True Ghost Story: The Lamp Was On Without Being Plugged In

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“Well, in the house I am living in now we have had a few weird things happen. First of all, my husband was up in the bedroom by himself and a light by the bed stayed on for 10 minutes without being plugged in. Second of all, I had turned a light off in the bathroom, went halfway downstairs and looked and it was back on.

Also, my son has a toy remote control car which kept going by itself all the time with no one around and no one touching the controls, it even went backwards all the way across the room once and it doesn’t even have a backwards control on the car.

Also, on the year anniversary of my grandmothers death, my husband and I were talking about her, this happened to be around midnight, not sure about the significance of this at all, but all the sudden my husband started talking about all these things to do with my grandmother that were from when I was a child that he never knew. He even described a house she used to live in that he had never been to!

He said he felt she was sending him messages, this was very weird as there was no way he would have known or could have found out these things he was telling me. They were things I had totally forgotten from my childhood.

Then I felt very strongly a presence in the room. It made everything feel very heavy and I felt as if she was right there. Could really feel it through my body, it is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. Then I felt the presence physically lift from me and go away. I knew she was gone, but she had wanted to communicate with me one more time before she was gone for good. My husband had also told me that she was telling him things about what happened not too long before she died. And before she died she couldn’t really talk, or seemed to be in a vegetative state for years.

There have been other things that have happened here as well. As in regards to my stepfather dying; he was very close to my son, was like a grandfather to him. On the night he died, my son said to me, “Chris says, hi gator gator, I’m alright”!

My son was 3 yrs old when this happened. Alligator was what my stepfather called him all the time. Then he said, “Chris says, Tracey (that’s me) are you listening to me?” It was the strangest thing. This was when my husband had gone over to be with his mother and wait for the coroner after my stepfathers’ body had been discovered hours after he had a heart attack.

Since then my son has told me many other things that my stepfather says to him. I do believe he can communicate with him. I know some people may not believe in these things but I believe very strongly in the experiences I have had.”

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