Truro Ghosts: She Walks Along The Dykes Near The Road

Truro ghosts haunted paranormal Nova Scotia Canada

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Val on April 23, 2015:

“When I was a teenager a local trustworthy man was walking home from his job in Truro along the road to his home in Old Barns along the Cobequid Bay, at the end of the Bay of Fundy.

It was late at night and he was used to walking along in the dark as it is only five miles from town and their family was rather poor as they had lots of children to feed. They all were good friends of our family.

As he was walking along, he said he saw a transparent female walking along the old Dykes near the road! He was petrified and when he got home called my father who was the Director of Emergency for Truro and outskirts at the time. He calmed him down and the man told him his story.

It all came out as locals recalled an old story of a tavern owner that had his shop nearby prior to the expulsion of the Acadians, many were expelled from this area at the time. The Tavern owner had lost his wife due to illness and his daughter helped him in the tavern, which she did not like as it was hard work and she envied all the sailors that came to the tavern and longed to get away with them to see the world. Some sailors befriended her and conceived a plan to rob her father as they figured that he had lots of money in their home in the tavern. They convinced the young daughter to take them under cover of night to the tavern and let them in, which she did. They took the hidden money and fled. And she fled after them crying, as they did not want to take her with them. They only used her to get their hands on the booty!

She ran after them, where they killed her and cut off her head. Her ghost was said to haunt the road the tavern was located on and was reported that at various times since the incident she could be seen holding her head and running back, crying forgiveness to her father.

It has been seen a lot in the evenings The man who saw it and reported it was completely trustworthy and it scared him, so he would not walk the road at night. And us children were warned not to walk that road at night should we ever encounter the ghost he saw.”

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