Port Colborne Ghosts: A Woman And A Little Girl


Port Colborne ghosts haunted paranormal Ontario Canada

Location: Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Cindy on February 24, 2015:

“I grew up on a farm in Port Colborne and was seeing and hearing the dead from a very young age. The house we lived in was really old and had been moved to different locations on our property.

The first apparition I saw was at the site of the original foundation…a woman and a little girl appeared to be going about their daily business. I never needed a make-believe friend, that little girl played with me (her name was Ida).

The house had been constructed one room at a time over the years, just slapping on rooms and wrapping the whole thing in clapboard. When we put up a new house, we tore down the old one piece by piece and the place took on a very sinister energy.

A man came forward who revealed that he had killed his family and then himself. Not only did I leave the house immediately, I refused to go near that side of the property for the remaining years that I lived there.”

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