Cold Lake Ghosts: Ann Coming To Say Goodbye

Location: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Daisa on Aug 3, 2014:

“I was in art class one cold winter day. Ever since I woke up that day things didn’t feel right. See, for my mom’s whole life she was an alcoholic. She got really sick with liver failure and got jaundice. All that good stuff. I had visited her a week before, traumatizing let me tell you. She looked at me like she didn’t know me.

Anyways, that morning in art class I started to cry. Hysterically cry. My boyfriend at the time asked if i was okay. Told me to go home. My teacher drove me home and when I got home, the first thing my sister says is “guess what”.. I promptly replied “mom died.” She nodded. So at this point I knew there was a reason I randomly started to cry at school. She passed away around 10, the time I started to cry.

There’s a little more to this story. My mom had a lot of friends, one friend in particular my sister and I were quite fond of, Ann. She graced us with her presence at our mother’s funeral. She insisted we visit again, come see her puppies, use the hot tub and her tanning bed, just like old times. We promised we would visit, but it was pointless. Ann passed away from cancer before we could visit. Now we know why she was so persistant on the matter. The day she died my boyfriend at the time took a picture of me on the bed, his sister sitting on our little couch. With enthusiasm he says “look at that! I captured an orb!!” His sister and I were excited to see. The orb was directly above my head. A little blue outline around a pure white orb. Ann coming to say goodbye.

Thanks for reading.”

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