True Ghost Story: Ghosts Having A Party Upstairs

Location: Britannia Beach, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Samantha on Nov 10, 2013:

“Well where shall I begin, this took place in 1984. I was 12 years old at the time and my family had just moved there. The house was very large and old, but in good shape. I was so excited to finally have my own room, even if my two older sisters had to walk through my room to go up the stairs to their rooms. Little things began to happen right away like lights flickering on and off, things like the tv turning on by its self, things going missing, doors slamming.. So naturally there was a simple explanation for all these things. Until one day my sisters and I had just got home from school. We walked in the door and it sounded like there was a party going on up stairs in my sisters bedroom. Her stereo was on full blast and we could hear voices and people walking around. My sister was so mad because she thought my parents were having a party up there, so we went racing up the stairs and nobody was there. So she shut off the stereo and we ran down stairs and shook our heads and said no that didn’t really happen.

As time went by things just keep getting worse. Like when we went to bed you would feel like someone was sitting on your bed and you would here breathing beside you. Then we would hear crashes when we were in bed. Only to find that the furniture, like the dining room chairs, were thrown across the room.

One day my mom asked me to put my sisters’ folded laundry up on their beds. So naturally I was a little nervous after the party episode. So I opened up the door at the bottom of the stairs, and walked up the stairs into my sister’s room. Her room was very large, it was half the length of the house and there was a door between the two rooms. It was open so I went in and put my sister’s clothes on her bed. I remember it felt really cold in there, so I went over to the window to close it , but it was closed already. So I took a minute to look out at the view of the ocean, then the door slammed shut behind me. I just figured that it was just a draft, so I opened it and went out and put something on my other sister’s bed and the door slammed shut. And then it opened and closed and opened and closed, so I freaked out and ran down the stairs.

Not long after that my 14 year old sister took a nanny job for the summer. So it was just my 16 year old sister sleeping up stairs. We turned in for the night and she had just finished reading and the cat was laying with her on the bed. She turned to turn out the light and all of a sudden the cat started growling and there was a big crash. So we ran upstairs and her big mirror off of her dresser was laying on the floor in the middle of the room facing up. So that night my sister and I slept together on the couch.

After that things settled down for a bit then it got worse. My mom had asked me if I could put the laundry in the dryer. Our laundry room was just off the kitchen and it had a big window. It was also the main entrance into the house and it felt really cold in there. I noticed that the curtains were blowing so I looked to make sure that the window wasn’t open and it was closed. So I turned and continued putting the clothes into the dryer, and then I felt someone walk up behind me and lean over my shoulder and whisper into my ear “what are you doing”! So I figured it was my sister trying to scare me so I turned around and said “I’m putting the clothes in the dryer”! And then I realized that nobody was there. I will never forget that creepy voice. I then ran into the living room and told my mom, and she told me to just settle down. I don’t think she really believed me, even after all the things that had happened there.

So maybe a month went by and my mom’s bedroom was beside the bathroom just off the living room/dinning room. My mom was lying on her bed and my sister was in the washroom. My cat was acting strange and he was under the cabinet in the dining room. I was trying to pull him out and all of a sudden that voice said it really loud this time “what are you doing!”. I said “getting the cat”, and my mom said “I’m lying down”, and my sister said “I’m going to the washroom”. Then we realized and my sister and I ran into my mom’s room and I said “see now do you believe me!” And then we moved shortly after that. There were a lot more things that happened there, but it took long enough just to write this down. Thanks for listening.”

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