing strange things. Cups in the cupboard would be full of water, stuff put away in closet, an Xmas wreath one day was stuck hanging on the shower head in bathroom with the tub full of water and the cat litter box floating. We left, came back half hour later and my CDs were scattered all over the living room exactly the same spread and distance from each other.. Furniture would be moved around… We would explore the house with cameras and batteries would drain instantly.. We would get photos and they would delete themselves from the camera as soon as we left the property..

I constantly had dreams and being stuck in a psychosis sleep state of a man trying to stab me…

Me and and a friend did a bunch of research on the house and learned that on Halloween night in 1969 a woman stabbed a man to death in this house… I felt sick learning this as it all made sense.. This house is still there and occupied.”

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