Scarborough Ghosts: Little Girl Standing There

Scarborough ghosts haunted paranormal Ontario Canada

Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Matthew on April 21, 2015:

“It was in 2007. It was me, my mom, brother, his girlfriend, my uncle, his girlfriend and my cousin. We all moved into this three-story house, just by Finch & Victoria Park. It was a five bedroom place, with three bathrooms. My uncle, his girlfriend and cousin lived in the basement. My mom, brother, and his girlfriend lived on the main floor, and I had a room on the top floor. There were two rooms, but one room was used as an office for my brother.

I was 16 years old at the time, and I was never really a believer of ghosts, or the paranormal. The events that myself and my mom and brother’s girlfriend experienced changed my beliefs. Let me start by saying, when we were moving in our things, our neighbor came to us, and told us, “you won’t last long in that house”. We thought she was crazy. We didn’t really know what she meant, but we continued to bring things into the house and so on.

I’ll tell you, none of us living there really believed this stuff, especially my brother. He still doesn’t to this day, but that’s because he never witnessed the things me, my mom, and his girlfriend witnessed in that house.

Let’s start with my mom and brother’s girlfriend’s story. They almost always watched movies in her room, at night, and they would always hear running upstairs. My brother would be working in his office, and I’d either be on my computer or playing video games in my room (if I wasn’t out with friends), or I’d be in the basement with my cousin. Now, they heard running UPSTAIRS. They used to hear things like little kids, girls, screaming and yelling. They would hear little girls crying for help, and groaning and moaning, like the kids were being tortured. They were shocked. They would hear it many days of the week while watching movies. That’s one thing, but the next thing, really scared them.

She would be in the bathroom, and my mom would be in the kitchen cooking, and the bathroom and kitchen were pretty much beside each other, and when my brother’s girlfriend was trying to open the door to get out, she couldn’t. She felt trapped in. But she thought my mom was playing a prank on her, but my mom had no idea. She would say “mom, let me out, stop blocking the door”, my mom would yell out from the kitchen, “I’m cooking, my hands are dirty, it’s not me!”. She would then try pushing harder and harder to get out, and my mom saw the struggling, but saw nobody keeping her in. She cleaned up and tried to help open the door for her, but she was also struggling. After a couple minutes, my mom pulled the door open and finally got her out.

They couldn’t believe what just happened, but again, brushed it off, thinking it wasn’t a big deal. Another time, my mom was home alone, cooking. Brother and girlfriend went out. My cousin and I were at school, and uncle and his gf were at work, so my mom was alone. In the kitchen, there’s a door going down to the basement. While my mom was cooking, that door would open randomly, slowly. Funny thing, no outside door was open, no windows were open. She was confused. Remember, nobody was home. It was at noon time, everyone was out. She would close the door, turn on her radio and listen to music, trying to ignore what happened. The door opened again, and she really freaked out. She went to close it, and as she was going back to the sink, the radio station changed. At the moment, she left the cooking, got dressed and left the house, and went to the McDonald’s that was minutes away. She texted me and told me to meet her there after school. When I did, she explained what happened. I thought she was going crazy. I told her, maybe a window was open a bit, or something, and she told me everything was closed. I was in shock, but still couldn’t believe it. I kid you not, after that day, my mom would leave the house with my cousin and I when we were leaving for school, and she would go to the McDonald’s, or Bridlewood Mall, until we got home from school, because she didn’t want to be alone.

Now, here’s my story, here’s what I witnessed. It was December, so I was obviously on my Christmas break from school, and that’s when I witnessed and saw something I would never forget. I woke up at around 11am. Washed up, whatever. Now, to get to my room on the top floor, there is a long stairwell. I was going down the stairs to get a bowl of cereal. I was slowly walking up the stairs because I had cereal and didn’t want to spill. I looked up for a second, and at the end of the stairs, I saw a little girl standing there. She had black hair, a white dress, she was probably 5 years old. I stopped and stood still on the step. I turned back and yelled for my mom to come, and I turned back and the girl was gone. I was scared to death, because that was the first time I witnessed this in my life, let alone in this house. After all the stories and things my mom and brother’s girlfriend witnessed, I finally saw something and I finally believed the things they told me. I couldn’t believe it. Weird thing is, the only people that witnessed things in this house were the three of us.

The house had an attic, which we never opened or went in. In my room, there was an extra square wood block drilled into the wall. Like there was a hole in the wall that was covered up. When we first moved in, we joked with my brother and cousin that there was dead bodies in there. After everything we witnessed, I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the case. Now, remember when I told you the lady that lived beside us told us we wouldn’t last long? Its crazy, because she was right. Shortly after, we moved out. We moved in the beginning of November of 2007, and moved out March of 2008. My mom couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t want to live in a house where she was terrified to stay alone. To this day, I drive by that place with my friends, and we just park in front and watch the house. We drove by a couple months ago, and nobody was living there.

I truly believe this house is haunted. Something happened in that house or on that property. I never believed ghosts, or the paranormal, but after living there, I truly am a believer now, and I watch ghost shows all the time.”

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