True Ghost Story: Kissing A Ghost On The Stairs

Location: Penticton, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Alaundra on Nov 20, 2013:

“When I was 4 yrs old I lived on Stocks Crescent Blvd. I had this ghost friend. My mum and I could sense it, but my dad was losing his ability to. One day my mum had her friend over. So I decided to bring my ghost friend to show my mum. She couldn’t see her, but I could. Now I was down the steps getting on my tippy-toes. I kissed my friend. All my mum could see was me leaning up on my tippy-toes to only see my lips pressed against nothingness. She could see my lips against something she couldn’t see.”

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True Ghost Story: Ghosts Having A Party Upstairs

Location: Britannia Beach, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Samantha on Nov 10, 2013:

“Well where shall I begin, this took place in 1984. I was 12 years old at the time and my family had just moved there. The house was very large and old, but in good shape. I was so excited to finally have my own room, even if my two older sisters had to walk through my room to go up the stairs to their rooms. Little things began to happen right away like lights flickering on and off, things like the tv turning on by its self, things going missing, doors slamming.. So naturally there was a simple explanation for all these things. Until one day my sisters and I had just got home from school. We walked in the door and it sounded like there was a party going on up stairs in my sisters bedroom. Her stereo was on full blast and we could hear voices and people walking around. My sister was so mad because she thought my parents were having a party up there, so we went racing up the stairs and nobody was there. So she shut off the stereo and we ran down stairs and shook our heads and said no that didn’t really happen.

As time went by things just keep getting worse. Like when we went to bed you would feel like someone was sitting on your bed and you would here breathing beside you. Then we would hear crashes when we were in bed. Only to find that the furniture, like the dining room chairs, were thrown across the room.

One day my mom asked me to put my sisters’ folded laundry up on their beds. So naturally I was a little nervous after the party episode. So I opened up the door at the bottom of the stairs, and walked up the stairs into my sister’s room. Her room was very large, it was half the length of the house and there was a door between the two rooms. It was open so I went in and put my sister’s clothes on her bed. I remember it felt really cold in there, so I went over to the window to close it , but it was closed already. So I took a minute to look out at the view of the ocean, then the door slammed shut behind me. I just figured that it was just a draft, so I opened it and went out and put something on my other sister’s bed and the door slammed shut. And then it opened and closed and opened and closed, so I freaked out and ran down the stairs.

Not long after that my 14 year old sister took a nanny job for the summer. So it was just my 16 year old sister sleeping up stairs. We turned in for the night and she had just finished reading and the cat was laying with her on the bed. She turned to turn out the light and all of a sudden the cat started growling and there was a big crash. So we ran upstairs and her big mirror off of her dresser was laying on the floor in the middle of the room facing up. So that night my sister and I slept together on the couch.

After that things settled down for a bit then it got worse. My mom had asked me if I could put the laundry in the dryer. Our laundry room was just off the kitchen and it had a big window. It was also the main entrance into the house and it felt really cold in there. I noticed that the curtains were blowing so I looked to make sure that the window wasn’t open and it was closed. So I turned and continued putting the clothes into the dryer, and then I felt someone walk up behind me and lean over my shoulder and whisper into my ear “what are you doing”! So I figured it was my sister trying to scare me so I turned around and said “I’m putting the clothes in the dryer”! And then I realized that nobody was there. I will never forget that creepy voice. I then ran into the living room and told my mom, and she told me to just settle down. I don’t think she really believed me, even after all the things that had happened there.

So maybe a month went by and my mom’s bedroom was beside the bathroom just off the living room/dinning room. My mom was lying on her bed and my sister was in the washroom. My cat was acting strange and he was under the cabinet in the dining room. I was trying to pull him out and all of a sudden that voice said it really loud this time “what are you doing!”. I said “getting the cat”, and my mom said “I’m lying down”, and my sister said “I’m going to the washroom”. Then we realized and my sister and I ran into my mom’s room and I said “see now do you believe me!” And then we moved shortly after that. There were a lot more things that happened there, but it took long enough just to write this down. Thanks for listening.”

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Vancouver Ghosts: Blacked Out Eyes

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Taylor on July 10, 2013:

“When me and my best friend (Devan) were around 11 or 12 years old we were walking home from school one day. We walked past this really old house, I quickly glanced at it and kept on walking, then stopped as I thought I saw something. So I took a couple steps back and stared at the house. In the window there stood a little girl with blonde hair and with a light blue dress, as if it was one to be worn back on the old days. I yelled for Devan and she saw it too. The girl in the window had almost blacked out eyes, but it looked like she was staring at us. Then slowly she put her hand up with a doll that looked exactly like her (except with eyes) and she shook it. Devan and I ran as fast as we could!

When we were walking (after we got really far away from the house) she said to me “promise not to tell anyone unless something like this happens again and we get hurt . Alright ?” I said “of course”, then we went to our houses. The next morning I woke up with scratches all over my arm so I got dressed and hid them so my mother didn’t see them and ask what had happened. So I got ready for school as fast as I could and ran over to Devan’s house . As we were walking to school I showed her the scratches on my arm and she had the same ones, it was quite confusing. After school we walked by the house again and we walked up to the door steps and she knocked on the door. We stood there for about a minute or two but no one answered, and I said to Devan “ya know I have never ever seen anyone around, going in or coming out of this house”. She said “me either, plus there are crows only on this one and not on any other house on this block “. And I shook my head agreeing with her. When we got to her house we decided to tell her mom because she is very good with that paranormal stuff and she whispered “Ali”.”

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True Ghost Story: Knocking Below The Window Sill

Location: Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Wes on Dec 27, 2012:

“Many occurrences have happened here in my home since I moved in in September 2010. This house was up for sale according to the real estate agent for quite a long time. The price kept on dropping until it was quite a “good buy”.

The first occurrence happened while I was using the bathroom. Being a single person and living alone, save for a few dogs and a cat, I left the bathroom door ajar, about 8 inches opened. While I was using the bathroom, the bathroom door suddenly slammed shut. My first impression was wow, that was some draft. I checked around and there was no possibility for a draft to come through. I tried to duplicate this action by slamming the door myself but the bathroom is sealed tightly and I couldn’t do it. I would actually have to force the door shut purposely.This only happened once.

In December of that year, I remember I was by the front window, when I heard 2 distinct knocks. As if someone knocked on the outside just below the window sill. I thought to myself, that’s peculiar. So I thought, maybe I’ll try to answer those knocks with 2 of my own. Moments (seconds only) later 2 knocks were returned. I thought, this is weird, so I knocked twice again. Again, my knocks were returned with 2 more. At this point I decided someone was playing “games” with me. I went outside and peeked below the window sill, and nothing was there.

Not too much transpired except my dogs, a mini schnauzer and a mixed poodle cross, were constantly agitated by noises on the front door steps. This happened at least once or twice a week. The sounds were as if someone ran up to the door and then nothing else. Or there would be running action up the stairs and a bump against the door (I have heard many times myself) and on checking by opening the door, nothing would appear.

I said not too much transpired till I allowed a friend’s daughter named Lisa to live below, in the basement. This was from December 2011 till Sept 2012. Many more activities happened when she moved in. One of the most outstanding occurrence was when I was using the computer one day in January of 2012. My computer was situated in the dining room area. While I was busy typing something, I heard 2 clicks to my right. My first impression was a few or one of my bull-dog clips slipped off the bag I held some confectionery items in. Next moment, something literally flew by me about a foot from my face, going from right to left. I thought “what the hell”. On checking the floor to my left, I found a black ball-point pen. That startled me for sure but it didn’t frightened me.

The next day I was on the computer again when I heard a shuffle sound, then a soft “plop”. I looked towards the left of the computer and noticed an empty tuna can that I earlier placed in the garbage in the kitchen.

Some of the other happenings were finding my magnifying glass I use to read fine prints with in the living room floor about 20 feet away.

One day the dogs were barking loudly and on investigating I found the clock moved from where the TV is situated to a point a few feet from the front door. This would be of a distance of 10 feet approx.

When I first moved here, I often hear disturbances above me in the bedroom. It sounded like fidgeting by an animal or a person. It bothered me a lot that I tried to scare off the “animal” with a blinking flashlight. This was, to no avail, as the fidgeting continues to this day.

My border, Lisa, has seen dark figures in the basement as well as hearing her name being called. This really freaked her out. I have heard my name being called once.

Once I was awoken by my belt buckle jingling around and I told this to Lisa, and she related a similar situation. The only difference was she felt her buckle being tugged at while she was wearing her belt!

This house was owned by an old lady that was really bothered by “ghosts”and had the house cleansed and blessed. The cross above the door still exists — I will not remove this at any cost.

As I have said things quieted down the past 6 or 8 months. If things are to be active again it would happen soon in January to February.”

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True Ghost Story: Your Mother Just Walked Behind You

Location: Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Donna on Dec 2, 2012:

“I submitted the Travel Lodge report in Salmon Arm BC months back. I check your website out frequently..

This I find hard to explain. I will try my best. I was in a recently changed-over tavern in Salmon Arm. I will not mention the franchise. I was with 3 friends, we put back a few pints. The manager behind the bar was, well, kinda peeved and wanted us out. Being honest here. I was paying the tab, I want to explain this to you that I have never met this woman. I asked her if your mother has recently passed? She had a shocked look on her face. She replied, “how did you know?” I told her that “she just walked behind you”.

I think the apparition that I saw was real. Mostly it shocked me as well. Once again, thanks.”

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True Ghost Story: Grey Bald Man With Sunken Eyes

Location: Burnaby, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Ailie on Oct 31, 2012:

“I am a musician, singer/songwriter to be exact. My band use to rehearse at a local warehouse. The building housed several individual rooms that you could rent by the hour for practice. It was a long building built in the 90’s in a semi-industrial area of Burnaby, BC. Everyone pretty much knew each other and a small community of musicians grew. Over the years we saw many people come and go. Some moved on, some gave up, some became famous and some of our good friends sadly came to pass. We are like a family of sorts. When you entered the building there was a large set of stairs that went up to a second level that had two practice rooms. My band would frequently rent the largest room at the top of the stairs. To the left of the entrance was another door that lead to a large lobby area. It contained an office and another hallway that led to a door. Beyond that door was a very long hallway. On the right side of the hallway were 4 separate rehearsal rooms. They were numbered 1 – 4 with #1 being the first door on the right. On any given day there would be lots of bands practicing and several people including one of the business owners hanging around and chit-chatting.

One evening I decided to go up to the studio, not to practice but to visit as I would do from time to time. When I entered the lobby I was surprised to see that it was a very quiet night indeed. The lobby and office were empty. The room was silent, not even the hum of a guitar lingered. I didn’t think anything of it really as I noticed the white board that usually listed the names of bands rehearsing that day was squeaky clean and bare. A slow night, that’s all. I thought that perhaps one of the owners might be in the back in one of the rehearsal rooms… maybe cleaning. I walked past the office and opened the large door to the long hallway. As I turned the corner through the door, I saw a man near the other end of the hall enter the last room, Room #4. I did not recognize him but then again he was moving quickly so I did not get a chance to see who it was. All I saw was his profile as he entered the last room. He was wearing faded black jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood down and on his head he wore a black toque. Very Canadian!

I started my jaunt down the hallway following after the man, assuming that some friends were gathered back there. When I reached the end of the hall and turned to enter the room I was puzzled to see that it was dark. As I swung the partially closed door open I quickly thought to myself that someone was playing a trick on me and that they were all hiding. I flicked on the lights and immediately felt a cold chill come over me as I realized that no one was in the room. It was empty. I did an about face and went back to the office, all the while trying to figure out what I had just seen. Obviously whomever, or whatever, I saw was convincing and real enough for me to follow them to the back room. When I got back to the office I found one of the owners sitting in his chair smoking a cigarette. I began to tell him about my little experience and as I did his eyes became really big. He told me that some strange things were going on in the building and that the other owner heard a chair being dragged across the floor on the second level a few nights ago as he was locking up for the night. Since it was after the last band had left he decided to investigate to ensure no one was left in the building. And as like many other ghost stories, when he checked the rooms upstairs, he found no one.

A couple of years later we were hanging around the office and lobby area on a lovely afternoon. Someone started to take pictures using their cell phone camera. They snapped a photo of one of our good friends, Johnny. When we went to review the photo we were startled by what we saw. There in the picture, standing slightly behind Johnny, was a very ghostly image of what we can only assume to be a man. He was bald, gray in color with sunken eyes and mouth as if he was a corpse. Now, if I had not been present when the photo had been taken I would have sworn it was the trickery of Photo-shop. Or… if you have ever developed an old roll of film to find two pictures super imposed upon one another it would closely resemble the state of this photo. Johnny looked as sharp and clear as ever but this ghostly image was smokey like fog. When we investigated the other pictures on the phone we could not find any other photograph that would explain this occurrence.

I swear to you that I am not embellishing this story. It is as real as the keys I type upon. Maybe these events are just our imaginations playing tricks on us. Or maybe they are the spirits of our friends and comrades that have come and gone, letting us know they are still around.”

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