Gatineau Ghosts: He Leaned Over My Sleeping Sister

Gatineau ghosts haunted paranormal Quebec Canada

Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Ghost report from Claudia on February 22, 2015:

“On a cold winter day, me and my sister were staying home alone while my parents were busy working. We were both downstairs in two different rooms, not knowing we were both on the same floor. Then a weird sound came from the upstairs floor. I heard my sister screaming from the other room. “Claudia! Stop making that noise”. I froze and answered “I’m right here. I thought YOU were making that noise.” Right after, we heard really loud footsteeps from upstairs. It sounded like big construction boots. We thought someone broke in and were extremely scared. We called “hello” from down the stairs, too scared to look up. We heard a chair falling to the floor and the footsteps continued loudly. We ran to the office room and locked the door.

We called my dad but he was too far to be home right away. The footsteps were louder and we really felt in danger, so we called the police.

A minute later the footsteps stopped and the police arrived a while after with the entrance door wide opened. Because it was winter we expected boot marks on the floor, but nothing. They searched the entire house and nothing was taken or moved. It all felt so weird.

The house always freaked me and my sister out. We were always sleeping in the same bed. One night, I woke up from a really awfull dream and then saw the shadow of a man with a hat on (I used to see him all the time in my room). As the shadow approched it leaned over my sister’s sleeping body. Right away, my sister woke up. She turned her head to the side and she looked right at me with the scariest face. She had a weird creepy smile and was leaning closer and closer to me. I then said “stooop! You’re scaring me”. Her whole body fell right away back to bed.

The next day I told her what happened, but she couldn’t recall a thing. She was more freaked out than me by what she had done. or something had done.

Anyways, the house was always creepy. A few more things happened like things falling during the night, the alarm going off with no signs of break ins, and piano playing noises.”

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