True Ghost Story: Knocking Below The Window Sill

Location: Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Wes on Dec 27, 2012:

“Many occurrences have happened here in my home since I moved in in September 2010. This house was up for sale according to the real estate agent for quite a long time. The price kept on dropping until it was quite a “good buy”.

The first occurrence happened while I was using the bathroom. Being a single person and living alone, save for a few dogs and a cat, I left the bathroom door ajar, about 8 inches opened. While I was using the bathroom, the bathroom door suddenly slammed shut. My first impression was wow, that was some draft. I checked around and there was no┬ápossibility for a draft to come through. I tried to duplicate this action by slamming the door myself but the bathroom is sealed tightly and I couldn’t do it. I would actually have to force the door shut purposely.This only happened once.

In December of that year, I remember I was by the front window, when I heard 2 distinct knocks. As if someone knocked on the outside just below the window sill. I thought to myself, that’s peculiar. So I thought, maybe I’ll try to answer those knocks with 2 of my own. Moments (seconds only) later 2 knocks were returned. I thought, this is weird, so I knocked twice again. Again, my knocks were returned with 2 more. At this point I decided someone was playing “games” with me. I went outside and peeked below the window sill, and nothing was there.

Not too much transpired except my dogs, a mini schnauzer and a mixed poodle cross, were constantly agitated by noises on the front door steps. This happened at least once or twice a week. The sounds were as if someone ran up to the door and then nothing else. Or there would be running action up the stairs and a bump against the door (I have heard many times myself) and on checking by opening the door, nothing would appear.

I said not too much transpired till I allowed a friend’s daughter named Lisa to live below, in the basement. This was from December 2011 till Sept 2012. Many more activities happened when she moved in. One of the most outstanding occurrence was when I was using the computer one day in January of 2012. My computer was situated in the dining room area. While I was busy typing something, I heard 2 clicks to my right. My first impression was a few or one of my bull-dog clips slipped off the bag I held some confectionery items in. Next moment, something literally flew by me about a foot from my face, going from right to left. I thought “what the hell”. On checking the floor to my left, I found a black ball-point pen. That startled me for sure but it didn’t frightened me.

The next day I was on the computer again when I heard a shuffle sound, then a soft “plop”. I looked towards the left of the computer and noticed an empty tuna can that I earlier placed in the garbage in the kitchen.

Some of the other happenings were finding my magnifying glass I use to read fine prints with in the living room floor about 20 feet away.

One day the dogs were barking loudly and on investigating I found the clock moved from where the TV is situated to a point a few feet from the front door. This would be of a distance of 10 feet approx.

When I first moved here, I often hear disturbances above me in the bedroom. It sounded like fidgeting by an animal or a person. It bothered me a lot that I tried to scare off the “animal” with a blinking flashlight. This was, to no avail, as the fidgeting continues to this day.

My border, Lisa, has seen dark figures in the basement as well as hearing her name being called. This really freaked her out. I have heard my name being called once.

Once I was awoken by my belt buckle jingling around and I told this to Lisa, and she related a similar situation. The only difference was she felt her buckle being tugged at while she was wearing her belt!

This house was owned by an old lady that was really bothered by “ghosts”and had the house cleansed and blessed. The cross above the door still exists — I will not remove this at any cost.

As I have said things quieted down the past 6 or 8 months. If things are to be active again it would happen soon in January to February.”

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