Vancouver Ghosts: The Green Apparition

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Oct 24, 2004:

“I was living with my best friend at the time, in an old house that his parents had completely renovated about 2 years previously. His mom had moved to California, and his dad took a contract job in Kuwait, so I moved in for 10 months. I had noticed a few things in the first few weeks I was there, but I figured that they could have been reasonably explained. My friend’s parents did not own a television, nor did we, being only 18 at the time. We hooked up an old computer monitor to a VCR that I had brought from my parents place, now the monitor was old and everything displayed green. One night I was at home by myself watching “tv” with the lights off in the living room, when an old cedar chair I owned creaked the way it does when somebody sits in it. Completely surprised I looked at the chair and saw the perfect silhouette, in green, of a person sitting in my chair. I jumped up and turned the lights on and I could no longer see this silhouette, thinking my eyes had fooled me, I left the lights on and continued to watch “tv”, when about two minutes later, there was a sound like someone was getting out of the chair. Well my heart started pounding, I turned off the lights and there was no silhouette.

Later, I asked my friend if he had ever had any odd experiences in the house, he refused to talk about it. It wasn’t until about 3 years later when he moved out did he start telling me about things, he told me about a time that when the renovations were still being done, that he was playing his drums in the unfinished part of the house and he heard footsteps, louder than his drums, coming up the steps. He stopped playing and called out his dad and sister’s names but there was nobody there, not even in the finished section of the house.

He also told me about a time when he was by himself in the house and he took a shower. He said he shut the door, cause he always shut the door, and when he got out the door was closed, but not latched. He was not positive that he latched it but it was when he looking in the mirror and he saw the door open behind him did he yell out. There was nobody home, and he claims that there is no way the door would have opened like that.

My friend’s family no longer owns this house, but I would love to have the chance to live there again, now that I am a little bit more brave, and a lot more curious.”

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True Ghost Stories: Ghostly Hitch Hiker

Location: near Portage La PrairieManitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Oct 21, 2004:

“One day when I was driving to work, I took a short cut cause I was getting late. There was a man who was hitch hiking so I picked him up. The place where I picked him up was called Dead Man’s Curve. Anyways, he got in my car and we carried on a conversation. I was also wondering why he sat in the back. When I was getting near Brandon he asked me for a cigarette. I said “Sorry I don’t smoke”. Then he started getting all rough, so I pulled over and told him he had to get out.

I slowly drove off then when I looked in my rear view mirror he was there, but this time with no eyes. When I got home I called my friends and they said to never pick any body up from Dead Man’s Curve again.”

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True Ghost Story: Orbs Hovering Around The Ceiling

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sheri on July 28, 2004:

“I live in an old house built in 1924. I have had several things happen to me in this house. When I sit in the livingroom and watch tv I see light balls hovering around the ceiling. I always get the feeling that there is someone coming down the stairs and I think I see someone and no one is there.

One year at Christmas I had a mug that you lift up and it plays a Christmas song. As I was talking about my departed father to my son, the mug on top of my fridge started playing Christmas songs.

When my children were younger they would go to the 3rd floor of the house, which is their toy room, and play with an imaginary friend named Marion. My departed grandmother’s name is Marion. I also do not go up to my third floor at nighttime as I get a very unsettled feeling up there, and am getting shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

At one time there was a fire in the house, but I was unable to find any history to see if there was any deaths in it. I also find shiny dimes all of the time, and I have been told by a psychic that this is one way the dead let me know that they are around. Thank you”

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True Ghost Story: Mom Pays a Visit

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“This story I am about to tell you made me a true believer in spirits. It was back in 1990, I was 19 and had just lost my mother earlier in the year due to cancer. I also became pregnant very near her death. I was not married to my boyfriend at the time but I was living with him and his family for a little while during my pregnancy. Things were just not working out for us so I decided to move back home. When it came close to the time for me to give birth I decided to move back home with my brother as he was not handling my mother’s death very well. I just needed to be at home to deal with my situation and be close to my family in their time of need too. When I moved back home I took over my mother’s room as it was the biggest one in the apartment and I thought that with the baby all the room I could get would be beneficial for me.

I loved my mother a great deal and when she passed away, I myself was having difficulties handling it and then to find out I was pregnant was twice the shock to deal with. My family supported me a great deal and my brother was willing to help me raise my child. As my boyfriend and his family were not so supportive about the situation.

I came home after giving birth to my son and for the first couple of weeks it was very difficult to handle the change of routine and to deal with a crying baby 24/7 alone. My brother helped me as much as he could but I remember sitting in the room wishing for my mother to be there to help me. I truly needed her guidance and help with the baby. I did not have a clue about what to do or how to do things. I was still trying to figure out about life myself. Well after one night of extreme difficulty with my son I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. My son was fast asleep and I was just about to lay down and fall asleep too. I had just turned out my bedroom lamp and laid down in bed. Within a few minutes I heard a bang against my closet doors. I thought it was my brother coming into the room and I sat up to give him hell and to tell him to get away from the baby and let him sleep. I saw a figure in the dark leaning over the side of the crib and just looking at my son.

The body shape and height was the same as my brother’s so I was not frightened and just told him to get away from the crib and to go back to bed, everything was fine. The figure moved and stood straight but did not turn around. Little alarms went off in my head and I became afraid. I thought that someone had broken into the apartment. I turned around just long enough to flip the light on and turn back to look towards the crib. As I was turning around to turn the light on I heard the same bang as before which woke me up. No one was there. Now I was mad and thought that my brother was playing a trick on me and I went storming into his room to read him the riot act. He was sound asleep even snoring like a freight train. Now I panicked and the fear about someone breaking into the apartment returned. I raced down stairs to check the door only to find the alarm chain still activated and everything locked up tight.

Then I started to wonder if it had indeed been my mom coming to see her first born grandchild. I still had my doubts until I spoke to my Godmother a few days later and I was telling her about my experience. She stopped me mid way through my story and finished it for me in exact detail as what had happened that night. You see she had a dream about my mother visiting with my family and how my mom just wanted to make sure all was well with us.

To this day I still remember about that night and still get the goosebumps. I loved my mom a lot, I miss her greatly and even after passing she showed me that she still loves and misses us a lot too.

I feel comfort in knowing that she is with me and my family in spirit forever and always.”

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True Ghost Story: Footsteps And Popping

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“It was about 12 o clock and my brother heard a noise coming from the kitchen (at that time I was asleep). And he says he felt a bone tingling coldness when he heard popping from the kitchen. It was like popcorn maker was on but we do not have one.

The next night he heard someone (a heavier man) coming up the stairs with a loud pounding on the stair, and the next night someone walked down the hall, I heard it too because I didn’t believe him so I stayed up.”

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True Ghost Story: All The Candles Had Been Relit

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I was home alone with my mother and my brother. We had gone out for the night with some family friends. We all came back to my mom’s house and my mother lit a few candles. At around 2:30AM they left. My mother blew out the candles and watched the flicker of the candle disappear.

My brother and I spent the night at my mother’s house, and at the time my cousin had been living in the basement. About a half hour after we had gone to sleep we heard a loud bang. We all were awaken by this disturbance, and all met up in the hall. We heard my cousin running up the stairs and flinging the basement door open and asking my mother if that had been her. My mother shook her head frantically and replied, “I thought that was you”.

I felt a shiver run down my spine and I turned around and saw that all the candles had been relit and I asked my mother if she had blown all the candles out she replied “yes”. Then I asked her “Then why are they all on again?” And from this day on we don’t know what ever happened on that day.”

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