True Ghost Story: The Woman In White

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shauna on Nov 5, 2012:

“This happened about a year ago. My step-mother and I were driving my step-brothers to camp in the middle of no where. So when we were driving slow down the street looking for the camp I saw an abandon house. Half of it was cut off, and I had a strange feeling to look beside the house, and I saw a tall lady wearing a white dress. I could see through her. She looked very wet and pale. She was walking very slow and had medium-size black wavy wet hair. She was walking towards a marsh or creek. I was in so much shock that I closed my eyes for almost a minute, and when I opened them she was gone. I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t think that they would believe me.”

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True Ghost Story: Man With No Face

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shayna on May 5, 2012:

“When I was younger I would visit my dad and I would wake up and not be able to breathe for 5 seconds.I would hear banging on the wall above my head. It would last for like 3 minutes. I thought it was nothing at first, then it got worse. I walked in the kitchen and I was looking at my cat when I looked up and saw a man with no face. I was so scared I couldn’t move. I called my dad, he was in the living room. He came and there was like something stopping him from coming in the kitchen.

My dad tells me stories about what happened there when we were at our mom’s house. My dad said he had seen a little girl with her mom, they had no face. My sister, brother and I still wonder if someone had died there, or if it was someone we knew that had died.”

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True Ghost Story: TV And Lights Operating On Their Own

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Danny on Aug 10, 2007:

“Not long after my son, Brendan who is 22 years old, settled in to his new place he told me about how his television and light would come on while he was sleeping. As Brendan will tell you he is a light sleeper and wakes up easily to any small noise. The actual sound of a light switch being turned on and off as well as a television would probably unnerve the bravest of us. Not Brendan, he just tells his visitor to stop it and let him sleep. Brendan’s television has a sleep option that he uses every night, and he does not leave his lights on. Paul (his brother, who also lives in the house) has become a true believer, noting that his younger brother was fast asleep when he came home from work and the tv and lights were on. The fact that Brendan can hear the light switch being turned on and off and the television actually switching itself on is incredible. Yet, he’ll have none of it and will not be perturbed by this seemingly harmless ghost.

Two years ago I hung a very heavy mirror in the living room. Today’s date is August 10th,2007. Three weeks ago this mirror came out of the wall and landed standing up on the back of Paul and his wife’s couch. Believe me when I tell you that the plaster walls are thick and I used really heavy duty anchors to secure this bloody mirror. To me the mirror had been pulled out of the wall just by the look of the anchors. They were not bent in any way as one would expect if the mirror had simply fallen from its’ weight.

Last year we nearly lost our Daughter-in-law Melanie (Paul’s wife) during her pregnancy with twin boys. Both boys died in the womb causing unimaginable problems to Melanie’s health while in the hospital. Our Grandsons were buried together in the same wee coffin. My Wife and I are still devastated, one year later. I trust in God that none of these happenings are intertwined. I leave you to your own personal judgement on this ghost story.”

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True Ghost Story: I Stayed For Only Four Months

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Theresa on Oct 11, 2006:

“When I lived in my house in Oshawa I had a bedroom where my closet door would lock for days. I would also get up in the middle of the night and the attic door would be open, on the way back from the bathroom, it would be closed and locked.. I was the only one in the house.

Sometimes I would go upstairs and in the bathroom, the toilet paper would be ripped and thrown everywhere. The dogs would not go upstairs alone and you could feel someone watching you as you were showering. I stayed for only four months.”

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True Ghost Story: Are You Going To Check?

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Veronica on July 27, 2005:

“I lived in this big house years ago. I was renting at the time. It is very old. There were small things that happened like touching us (taps likes a child) and whispering. It was a place that I called my home, I was fine with it.

Until one night, I was sleeping and I had heard my youngest crying. She was in a crib. I was thinking to myself “she is okay” and that she will go back to sleep. I laid there listening to her. I was somewhat awake and sleepy. I then had this voice in my head that spoke “Are you going to check?” I am really not sure if they said “her”. Well I felt really angry. I talked back, stating that I was not. She would go back to sleep. And then, the angry thing gave me a blast of a high ear-piercing ring in my head and ears. I think I grabbed my ears and wondered things. Stop it. What is this. It happened so fast and intense. Then with it like a wind that went right through me I could feel the thing go through me as my whole head had been in a strong wind. The hair on my head just raised and blew up. I was lying down. This was anger? All this happened very fast. I shouted. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I came too and looked around and nothing, I was lying there with my arms criss cross against my chest. Hands had been fist closed and I just laid there. I then woke up my husband and asked him to check on the baby. She was fine. She was back to sleep.

After that I did not want to get up. While he was up I went to the bathroom and left it on. To be communicating like that is very unknown to me. (Through thoughts).”

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True Ghost Story: Orbs Hovering Around The Ceiling

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sheri on July 28, 2004:

“I live in an old house built in 1924. I have had several things happen to me in this house. When I sit in the livingroom and watch tv I see light balls hovering around the ceiling. I always get the feeling that there is someone coming down the stairs and I think I see someone and no one is there.

One year at Christmas I had a mug that you lift up and it plays a Christmas song. As I was talking about my departed father to my son, the mug on top of my fridge started playing Christmas songs.

When my children were younger they would go to the 3rd floor of the house, which is their toy room, and play with an imaginary friend named Marion. My departed grandmother’s name is Marion. I also do not go up to my third floor at nighttime as I get a very unsettled feeling up there, and am getting shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

At one time there was a fire in the house, but I was unable to find any history to see if there was any deaths in it. I also find shiny dimes all of the time, and I have been told by a psychic that this is one way the dead let me know that they are around. Thank you”

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