True Ghost Story: Johnny Visits

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dan on Dec 12, 2010:

“When I was young, my nextdoor neighbour and I went with his mother to visit his grandma. His grandpa had passed away in the home some years before. The house was massive. It was three floors, basement and an attic. My friend was telling me about the house and when he pointed to the basement, he told me how he never goes down there. He was too afraid. His grandma said, “you’re not afraid of Johnny”. I asked “who’s Johnny?” His grandma replied, “John’s my late husband”. I felt they were just trying to pull something on me and just shrugged it off.

Later that evening, my friend’s grandma asked his mom if she wanted to stay the night. His mom asked my friend and I about staying and of course we were excited. My friend’s grandmother and mother said they would be sleeping on the second floor and we could sleep on the third. Before bed, she told me that it was no problem leaving the seat up in the washroom if we used it during the night because it was just us two boys and each level had its own bathroom. Though my friend and I were talking, telling jokes and giggling, we eventually nodded off. Later in the night, I was woken by the sound of the toilet flushing on our floor. It was then I realized that my friend was still laying beside me and he had also woken up. We refused to get out of bed and check, though we rationalized that someone must have been using the washroom on our floor for some reason. After awhile, we both dozed off again.

Come morning, while sitting at the table for breakfast, my friend asked, “Who used the washroom on the third floor last night?” With a blank stare on their faces, his mother and grandma looked at each other, then his mom said, “I never used the washroom at all during the night” and his grandma likewise said, “I slept straight through the night”.

To this day we’re not sure who used the third floor washroom. But do you know what was really strange? Both the toilet seat and lid were down before bed when his grandma told us we could leave the seat up. By morning, the seat and lid were up, yet no one in the house used any of the washrooms during the night.”

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