North Bay Ghosts: Ghost Party Downstairs

North Bay Ghosts Party Downstairs

Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Jess on April 26, 2016:

“We moved into an apartment in North Bay on Worthington Street West. It was a building with a barber shop downstairs, an upstairs apartment and downstairs apartment. When we first looked at the apartment there were two doors with no handles, only locks. We asked the landlord what was in those rooms and he stated it was storage. We asked to see in the rooms and he never wanted to show us. As we had no other option we had to move in to that apartment.

There was always cold drafts of air coming from the 2 rooms from under the door. This seemed a little strange, but we just associated it with the building being old. Shortly after we moved in things started to happen.

A box of Kraft dinner went flying from on the counter to across the room hitting the wall on the other side. A couple of weeks later I went into the kitchen only to see the 26 ounce bottle of alcohol was parallel to the top of the fridge standing up floating in mid air. As soon as I saw it, the bottle fell to the floor and landed standing up as if someone had picked it up and put it down on the ground.

I also woke up with the front of my hair cut only on one side, and then a couple days later I woke up to have it both the same length….. I accused my boyfriend of trying to scare me and he swears to this day that he never did it…..

We would be woken up during the night by something running up the stairs to our apartment or running something through our metal vertical blinds.

The last straw was when we woke up to a party downstairs. We could hear people talking downstairs, the water was running, it sounded like there was a party which would not be unusual except for the fact that no one else was living there……. We were the only ones in the building when all this happened. The bottom apartment was vacant . At first we thought people had broken in downstairs and were using it as a party place but in the morning when I went to look outside there was not one foot print in the snow leading to the downstairs apartment. As soon as we were able to find another place to live we moved the heck out of there.”

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